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Is your retail business social printing version 01.27.12

  1. 1. Is Your Retail Business Social? —SIA Snow Show January 27, 201288% Of Businesses Are Using Social Media ForSome Sort Of Marketing in 2012 Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. Company Spending On Social Media Will GrowOver The Next 5 Years $716 million 2009 $3.1 billion 2014Source: Forrester Research Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Is A 24/7 Cocktail Party Where NoOne Controls The Guest List Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Anybody And Everybody Can Participate AndContribute From Anywhere Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSo What - Do I Really Need to Care About ItFor My Retail Business? Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Seminar Objectives • Learn Why Social Media Works Effectively For Businesses of Any Size • Learn How Consumers Use Social Media Today – and Why You Should Use it to Connect With Them • Review The Latest Tips and Tactics for Using Social Media Effectively in Your Retail Business Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netConsumers Are Using Social Media, Are You? 56% Of Shoppers Have “Friended,” “Followed” Or “Subscribed” To A Retail Fan Page More Than 50% Of Online Shoppers Use SM 49% of Retailer SM Fans Follow To Learn About Special Deals And Options 45% Of Users Use SM Learn About Products 5% Use Social Media Primarily For Customer Support 85% Of Gen Y Shoppers Participate In Social Networking However, 60% Of Retailers Do Not Have A Presence On A Social Network* (Pricegrabber, 2010) Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. Social Media Consumption: Gen X Review Sites For Planning And Sending Links To Others; Used For Decision- making Purposes IPhone Applications To Find Information While Out And About Reviews And Testimonials; For Candid Opinions And Quick Decision Making Instant Status Updates; Provide Quick, Short, Sharp Bursts Of Information Linkedin “Facebook For Business” Way To Connect With Your Professional Network Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Consumption: Gen XRole In Daily Life• Quick Interactions With Others• Share News and Information• Review Relevant Comments• Convenience - Fosters Ability To Do Two Things At Once: • Find Information • Gain Real-time Updates From Friends And Family• Brings Issues To The Forefront; No Hiding From Bad Reviews Or Customer Service Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. Social Media Consumption: Gen Y• Letting The Whole World Know What’s Going On In Your Life• Give You Instant Recommendations Follow The Movements Of Celebrities Create Content ie. Blog To Keep In Touch With Family, Post Photos, etc. Arrange To Meet People And Stay In Touch, Plan Social Events Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Consumption: Gen YRole In Daily Life Facebook Has ‘Replaced’ The Common Diary; “I Still Have A Paper Diary With Family Members Birthdays In It, But I’ve Missed Two This Year Already Because They’re Not On Facebook” Helps To Organize; “It Reminds Me For Birthdays, Events,...I’d Forget Or Miss Out Otherwise” Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Social Media Consumption: Boomers Communicate With Friends And Relations Overseas And Interstate, And Enable Easy Photo Sharing Somewhat Useful For Staying In Touch With People (Facebook) Majority Still Use Email Limited Use Of Facebook on A Regular Basis as Tool To Stay Connected Currently, Largest Demographic Joining Facebook Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Consumption: BoomersRole In Daily LifeSplit In Terms Of General MediaConsumption: Some Using The Internet And Email At Work, Some Doing So At Home For Social And Informational Purposes, Some Engaging With Facebook On A Regular Basis Usage Limited As Most Consume TV And Radio More Than New Media Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. Gen X and Gen Y Experience SM First Hand;Boomers via Younger Generations Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netGenerally Positive Perceptions Of The Value Of SM, But Differences In Where Value Lies Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. Familiar Tactics And Tools For Social MediaMarketing Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netImproving Performance in 2012 Requires AnAdditional Set Of Tools Scheduling, Monitoring and (Micro)Publishing Tools Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Improving Performance in 2012 Requires AnAdditional Set Of Tools Location Based Marketing, Daily Deals and Mobile Marketing Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netMust – Do In 2012: Use Linking Tools To DeliverYour Social Media Strategy •Create Content That Is Similar Themed- But Edited For Readership On Each Social Media Site You Participate In •Set Up Your Linking Accounts So That You Can Update Via Numerous Sites. This Allows Maximum Flexibility •E-mail •SMS •Instant Message •Facebook App •I-phone App •Desktop Apps Remember: It’s Not About You Are, It’s About Your Customers Are Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Must – Do In 2012: Socialize/Mobilize YourWebsite For More Information Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSocial Media Is Here To Stay Permanent Part Of Media Consumption Behavior • Generation Differences In Terms Of SM Engagement Exist; Create Appropriate Strategy That Meets Needs •New Media Consumed Alongside Traditional Forms To (A) Reinforce Communications And (B) Provide Credibility • Facebook Important Tool For Consumers to Converse With Brands Of Interest And Keeping Up-to-date • SM Is About Two-way Conversation (I.E. Brands Need To Respond To Consumer Content) • A Multi-channel Marketing Strategy Is Most Effective Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. CBCG Can Help You Create An EngagingSocial Media Strategy Today Lynn Switanowski-Barrett is the Founder and President of Creative Business Consulting Group, (CBCG) a Boston based Retail Consulting firm. CBCG Helps Retailers Understand: •Business Opportunities Created By Using Social Media •How to Create Marketing Programs That Engage Customers •The Cost Saving Benefits Of Using Social Media •How to Create A Social Media Strategy for Your Business Call Us Today And Learn How Your Business Can Benefit By Using Social Media 617 – 437- 9191 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netEnter To Win A FREE 90 Day Social PlanningMedia Calendar – Retail Value $900.00 Are You Talking To Your Customers Daily? Win A 90-Day Social Media Calendar 1) Post on our Page: “Snow Show2012” 2) Leave This Entry Form After The Seminar Session Name:_______________________________________________ E-mail Address: ________________________________________________ For more info e-mail us at: Creative Business Consulting Group 12