Beyond Facebook Superzoo 2012


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Lessons for retailers and small businesses on how to increase your brand exposure by building an online presence.

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Beyond Facebook Superzoo 2012

  1. 1. Beyond Facebook-Building Your Online Presence in 2012September 11, 2012For A Copy Of Today’s Presentation3 Ways To Obtain A Copy:1. Log On To Our Facebook Page: • Mention Beyond Facebook2. Email CBCG social@cbc-group.net3. Log On To • Search Superzoo 2012 • Beyond Facebook 1
  2. 2. A Static Website And A Rarely Used FacebookPage Won’t Help Your Business Grow in 2012Traditional Marketing Methods Are No LongerEnough To Capture Your Customers Attention 2
  3. 3. Hugging Your Customer Has ChangedDramatically in 2012Maximizing Your Online Presence Is The KeyTo Success; It Requires An Integrated Strategy 3
  4. 4. Businesses Today Must Create A Strong OnlinePresence And Become A Customer DestinationHow You Create Online Engagement Is ACritical Factor To Your Brands’ Success 4
  5. 5. Engaging Customers With Your Brand Is AProgression Thru A New Social Strategy Altimeter GroupWatching Is The First Stage of EngagementCustomers Follow WhatOthers Are Saying: Visit Social Networking Sites, Read Blogs, Watch Videos, Or Listen To PodcastsConsumers Are SeekingSocial-Created Content ToHelp With MakingDecisions, Learn FromPeers, Or Entertainment 5
  6. 6. Tactics To Engage Watching With Your Customers• Listen and Learn • Understand The Content That They Are Currently Consuming (Pictures, Videos, Blogs, etc.)• Offer Customers What THEY Want • Know What Your Customers Want To Read, Watch, Or Hear• Deliver On A Consistent Basis • Create Content That Engages Watching Based Upon Existing Habits Sharing Will Continue To Build Customer Engagement• Users Update Status On Social Sites Or Twitter, Upload Photos, Videos, Articles, Etc.• Users Share The Information With Peers; Two Goals: • Support Others, And Demonstrate Knowledge 6
  7. 7. How Can You Encourage Your Customers To Share? • Simplify By Introducing Sharing Tools • or • Offer Recognition And Rewards For Participation And Sharing • Allow Facebook, Linkedin And Twitter Connect Features; Remind Your Customers Regularly About These Features Commenting Means Devoted Customers Now Want To Commit Their Time To Engaging With Your Brand• Customers Regularly Respond To Others’ Content • Comment On Blogs Or News Stories, Add Review Or Rate Products• Commenters Support Brands In Public – Come To Aid of Brands If Other Participants Speak Harshly• Commenters Actively Participate, Support, Or Contribute Ideas/Opinions 7
  8. 8. Creating Comment Worthy Behavior Is Critical• Allow Every Webpage To Have Commenting Features• Develop A Community Policy That Encourages and Supports Commenting• Foster An Open And Friendly Environment (And Discourage Spammers)Producing Showcases Further Growth OfCustomer Commitment To Your Brand Consumers Create And Publish Their Own Content on Company Websites, Blogs, Videos Or Podcasts They Want To Express Their Identity, Deliver Own Content, Be Heard Or Be Recognized Their Voice Matters On Behalf Of Your Brand 8
  9. 9. Encourage Producing By Supporting Your Customers Voices• Become A Platform For The Voice Of Your Customers• Share Produced Messages Among All Your Marketing Platforms• Provide Public Recognition For Most Helpful Community Members• Review All Guidelines, Rules And Requirements As Mandated By FTC Curating Content For Your Most Engaged Users Keeps Them Coming Back Curators Moderate Or Are Heavily Involved In Online Communities Including Wikipedia, Fan Pages And Discussion Boards Curators Are Invested In The Success Of A Product Or Brand And Want To Be Recognized Curators Are Protective Of Brand Value (Think Of Themselves As Surrogate Owners Of Business) 9
  10. 10. Cultivate Curating By Offering Value AddedContent Based On Your Target Customers• Cultivate Curator Content On A Regular Basis• Share Curated Content With The Rest Of Your Community• Give “Credit” To Curator For Producing The Content• Rely On Curators As Trusted Advisors, Consider Them Non-Paid PartnersHow Can You Use The 5 Steps With YourMarketing Tools To Increase Engagement WithYour Customers? 10
  11. 11. Engaging Customers With An EffectiveFacebook Fan PageEngaging Customers With An EffectiveFacebook Fan Page Comment:Watch: • Enable All Comment Filters• Create A Fan Page With • Encourage Fans To Regularly Numerous Activities For Engage By Commenting Your Customers To Follow• Create New Content EVERY Produce: DAY To Insure They Return • Publish Blogs, Videos, etc. And Link On A Regular Basis To Facebook Page • Ask Customers To Produce For YouShare:• Create Opportunities For Followers To Share Curate: Information, Links, Photos to • Give Public Credit To Highly Others Engaged Users and Content Curators • Showcase Curated Content 11
  12. 12. Creating Customer Loyalty With YourCompany BlogCreating Customer Loyalty With YourCompany BlogWatch: Comment:• Share News Relevant And • Enable All Blog Comment Filters Timely Articles About The SKI/Snow Industry • Encourage Commenting Often 0• Review Books, Websites, Produce: Blogs • Invite Industry Experts To GuestShare: Write Posts For Your Blog• Post Other Bloggers’ Posts Curate:• Post Useful Blog Resources • Recognize Subject Matter• Report Live From Trade Experts Within User Community Shows And Industry Events • Ask Them To Create Blog Content 12
  13. 13. Wowing And Winning Customers With YourCompany WebsiteWowing And Winning Customers With YourCompany WebsiteWatch: Comment:• Update SM Content On Your • Enable All Web Comment Website Regularly Features 0• Include Produced And Curated Produce: Content On Your Website • Update Website With NewlyShare: Produced Customer Content• Highlight Links To Your Social • Publish Articles and/or EBooks Media Sites On Your Website• Share SM Content Via Your Curate: Website • Link Curated Content On• Drive SM Traffic To Relevant Website Web Pages • Recognize Subject Matter Experts Within User Community 13
  14. 14. Linked In Has Powerful NetworkingOpportunitiesLinked In Has Powerful NetworkingOpportunities Comment:Watch: • Reply To Questions And On• Read Weekly Linked In Discussions In Targeted Business Updates For Changes In Community- Groups 0• Link Appropriate Social Produce: Media Content Via Groups • Start Your Own Linked In Group To Share Expertise And BuildShare: Community• Share Content From Industry Media To Establish Curate: Expert Status Within • Regularly Curate Content To Your Community Personal Page And Your Groups • Recognize Curators For Their Efforts 14
  15. 15. Encourage Email Customers To Transition ToSocial Media Via Attachments And LinksEncourage Email Customers To Transition ToSocial Media Via Attachments And LinksWatch: Comment:• Link Email Content to Social • Ask For/Encourage Media Sites Comments on Email Content• Regularly Remind Email • Drive To Social Media Customers About Social For Reply Media Activities Produce:Share: • Demo Videos And Publish Via Email, Blogs And Social• Create Opportunities For Media- Offer Sharing Tools Followers To Share On Posts Information, Links, Photos to Others Curate: • Offer Rewards For • Ask For Readers To Create Doing So Content – Run Contests 15
  16. 16. Ten Ways To Maximize Your Online Presence –Starting Today 1. Use The Online Marketing Programs We Discussed – Share Content EVERY DAY Including Your Company Blog, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Email Marketing 2. Get Listed In Google Places Google Searches Prioritizes Local Results. Enter Your Businesses Details In Google Places And Index Your Business And Provide These Details In Searches Improving Your Ranking And Providing Increased Traffic To Your Website 3. Start Following ‘Twitter’ Trend In Recent Time, Businesses Have Taken To Twitter As A Means Of Driving Traffic To Websites And Blogs. Add Links To Photos, Websites, Products, Offers Etc. To Drive Traffic From Your Twitter Site Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netTop 10 Ways To Maximize Your OnlinePresence 4. Maximize Your Reviews And Make Them Visible Peer Reviews And Referrals From Friends Has A Much Greater Effect On The Purchasing Decision Than Anything Else Obtain Testimonials, Case Studies And Third Party Reviews Which Will Help Customers With Their Buying Decisions. Use Organizations Like TripAdvisor And Yelp 5. Work On Improving Customers Trust Include Details Of Corporate Or Personal Membership Of Trade Bodies Or Institutes As Well As Copies Of Certificates Of Achievements And Awards On Your Website. This Will Help Improve Trust Between The Company And Is Potential Customers. Creative Business Consulting Group 16
  17. 17. Top 10 Ways To Maximize Your OnlinePresence6. Get Your Articles Published In Article DirectoriesDevelop Company Position As A ThoughtLeader And To Expose Your Brand To AWider Audience Via Article WritingArticles Will Be Picked Up By Other SitesOr Bloggers And Published With By-lineAnd Website Details. Google IndexesArticles Which Helps With SEO AndIncreased Traffic To Your Site7. Have An Email SignatureEmail Signatures Are A Great Way ToPromote Your Website, Blog Or Other OnLine Presence. The Inclusion Of HyperlinksTo Your Website Makes It Easy ForPotential Viewers To Connect. Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netTop 10 Ways To Maximize Your OnlinePresence 8. Fill Out Title Tags Title Tags Are Embedded In The Coding For Each Page Of Your Site. Typically, People Don’t Search By Company Name. Using Keywords And Phrases In The Title Tags Will Help In Search Engine Rankings 9. Enter Your Meta Tag Description This Is The Part Of The Search Engine Listing That Appears Below The Main Title Use This Space To Describe The Main Benefits That You Offer Customers For Your Business Google Will Default To The First Line Of A Company Website If A Meta Tag Description Is Not Found Creative Business Consulting Group 17
  18. 18. Top 10 Ways To Maximize Your OnlinePresence10. Benefit From Google ToolsGoogle Offer A Number Of FREE Tools To HelpYou Maximize Your Web Presence. Use Them.Google Analytics. Google Analytics ReportsHelp You To Understand How People InteractWith Your Website, Where The Enter And ExitThe Site, How Long They Stay, What KeywordsOr Search Terms They Use, Etc. Use ThisInformation To Improve Performance And ContentOf Your SiteGoogle Alerts Get Notified To Keep You AbreastOf What Is Happening In Your Industry, AnyBreaking News And Information On CompetitionGoogle Maps Embedding Maps Into YourWebsite Will Help Customers Find Your PhysicalPresence; Ensures Better Rankings For Your Site. Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netCBCG Can Help You Engage With Your OnlineCustomers • Help You Identify the Long-Term Business Opportunities Created By Using Social Media • Teach You How to Create Social Media Marketing Programs That Engage Customers • Show You The Cost Saving Benefits Of Using Social Media • Share How to Create An Engaging Social Media Strategy for Your Retail Business Call Today: (617) 437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group 18