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Are you managing your time or is it managing you? Supezoo 2013


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Retailers constantly complain about not having enough time in the day to get tasks done. This session will give you tips, tactics and tools to create more efficiency in your work schedule and get more done to drive your business forward.

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Are you managing your time or is it managing you? Supezoo 2013

  1. 1. 1 Are You Managing Your Time Or Is It Managing You? Simple Strategies to Organize Your Time and Get More Done Every Day July 24, 2013 For A Copy Of Today’s Presentation 2 Ways To Obtain A Copy: 1. Log On To Our Facebook Page: • Time Management 2. Email CBCG Understanding The “Time” Problem David Allen Observed: “You Can't Manage Time, It Just Is” What You Really Have To Manage Is Your Activity During Time And Define The Outcomes And Physical Actions Required To Manage What You Do Source: En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Time_management
  2. 2. 2 Where Does My Time Go? • On Floor Selling • Contact Customers • Follow Up On Shipping Orders • Solve Product Quality Issues • Deal With Competitive Pricing Issues • Plan Future Season Products • Work On Marketing Strategy • Hire And Train New Sales Associates • Product Training • Coordinate Trade Show Activities My Lack Of Time Limits My Transition From Crisis Management To Strategic Management How Do I Find The Necessary Time To Become a Better Strategic Leader That Drives Optimal Company Performance? Time Is A Limited Resource; You Cannot Create More Time, You Can Only Utilize It More Effectively Time Management Is The Development Of Processes And Tools The Goal Is Increased Efficiency And Productivity (For An Individual, For A Business, For An Organization) Time Management Doesn’t “Just Happen” For Anyone – It Is A Skill That Must Be Worked On, And That Most People Find To Be A Life-long Challenge The Answer Is Improved Time Management
  3. 3. 3 ..But I Don’t Have Time For Time Management Source: Randy Glasbergen Those Who Put Into Practice These Time Management Techniques Routinely Are The Highest Achievers In All Walks Of Life, From Business To Sport To Public Service You Must MAKE The Time – These Skills Are An Enabler To High Achievement If You Don’t CHOOSE To Effectively Practice Disciplined Time Management, You Will Be FORCED To Practice Crisis Management Specific – Vague Goals Won’t Let You Know Reach It Or Even When You Have Reached It Measureable – Set Quantifiable Goals So You Know How Far You Have To Go To Reach The Goal, And When You Get There Achievable - Your Goals Should Be Such That, If You “Extend Yourself” You Can Just Reach Them. Realistic - Establish Goals That Can Be Reached And Are Not Just Purely Aspirational Time Based - It Is Important To Set Time Guidelines For Your Goals, That Keep Track Of Progress And Alert You To When You Are Falling Behind Schedule SMART Goal Setting Is The Precursor to Effective Time Management
  4. 4. 4 And While You’re At It ..Identify Your “Smart” Hours We Are All “Smarter” At Certain Times Of The Day Or Night Than We Are At Others You Are Smarter When 1. You Can Read Longer Without Falling Asleep. 2. Ideas Come To You More Quickly When You Are Writing Or Thinking. 3. You Are Better At Communicating Your Thoughts Use Your Smart Time of the Day To Execute Big Projects Ask Yourself How Does The Performance Of This Activity/Task Help Me Or My Organization Achieve Our Goals? If The Answer Is Not Clear, Perhaps You Should Not Waste Time On It Focus On The Goal Reduce The Pile Of Non-Value Activities Liberate Your Time To Maximize Utilization On Value-Adding Activities Distinguish Value From Non-Value Add Activity To Reduce Physical And Mental Clutter Activity Logs Help You Analyze How You Really Spend Your Time. Memory Is A Very Poor Guide When It Comes To This, As It Can Be Too Easy To Forget Time Spent On Non-core Tasks. The First Time You Use This Log May Shock You To See The Amount Of Time That Could Be Reallocated For Work Related Activities Activity Logs Are A Tool To Help You Discover And Assess The Current Use of Your Time Your Analysis May Be Able To Help You Free Up Extra Time In Your Day By Reducing Non-value Adding Activities
  5. 5. 5 Where Does Your Time Go? (Source: PDF No Task Left Behind? Examining the Nature of Fragmented Work. Gloria Mark, Victor M. Gonzalez, Justin Harris The Average Worker In The United States Loses 2.1 Hours Per Day Due To Interruptions And Distractions • On Average It Took Workers 25 Minutes To Return To Their Original Task – If They Returned To It At All That Day “Time Robbers” Steal Your Time And Distract You From Pursuing Your Goals • Time Robbers Are Activities And Individuals That Divert Our Attention Away From The Goals We Have Established For Ourselves And Our Business • Time Robbers Steal Valuable Time Away From Us. Some Of These Time Robbers Are Imposed Upon Us By Others. These Types Of Time Robbers Can Fall Anywhere Between Total Control To No Control • Other Time Robbers Are Self-inflicted. In Other Words, We Rob Ourselves Of Valuable Time. As Such Most Of These Time Robbers Are Within Our Total Control Time Robbers Are Typically Categorized As Self-Inflicted Or Imposed Upon Us Imposed Upon Us • Uninvited Interruptions • Waiting For Answers • Too Much Work • Equipment Failures • Red Tape • Staff Demands • Disorganized Supervisor • Unnecessary Meetings • Poor Meeting Management Self - Inflicted • Procrastination • Socializing • Personal Disorganization • Absentmindedness • Poor Planning • Perfectionism • Paper Shuffling • Fatigue • Lack of Self-Discipline
  6. 6. 6 Ways Of Overcoming Procrastination Make The Task Meaningful – Ask Yourself Why The Task Is Important To You And What It Has To Do With Your Long-term Goal Take The Task Apart – Sometime An Assignment Can Appear To Be Overwhelming. Breaking Large Assignments Into Manageable Parts Will Help. Set Dates To Work On Each Of The Pieces Keep Yourself Organized – Having Everything You Need Right At Your Fingertips Will Save A Lot Of Time When Starting A Project Plan A Reward – Do Something For Yourself That You Would Not Normally No, But Withhold The Reward If The Task Remains Incomplete Just Do It – Complete The Task – The Moment You Find Yourself Procrastinating, Complete The Task; Then, You Won’t Have To Think About It Anymore Time Robbers Inflicted On You; Poor Meeting Management and Attendance More Than 11 Million Meetings Are Held Each Day • Some Meetings Are Necessary - Make The Most Of The Ones You Choose To Attend Improving Meetings Requires Discipline Send/Receive Meeting Materials In Advance Create An Agenda In Advance And Distribute With Other Pre-meeting Reading Materials Start On Time – Get Others In The Habit Cancel Meetings If Preparations Not Complete Do Not Reread Pre-meeting Materials – Establish Accountability For Proper Preparation Stay Focused And Finish Early If Possible Time Robbers Self - Inflicted; Lack Of Self- Discipline • You Know What You Need To Do, Yet You Seem To Have A Hard Time Accomplishing Things • A Lack Of Self-discipline Not Only Prevents Us From Getting Things Done, But It Is Not Good For Our Self-esteem Potential Solutions • Start Small – Try To Break Large Tasks Into Small Steps So They Don’t Look And Feel So Overwhelming • Establish Tasks And Work To Accomplish Them - Take Things One At A Time • Regulate Breaks – Reward Yourself With “Free Time” After Task Completed • Recognize How Good It Feels To Get Something Done – Celebrate Small Victories!
  7. 7. 7 If You Use Prioritized Task Lists, You Will: • Remember To Carry Out All Necessary Tasks • Tackle The Most Important Jobs First, And Do Not Waste Time On Trivial Tasks • Eliminate Most Stress By Removing Or De-prioritizing A Large Number Of Unimportant Jobs • Be More Focused, Productive And Organized At All Times Effective Task Prioritization Ensures That Key Important Activities Take Precedence Delegation, Partnering And Collaboration Are Powerful Tools To Leverage Others’ Time The Leverage Model Has Been Used For Centuries To Facilitate Greater Productivity • Lose The “I Must Do It All” Mindset – • Others Can Effectively Do The Job While You Manage The Process, Save Time And Enhance Your Throughput • Invest Time To Train Subordinates – Then Empower Them • Search For Strategic Partners That Compliment Your Team’s Skill Set • Collaborate With Suppliers To Improve Customer Service Levels, Engagement And Loyalty Like Any Scarce Resource, Time Requires Organization And Scheduling By Using Scheduling Properly, You Can: • Understand What You Can Realistically Achieve With Your Time – Limitations • Plan To Make The Best Use Of The Time Available – Optimization • Leave Enough Time For Things You Absolutely Must Do – Prioritization • Preserve Contingency Time To Handle “The Unexpected” – Flexibility • Minimize Stress By Avoiding Over- commitment To Yourselves
  8. 8. 8 Examples Of Tasks To Schedule: • E-mail Correspondence • Order Delivery Follow Up • Strategic Planning • Marketing Activity Planning • Financial Duties – Collections, Invoicing • Mentoring/Direction To Sales Managers • Training – Leading And Attending • Slack/Contingency Time • Regular Meetings (Weekly Performance Reviews, etc.) Many Tasks Can Be Planned And Scheduled As Recurring Activities Striking A Balance Between Responsiveness And Interruption Is A Challenge Responsiveness Engenders Trust Being A Responsive Communicator Builds Loyalty And Support Throughout Your Entire Network Responsiveness Can Be A Distraction Being A Responsive Communicator Can Lead To Continual Interruptions In Your Work Flow And Ineffective Use Of Your Time You Need To Find Your Balance There Is No Ideal Balance For Everyone; You Must Find Your Own Balance, But Understand Your Potential Biases That Shape Your Selection Of Balance Time Management Tips • Write Things Down – Don’t Rely On Memory • Prioritize Your List – Use ABC Method • Plan Your Week – Spend Some Time At The Beginning Of Each Week To Plan Your Schedule • Carry A Notebook – Write Down Those Great Ideas And Brilliant Insights (Capture Your Thoughts) • Learn To Say No – Say No To Low Priority Requests
  9. 9. 9 20 Minutes For Maximum Productivity- Using The “Multiple Put Down” Technique Work On A Task In 20-minute Increments, With Absolute Focus, And Then Put It Down, Over And Over, Until You're Done • Alert Your Brain That A Task Is Coming That Will Require Recall, Creativity, And Brilliance – Wait A Day Or Two To Begin Task • When You're Ready To Start, Set A Timer For 20 Minutes • Silence All Distractions - Hit Start On The Timer • During The 20 Minutes, Focus On That Task Without Interruption 20 Minutes For Maximum Productivity- Using The “Multiple Put Down” Technique • Stay "In The Zone" Until The Timer Goes Off • After 20 Minutes - Keep Working Or Take A Break • If You Keep Working, Reset The Timer To 20 Minutes, • Repeat The Process • If You Decide To Take A Break, Make It Short (Such As Refilling Your Coffee Cup), Medium (Returning A Phone Call) Or Long (Going Into A Meeting, Or Working Out) Your Office - Tips And Tools Defend Your Workspace • Close Your Door • Shut Off Non-work Related Web Browsers • Google, Facebook, Personal E- Mail. Clear That Desk • A Messy Desk Can Also Lead To Interruptions And Break Your Concentration • Clear Off Desk At The End Of The Day • Clear Icons From Your Desktop Computer As Well Put On Headphones • Headphones Will Send A Signal To Others You Are Working (This Works Even If You Don’t Want Music On) The Key Is To Block Out Noise And Let Others Know You Are Working
  10. 10. 10 Get The Tools You Need Up Front Being Organized Like This Will Help You Accomplish Tasks Faster By Having Everything At Your Fingertips Change Your Work Hours Think About How Much You Can Get Done With Uninterrupted Time Before The Head Office Or Your Sales Team Get Going. • If You Do Not Want To Tell Others You Are At Work At 6 Am – Schedule Emails To Go Out During Regular Business Hours Spend Time With Other People Schedule Lunch With Friends And Family Members. Working From Home Can Create A Sense Of Isolation And Can Lead To Reduced Productivity Your Office - Tips And Tools Create A 5 Minute PDA Task List; Have Them Ready To Utilize Spare Time In Small Doses Got A Little Time? Get A Lot Done!!! • Social Media Posts – Have Software On Your PDA • Scheduling – Sync Your PDA With Your Office Technology • Communication – A Global Business World Creates Multiple Time Zones Enabling Communication At All Times Of The Day • Family & Friends – Manage Calls When Now So It Doesn’t Interrupt Work • Reading – Have It Available At All Times; Kid’s Soccer Games, Dance Class, Etc. Email Tricks and Management Be Quick, Very Quick: We Spend An Inordinate Amount Of Time Waiting For Responses; When Emails Come Back In Under 20 Minutes, More Stuff Will Get Done Delegate Through CC - Messages No Longer Than A Few Sentences And Connected To The Right Person Make Doing Business Delightfully Efficient Be Available All The Time - The Best Ideas Often Come Late At Night And Are Often Time-sensitive; Great Opportunities Evaporate If They’re Left To Linger Or Get Buried In A Pile Of Unread Emails
  11. 11. 11 • Set Go Smart Goals And Only Execute Activities That Help Achieve Those Goals • Compare Value Adding Activities For Prioritized Execution • Avoid Time Robbers! • Resist The Temptation To Do Insignificant Tasks Too Well; Let Go - Don’t Be A Perfectionist • Organize And Plan Your Time • Decide That You Don’t Have To Please Everyone • Leverage Others’ Time To Help Achieve Your Goals Let’s Make The Best Use Of YOUR Cherished Time By Following These Simple Rules Let’s Get Started ..Now! Source: