San Francisco Gift Show: Facebook And Twitter Using Web 2 0 To Grow Your Retail Business


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Retailers must modernize their marketing approaches to better connect with customers today.
Using Facebook and Twitter can help any retailer create meaningful connections with customers at any time.

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San Francisco Gift Show: Facebook And Twitter Using Web 2 0 To Grow Your Retail Business

  1. 1. Facebook & Twitter : Web 2.0 Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore Learn How To Build Your Brand And Drive Profits For Your Business San Francisco Gift Show February 7, 2010 Creative Business Consulting Group There are Bigger Things to Fear Than Social Media! Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. CBCG Is Here To Help Lynn Switanowski, Founder and President , Creative Business Consulting Group • 25 Year Retail Industry Veteran • Former Senior Executive at Liz Claiborne, Reebok and Aramark • Areas of Expertise include: Sales & Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Implementation Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation Open To Buy and Inventory Planning Program Development and Implementation @RetailHelper 617.437.9191 Creative Business Consulting Group Today’s Consumers Increasingly Using Filters To Opt Out Of Traditional Marketing Methods Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Consumers Started Talking To Each Other To Obtain Information On Products And Services Result: Increased Emphasis On Customers Now Finding You ..Not You Finding Them Creative Business Consulting Group Winning Retailers Have Shifted Focus To Engage Consumers Through Permission Not Interruption Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing • Telemarketing • SEO • Trade Shows • Blogging • Direct mail • Social Media • Email Blasts • RSS • Print Ads • Viral Videos • TV & Radio Ads • Free Tools & Trials Interruption Permission Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. “But, I’m 28 38 48 58 ; I Just Don’t Understand This Social Media Stuff! “ Think Cocktail Party - Without The Constraints Of Time And Space Cocktail Party Advice • Meet People And Start Conversations • Listen And Answer Questions – Help Others • Ask Questions – Trust Other’s Advice Social Media = Cocktail Party • Become A Real Member Of The Community • Add Value To The Community – Ask And Answer Questions • More Effective Than A Cocktail Party Unlimited Time And Space Easier For Others To Listen In On Conversation Creative Business Consulting Group Who Uses Social Networking Websites? Demographics of Social Networks Vary Greatly; Choose Wisely • 350 Million Current People • More Twitter users are • Highest Average Income - on Facebook employed part-time (16%) $89,000 • 35+ Users fastest growing • Average income of • Join Network For Business • Facebook users are older $58,000 Or Work Purposes, Business and better off (30.6) • Users interested in news, Development, And • More likely to be married restaurants, sports, Recruiting. (40%), white (80%) and politics, personal finance, • Like News, Employment retired (6%) and religion Information, Sports, And • Second-highest average • Into pop culture with Politics. income ($61,000) music, movies, TV and • More Likely To Be Into The • Average of 138 reading ranking higher Gym, Spas, Yoga, Golf And connections than average Tennis • Extremely loyal: 75% say • Users are not that loyal to • Users Own More Electronic FB is favorite site the network: 43% said Gadgets they could live without • More Likely To Be Male – Twitter 57% vs. 43% Source: Microsoft Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. Retailer Paradigm Shift Required; Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Print Ad Activities Social Media Activities • Develop Copy • Develop Network • Search For Image • Create or Locate Content • Proof Design • Publish or Share Content • Call Ad Departments • Listen and Participate In Dialogue • Receive and Pay Invoice • Measure Results • Measure Results Creative Business Consulting Group Facebook What is Facebook? • Facebook Is A Social Networking Service That Lets You Connect With Friends, Co-workers, And Others Who Share Similar Interests Or Who Have Common Backgrounds • Many Use It As A Way To Stay In Touch After Finishing School, Or As A Way To Share Their Life Publicly • What Makes Facebook Different From Other Social Networks Are Its Extensive Privacy Controls, Its Development Platform, And Its Large And Quickly Growing User Base • Facebook Has Been Called The "Thinking Person's" Social Network. • Compared To Many Other Social Networks, Facebook Gets New Features And Improvements On A Regular Basis Facebook Is A Social Utility Tool That Connects You With The People Around You Source: Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. Facebook How Can Facebook Help My Business? 1. Peer Interaction. Meet Potential Customers For Your Business. 2. Contacts And Competition. Not Only Are Your Friends On Facebook, So Are Your Prospects, Your Customers, Your Partners And Your Competitors. 3. Open Doors. You Can Easily Begin A Dialog With Highly Successful—even Famous—people Who Were Previously Otherwise Unreachable 4. Build Relationships. By Engaging In Conversations With Your Prospects And Customers, You Can Better Adapt Your Marketing And Business Services To Meet Their Needs 5. Raise Visibility. By Consistently Showing Up, Posting Relevant Information, And Being A Thought Leader, You Can Increase Visibility And Credibility As An Expert In Your Area Creative Business Consulting Group Facebook How Can Facebook Help My Business? 6. Develop Your Personal Brand. Reveal As Much Or As Little About Yourself /Your Business As You Wish, Allowing You To Personalize Your Brand 7. Target Your Niche. Users Volunteer Vast Amounts Of Information About Themselves That You Can Readily Access. These Kinds Of Demographics, Psychographics, And Techno Graphics Would Previously Have Cost Fortunes To Access. 8. Get Rapid Top Google Placement. Current Search Engines Are Crawling for SM Content. FB Included! 9. Place Targeted Ads. With Facebook Social Ads, You Can Test Out Extremely Targeted Advertising For Minimal Cost 10. FREE. Connect Regularly with Customers With No Cost Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Facebook Where To Start: Become A Fan Of Other Company Pages For Research And Review • Search For A Fan Page. For Example, Do A Search On "Apple" And Click On "Pages" When You Get The Search Results. Click On "Apple Inc." To View The Apple Fan Page • Examine How The Page Is Structured • Repeat For Businesses Of Your Choice To See If They Have A Fan Page On Facebook. • Some Popular Or Notable Fan Pages Are Apple, The New Yorker, Marmite, Blue Olive Photography, Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company, And Absolut Vodka Creative Business Consulting Group Facebook Next Step: Create A Business Page - You Must First Have a Personal Page Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. Facebook Build Your Business Page And Bring It To Life With Content – Make It Human! Create An Engaging Page Through The Use Of Visuals And Interactive Elements • Event Calendar • Videos • Contests • Surveys • Discussion Boards • Photos • Blog Articles • Relevant Links Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group Facebook San Francisco International Gift Fair Has A Fan Page – Are You Following Them? The Page Connects Members of the SFIGF community to announce Events, Show Specials, etc. related to the show. Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. Facebook Utilize Your Network To Spread The Word And Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page • Email Your Opt-in Mailing List To Gather Followers • Include A Link To Your Facebook Page On All Your Email Signatures • Post In Store Signs Directing Customers To Your Fan Page • Include Your Facebook Page Address On Your Business Cards • Include A Link To Your Facebook Page On All Your Email Blast Campaigns • Post A Link Or Badge To Your Facebook Page On Your Website And/Or Blog Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group Facebook Tip: Optimize Your Facebook Page For Search Facebook Search • Ranking Based On The Number Of Fans Of Your Page Public Search • Set Your Public Search Listing In Your Privacy Settings • Permission Allows People To Find And See The Public Search Listing You’ve Established Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Facebook Success Requires More Than Opening An Account • Participate In Facebook Daily – Post Information Your Fans Will Find Interesting • Utilize SM Aggregators To Save Time – Friend Feed.Com • Upload Facebook Application To Your Cell Phone. Use Mobile Posts To Save Time And Post From Wherever You Are – Trade Shows, Events Creative Business Consulting Group Twitter What Is Twitter? • Twitter Is A Learning Tool, A Sharing Platform, And A Networking System. • Twitter Is A Useful Communication Tool That Allows You To Interact With People Around The World In Three Different Ways: Send A Short Message To A Bunch Of People Publicly Send A Short Message To A Specific Person Publicly Send A Short Message To A Specific Person Privately • Twitter Is Also Referred To As A "Micro‐blogging" Service. • Updates Limited To 140 Characters Or Less. The Power Of Immediate Interaction With Like-Minded Individuals Is Life-altering When Used And Developed Correctly Source:,, Chris Brogan Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Twitter What Can I Use Twitter For In My Business? • Monitor. Obtain Instant Access To What Is Being Said About Your Company/Brand • Real Time Contact. Keep In Contact With Current Customers Of Your Business And Industry Experts • Learn. Find A Steady Stream Of Ideas, Content, Links, Resources, And Tips Focused On Your Business/Industry • Expertise. Create Expert Status For Yourself Or Your Company To Potential Customers Source: MarketingProfs 2009 Creative Business Consulting Group Twitter Twitter Cons: (Other People’s Not Mine) •Twitter Takes Up Time. •Twitter Takes You Away From Other Productive Work •Without A Strategy, It’s Just Typing. •Twitter Is Buggy And Not Enterprise-ready. •Twitter Is Just For Techno-nerds. •Twitter’s Only A Few Million People. •Twitter Doesn’t Replace Direct Email Marketing. •Twitter Opens The Company Up To More Criticism And Griping Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. Twitter Twitter – Getting Started To Get Your Own Account, Go To Http://Twitter.Com And Click The “Join The Conversation!” Button. Clicking This Button Will Bring You To A Page Where You Will Select Your Username And Password. Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group Twitter Twitter – Selecting Your Username Choose Username Carefully. Think Of Your Twitter Handle As Your Personal Brand Name. That’s How Important It Is. Can Be Your Brand Name Or Combination Of Your Name And Your Brand Name Choose Additional Twitter Names For Your Brand. Different Users Can Speak With A Different Voice For The Brand Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group 12
  13. 13. Twitter Twitter – Creating Your Profile Personalizing Your Account Is Critical To Your Success Your Profile Is Where You Can Reference Your Company, Your Blog, Talk About Your Interests And List Your Location. Note: Personalize Your Account Profile Before You Begin Interacting And Following People. Click The Settings Button At The Top Right Corner Of Your Screen And Fill In The Data. Add A Picture To Avoid Looking Like A Spammer. Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group Twitter Twitter Terminology: • @ The @ symbol is a way of referring to another Twitter user • On your Twitter home page, you'll see a linked search where you can find people mentioning your username with an @ before it. • Retweet or RT - is when you share the tweet of one user with all of your Twitter followers • Note: It's considered rude or just plain not nice to take someone else's Tweet and send it back out as your own. Give credit for the tweet where it's due • Reply - Reply is when you respond to a tweet from a particular user. • A reply is placed in the public feed where everyone can see what you are saying) • Direct Message - or DM Whereas replies are completely public, a direct message is a private message that you send through a discussion board You can only send a direct message to someone that is following your account • Hash Tags - or # Hash tags are words or acronyms that begin with the number sign. Used when many people are tweeting about the same topic or from the same event. • At least one hash tag is often atop Twitter's trending topics list. Creative Business Consulting Group 13
  14. 14. Twitter Start Tweeting So What Can You Tweet About? 1. An Observation: Tweet About What You’re Doing, Thinking Or Feeling 2. What You’re Reading: Post A Link To An Interesting Blog Post Or News Article 3. What You’re Watching: Post A Link To A Cool Video From Hulu Or Youtube 4. What Events You’re Going To: Share A Link To The Next Event You Plan To Attend 5. Promote Your Content: Post A Link To Your Most Recent Company Or Personal Blog Article 6. Promote Someone Else’s Content: Post A Link To Someone Else’s Blog Article As A Helpful Resource 7. Chat With Someone: Send Messages Using An @ Sign Before Their Username 8. Retweet What Someone Else Has Said: Retweet (Using RT Or Retweet In The Beginning Of The Message) To Repeat What Someone Else Has Said Remember That Your Most Valuable Asset Is The Information You Provide Source:: Creative Business Consulting Group Twitter How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter – It Takes More Than Opening An Account • Participate In Twitter Daily – Tweet, Retweet Or Share • Utilize Tweet Scheduling Tools With Socialoomph.Com • Share Content - Link Article Posts And Blog Posts To And From Twitter With Tinyurl.Com • Use Search Tools To Maximize Experience -Search– To Follow And Engage In Dialogue About Topics Key To Your Business • Use Time Saving Tools To Improve Efficiency Creative Business Consulting Group 14
  15. 15. Conclusion Key Concepts To Be Mindful Of When You Get Started • Develop A Strategy – Align The Path You Will Set Out On With The Objectives Of The Journey – How Will This Activity Help Me Achieve My Business Goal? • Keep It Simple – Have A Simple System And Automate Everything You Can – Minimize The Time Spent, Do Not Jeopardize The Results • Abolish The Fear Of Transparency – Effective Social Media Participation Requires A Paradigm Shift –Embrace The Fact That You No Longer Control The Conversation And What People Say About Your Business • Be Flexible - Refresh Objectives And Strategies On A Regular Basis, Make Sure You’re Still On Target And Remain Flexible “Marketers Who Embrace Social Media Will Outdistance Competition, Build Community Following, And Boost Loyalty” - Forrester Research Creative Business Consulting Group Case Study Kogi Korean BBQ; A Taco Truck Brought To You By Twitter @Kogibbq On Twitter • Nov. 20 Soft Opening In LA - 53,800 Followers As Of January 29 • Roving Vehicle Has Emerged As A Social- networking Juggernaut, Drawing 300 To 800 People Each Time It Parks (Often Several Times In An Evening) • Spawned A Burgeoning Cyber-hippie Movement Affectionately Referred To As "Kogi Kulture.“ • Constant Twitter Feed Connects Truck- followers And Updates Them About Whether Kogi Is Going To Be Late To Its Next Stop Creative Business Consulting Group 15
  16. 16. Sign Up Today and Receive - 42 Tips for Growing My Social Media Presence Creative Business Consulting Group ______Yes, Send me 42 Tips for Growing My Social Media Presence* * As an Added Bonus You Will Also Receive CBCG Retail Report, our FREE Monthly Newsletter Packed with Information To Help Your Business Prosper in 2010 and beyond Name: _______________________________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________ 617.437.9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 16