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New tactics new tools ijo spring 2012 slideshare version

  1. 1. New Tools – New Tactics Connecting With Your Customers Using Social Media Orlando Florida February 18, 2012Seminar Objectives• Learn Why Marketing With Social Media Matters For Your Jewelry Business• Understand How/Why Consumers Are Using Social Media To Connect With The Brands They Love• Learn What Social Media Tactics To Employ For Each Generation Of Customers• Review Tips and Tactics for Using Social Media Effectively in Your Jewelry Business Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netWhat Are Today’s Best Marketers Doing ToReach Consumers Effectively?• Targeting Audiences – Demographics/Psychographics – Behavioral• Creating Integrated Campaigns – By Combining Media Activity, WOM Marketing And Events• Measuring Results Continuously – Effectiveness Cannot Be Calculated Without Quantifying The Impact Of Activities 1
  2. 2. What Are Today’s Best Marketers Doing To Reach Consumers Efficiently?• Investing In Social Networking Efforts – Facebook, Twitter, Blogging• Investing In Technology – Website Design And Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Ad Placement – Tracking• Developing Solutions For Niche Audiences – Leveraging Technology To Create The “Market-Of-One” Perception Engaging Customers Is The Ultimate Goal; Where And How To Deliver Has ChangedSocial Media Is A 24/7 Cocktail Party Where NoOne Controls The Guest List Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. How Can Your Jewelry Business Use SocialMedia?•Increase Brand Awareness•Word of Mouth Marketing•Lead Generation & Sales•Connect With Customers•Customer Service/Loyalty•Recruit New Employees24/7 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSmall Businesses Must Learn To ShiftMarketing Tactics To Meet Consumer Needs OLD Sell Take Push Buy Attention Control Talk Transaction Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSmall Businesses Must Learn To ShiftMarketing Tactics To Meet Consumer Needs OLD NEW Sell Help Take Teach Push Give Buy Attention Attract Control Earn Loyalty Talk Listen Transaction Experience Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Consumers Are Using Social Media, Are You? 56% Of Shoppers Using Social Media Have “Friended,” “Followed” Or “Subscribed” To A Retailers’ Page or Feed More Than 50% Of Online Shoppers Use SM To Engage With Brands They Like/Buy Almost 50% of Retailers’ Fans Follow To Learn About Special Deals And Products 5% Use Social Media For Customer Service/Support 85% Of Gen Y Shoppers Participate In Social Networking However, Retailers Do Not Have The Same Presence On Social Networks That Their Customers Do* (Pricegrabber, 2010) Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Consumption: Gen X Review Sites For Planning And Sending Links To Others; Used For Decision- making Purposes IPhone Applications To Find Information While Out And About Reviews And Testimonials; For Candid Opinions And Quick Decision Making Instant Status Updates; Provide Quick, Short, Sharp Bursts Of Information Linkedin “Facebook For Business” Way To Connect With Your Professional Network Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Consumption: Gen Y • Letting The Whole World Know What’s Going On In Your Life • Give You Instant Recommendations Follow The Movements Of Celebrities Create Content ie. Blog To Keep In Touch With Family, Post Photos, etc. Arrange To Meet People And Stay In Touch, Plan Social Events Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. Social Media Consumption: Boomers Communicate With Friends And Relations Overseas And Interstate, And Enable Easy Photo Sharing Somewhat Useful For Staying In Touch With People (Facebook) Majority Still Use Email Limited Use Of Facebook on A Regular Basis as Tool To Stay Connected Currently, Largest Demographic Joining Facebook Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netFamiliar Tactics And Tools For Social MediaMarketing Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netHow Can Facebook Help Your Jewelry Business?1. Develop Your Personal Brand. Reveal As Much Or As Little About Yourself /Your Business As You Wish, Allowing You To Personalize Your Brand2. Target Your Niche. Users Volunteer Vast Amounts Of Information About Themselves That You Can Readily Access. These Kinds Of Demographics, Psychographics, And Techno Graphics Would Previously Have Cost Fortunes To Access.3. Get Rapid Top Google Placement. Current Search Engines Are Crawling for SM Content. FB Included!4. Place Targeted Ads. With Facebook Social Ads, You Can Test Out Extremely Targeted Advertising For Minimal Cost5. FREE. Connect Regularly with Customers With No Cost Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. Businesses Use Fan Pages To Engage RegularlyWith Customers Page Elements: • Event Calendar • Videos • Contest • Surveys • Discussion Boards • Photos • Blog Articles • Relevant LinksSource:, Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netYour Social Media Strategy Must Be Built ToEngage Followers and Build A CommunityUsing Social Media For Your Small Business Requires A Blend Of BusinessAnd Personal Information - Suggested Blend - Personal 40% • Share Your Personality • Publish Information That Will Help Establish You And Your Brand With Your Followers • Have Fun And Express Yourself Share • Forward Blog Posts (Yours Or Others) That Are Of Relevant Interest To Your Followers Information • Share Articles That Will Be Interesting To Your Fans 30% • Make Yourself The Expert By The Information You Share Business 30% • Publish Promotions Or Store Events • Publish Specials/Deals For Followers With Links To Appropriate Webpages And/Or Locations • Host Special Events For FB Fans Only Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.net357,000,000 People Blog About Jewelry Blogging Generates Objective Word Of Mouth Referrals For Your Business Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. What Is A Blog? • A Frequently Updated Online Journal Posts Shown In Reverse Chronological Order, Most Recent One First • Created With Software That Automatically Archives Content By Categories Created By The Blogger • Inexpensive, Full-featured Content Management System That Is Easily Used By Someone With No Technical Skills • Blogs Can Focus On One Narrow Subject Or Range Across A Universe Of Topics. The Blog Form Is Unique To The Web • Searchable On The Internet Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netBlog Tips And Tactics: How To Start? What ToSay • News Relevant And Timely Articles About The Bird Industry • Post Other Bloggers’ Posts • Post Useful Blog Resources • Invite Industry Experts To Guest • Blogger (owned by Google) is Write Posts For Your Blog free. • Report Live From Trade Shows • WordPress is free, but you And Industry Events may have to pay for some • Review Books, Websites, Blogs features. • For More Information: Read Books about Blogging • TypePad Micro -Not Free, but has great features. • Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netImproving Performance in 2012 Requires AnAdditional Set Of Tools•Scheduling•Monitoring•(Micro)Publishing Tools•Mobile Marketing• Location Based Marketing•Website Enhancement Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. Scheduling: Use Scheduling Tools To ImproveEfficiency And Productivity For Your BirdBusiness Benefits: •Boost Productivity •Consistent Messaging •Long Range Planning •Scheduled Delivery Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netMonitoring Customer Engagement Will HelpMeet Needs And Build Value Benefits: •Listen To Ongoing Conversations •Understand Audience Needs •Respond In Timely Manner •Understand Competitive Arena •Direct Future Marketing Activity Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netPublishing Tools Deliver RelevantBusiness/Industry News On Consistent Basis Benefits: •Create Targeted Content For Your Audience •Create Expert Status Among User Community •Deliver Timely Information •Share Relevant Industry News •Create Future Marketing Content Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Activity Can Help You ReachCustomers In The Palm Of Their Hand • 50% Of Phones Are Smart Phones Today • Consumers Are Researching Businesses From Their Phone While Out Shopping • Gen Y Consumers Using Phone Like Prior Generations Used Telephone Books, Radio, TV • Mobile Based Marketing Programs Can Target Specific Customers • Mobile Programs Are More Affordable Than Ever Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netUse Location Based Marketing Tools And DailyDeals To Build Traffic And Word Of Mouth Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netConsumers View Websites Differently Today;Retailer Websites Must Look Good In Anywhere For More Information Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Social Media Is Here To Stay Permanent Part Of Media Consumption Behavior • Generation Differences In Terms Of SM Engagement Exist; Create Appropriate Strategy That Meets Needs •New Media Consumed Alongside Traditional Forms To (A) Reinforce Communications And (B) Provide Credibility • Facebook Important Tool For Consumers to Converse With Brands Of Interest And Keeping Up-to-date • SM Is About Two-way Conversation (I.E. Brands Need To Respond To Consumer Content) • A Multi-channel Marketing Strategy Is Most Effective Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netCBCG Can Help You Engage With Your OnlineCustomers • Help You Identify the Long-Term Business Opportunities Created By Using Social Media • Teach You How to Create Social Media Marketing Programs That Engage Customers • Show You The Cost Saving Benefits Of Using Social Media • Share How to Create An Engaging Social Media Strategy for Your Retail Business Call Today: (617) 437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 10