Running your social media strategy in an hour a day interbike 2011


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Running your social media strategy in an hour a day interbike 2011

  1. 1. Running Your Social Media Strategy In AnHour A Day September 13, 2011There are Bigger Things to Fear Than SocialMedia! 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. But Why Listen To Me? 25 + Years Retail Industry Experience Fortune 100 Senior Sales and Marketing Executive And Small Business Strategist Experienced Retail Strategist And Marketing Executive Helping Retailers Of All Size Design Successful Social Media Campaigns Since 2008 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netWord of Mouth Within “Communities” Is SwayingPurchase Decisions More Than Ever Before • 49% of Respondents Say They Give Advice to Others, Motivated by a Feeling of Solidarity With Other Shoppers • 59% Believe They Have an Advantage Over Manufacturers or Retailers Because the Internet Allows Them to Seek Other Opinions • 25% Are More Likely to Seek Others Opinions Now That Social Networking/online Communities Are AvailableSource: Yahoo 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Is Your Marketing Working Effectively ToConnect With Customers? 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSeminar Objectives Strategies For Creating An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy Time Management Tools To Maximize Your Participation With Social Media Sample Planning Guides For Social Media Interactions Content Tips For Engaging Repeat Visits To Your Social Networking Sites 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Consumer Trust Is Central To The New MediaModel Did You Know? 25% Of All Time Online Is Spent Using Social Media (35 Min Day) 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netPlanning Is Prospering: 60 Minutes To AchieveSocial Media Success 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. POST Tactics Will Help Align Your Time Spent onSocial Media to Best Achieve Marketing Goals People Assess Your Customers’ Social Activities Objectives Decide What You Want To Accomplish Strategy Plan What To Say And How Your Interactions With Customers Will Change Technology Decide Which Social Technologies To Use 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group PeopleShoppers Are Increasing Interacting WithRetailers Via Social Media 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. PeopleStrategy Formation Starts With UnderstandingWhere Your Customers Are And What They Say Start By Assessing Where You Should Be Participating And Where The Biggest Opportunities Exist Where Do Your Current And Potential Customers Participate? Listening Will Give You A Good Idea Of: What’s Being Said About Your Company Online Where Messages Are Posted Where Users Spend Time How Much Is Being Discussed Don’t Forget To Assess How Your Competitors Are Participating In Social Media 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netPeopleKey Listening Tools Google Alerts emails you whenever a chosen keyword is mentioned in any form of online content Google Blog Search scans the blogosphere for any keyword or phrase you input. Twitter Search scans all Twitter posts for your selected keyword or phrase SiteVolume reports how often keywords or phrases appear on Twitter, Digg, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr SocialMention enables you to search keywords and phrases by specific channel category (blogs, images, news,video, etc.), or as a whole, and to receive email alerts when a new mention is posted 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. ObjectivesDefine Objectives and Strategy – Establish Clear,Quantifiable Goals •What Are You Looking To Get Out Of A Social Media Marketing Program - Today And In The Future? •What Steps Do You Need To Take To Make It Happen? Consider How To: Expand Brand Or Product Awareness Build Or Enhance Brand Community Engage Fans And Convert Them To Customers Improve Customer Satisfaction 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group ObjectivesDetermine Social Media Goals And ObjectivesBased On Business Goals And Capability •Xxx •Xxx •xxx 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. StrategyDecide Where to Concentrate Your Efforts You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once – Start Slowly And Build Don’t be Overwhelmed; Avoid Paralysis By Analysis Start With One Social Media Program (I.E. Facebook) Learn The Basics Layer In More Functionality Incorporate Time Saving Applications Use Younger Employees (Or Children) To Mentor You Integrate Additional Social Media Application When You Are Ready Listen In On Social Search Sites (I.E Yelp!) And Start To Participate 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group StrategyChoose Appropriate Social Media ApplicationsBased on Customer Criteria and Strategy 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. TechnologyScheduling Tools Will Improve Productivity AndEnsure Consistent Engagement• Tweet Deck • Hootsuite - Desktop - Desktop Application That Shows Twitter, Application That Links Twitter, Facebook, Search And Followers On Facebook, Search And Followers One Screen On One Screen• Sendible • Friendfeed - Links Multiple - Connects All Social Media Applications From One Social Media Applications From Desktop Application. Allows For One Desktop View Scheduling of Future Posts. Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netTechnologyMobile Technology Can Improve Efficiency AndResponsiveness When Out Of The Store Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Time ManagementPlan Your Participation On A Weekly Basis AndThen Break Into Manageable Daily Efforts xxx 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group Time ManagementHow Often You Connect With Customers WillImprove Your Effectiveness With Social Media Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Time ManagementUse A Social Media Planning Calendar 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group Time ManagementWeekly Planning Should Incorporate A Variety OfSites, Topics And Posting CategoriesTheme: Fall Bicycle Riding September Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sept 18 Sept 19 Sept 20 Sept 21 Sept 22 Sept 23 Sept 24 Fall Quote Why Bike In Fall How To Video Cust Survey Weekend Rides New Equipment FB only ContestFacebook Blog Post You Tube Facebook Facebook Facebook FacebookTwitter Twitter Reply to Fans Twitter Twitter TwitterReply to Fans Reply to Fans Twitter Reply to Fans Email Newsletter Reply to Fans Facebook Link to Website Link to Website Reply to Fans The Desired Outcome Is An Integrated Campaign Focused On A Central Theme That Engages Customers Across A Range Of Relevant Applications 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. Content ManagementProviding Entertaining And EnlighteningContent Will Inspire Your “Community”• Answer The Question, “What Does My Audience Need?”• Remember the 40/30/30 Rule• Ask A Question Or Explain What’s Coming Next; Don’t Just Attach Links• Ask Opinions; Involve Your Fans• Provide Useful Information. Give Advice, Blog Posts, Pictures, Etc.• Share Your Brand Personality Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netContent ManagementMake Your Content Interesting; YourCustomers Are Looking For Entertainment 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 12
  13. 13. Follow Creative Business Consulting Group We Talk Retail In These Places! @RetailHelper Philadelphia Gift Show July 2010 Creative Business Consulting Group 13