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Blue Apricot Social Media Network Display System 1


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Blue Apricot Social Media Network Display System 1

  1. 1. Social Media Display Screens Powered by
  2. 2. About UsBlue Apricot is one of the leading companies in the UK and Ireland specialisingin bespoke digital marketing solutions, bringing innovative, low cost and newgreen technology to a wide spectrum of businesses.Our combination of technical and marketing expertise ensures that weunderstand wireless applications and how to use them as the basis for effectivemarketing campaigns.Blue Apricot has gained a reputation for expertise in this field of marketing andhas a growing reputation with a no nonsense, honest advice approach.With our own technology, Blue Apricot is able to offer the best digital marketingsolutions available.We ensure that our software and hardware compatibility is maximised toprovide a robust platform to run any digital marketing campaign. Our successfulproducts, forward thinking customers and partners have helped us grow intoone of the most successful digital companies nationwide. Our full time supportand committed team ensure that we can deliver up to the minute campaignsfor any business.Our ServicesBlue Apricot offer many services as detailed below, and guarantee to deliverbespoke solutions to our clients on time, every time. Contact us for our maincompany brochureo Social Media Screenso Bluetooth/ WI-FI marketingo Mobile phone applicationso SMS/ MMS marketingo Footfall and customer loyalty analyticso Mobile App launch solutionso Touch screenso Interactive kioskso Interactive windows and floorso Interactive mirrorso Digital Networked screenso Building Projection Systemso Hologram projectionso Point of Sale productso Holographic displayso Campaign managemento Full designBlue Apricot are continually researching and developing new technologiesensuring our clients receive the most reliable and up to date products andservices available.
  3. 3. Our ClientsOur ever increasing portfolio of clients consists of both national andinternational blue chip companies.For more information including case studies, please visit our
  4. 4. Join the Social Networking revolution,at your premises or at your eventBuild your traffic withinin your premises and online using Blue Apricots SocialMedia Display Screens. Unlike other passive digital signage, our unique socialnetworking content encourages your customers to interact with your digital sign.In the process you get to build your marketing lists, social networks and overalle-marketing campaigns.o Display your Ads, Promotions and Specials – no outside advertisingo Live Social Networking with only positive messages on Facebook and Twittero Interact with customers/attendees in exciting new wayso Connects with eLoyalty programs from Foursquare and Facebook
  5. 5. Social Networking The post goes out to Customers see your their friends and If it’s clean, the Later, you can add screen and send a shows post shows up on this person to yourtweet or post to you up on your Social your digital sign social network Network pagePhotos You now have that customer’s email Your customer They email it to your The image shows on address and can snaps a photo unique address your Digital Sign send them promotions and specialsLoyalty Programs He returns several He then "checks-in" to times and "checks-in" your location, which is Customer sits at bar Customer reads YOUR to receive your special sent to your digitaland sees digital sign posted special deal, becoming a sign as well as all of regular at your his friends locationOn-Location Advertising  You create your promotions and upload them to your Display. On sale instantly  When an item sells out, you remove the ad for the day, replacing it with something in-stock
  6. 6. What can it do?Customer preferences and loyalties change faster than you can imagine. BlueApricots Social Media Display helps you keep ahead of the competition usinginstant marketing solutions. Change your promotions or reward customer’s rightat the point of sale…quickly and easily.Instant Point of Sale GraphicsReplace all of your printed Point of Sale posters, banners, and graphics with ourSocial Display Screens. The system shows only your adverts; allowing you to runinstant promotions and specials, without waiting for printing and installation oftraditional graphics. Your point of sale marketing responds immediately tocurrent conditions at your location.  Overstocked on an item? Put it on instant sale.  Running low on something? Instantly change your promotions to advertise something else.  Perishable or end of line stock at? Promote it with a last call style advert.  Worried about employee compliance with your marketing campaigns? Control everything from a central office so customers see the right messaging.Instant Loyalty ProgramsWhen consumers use a “check-in” style service like Facebook or Foursquare, theysend a “Hey, I’m at…” shout-out to friends. Bragging rights are great, but BlueApricots Social Display takes these services further, creating a unique onlineloyalty program.When someone checks-in, tweets to your special keyword, or sends a textmessage, our display system responds immediately with an instant loyaltyreward or promotion for a future purchase -- Its Your Choice.Call to Action graphics on your social display system show customers how toparticipate. Your customers already use Social Networks, but many haven’t yet
  7. 7. signed up as your fan – by encouraging them with a coupon or otherpromotion, you’ll build your network and increase repeat visits.  Immediately reward customers for their ‘shout out’ to their friends, with instant promotions  The average person has nearly 160 friends on their networks – their shout-out instantly reaches all of these people, maximizing your promotion. 100 check-ins per day, is 16,000 people seeing your message  Run free gift card competitions on busy traffic nights, allowing customers who check-in a chance to win  Build Fans on the most popular networks, so that your regular posts on those networks reach a wider audienceDisplay ManagementBlue Apricots Social Display system offers clients access to each screen on theirsignage network, controlled centrally from the social website. There, clients canmanage the mix of content on their screens, edit their unique content streams,revise “daily specials”, and upload custom ads. Blue Apricots Social Displaysystem allows custom scheduling so that clients can display different contentthroughout the day – for example, the system can show lunchtime specialsduring the day and automatically switch to dinner specials in the evening.Clients can change one screen or all of them at once, quickly and easily. Theycan also group screens for both regional and district level control, to allow fordistrict level sales comparisons. In addition, the Social Display system reportsactivities from each screen, such as the screens current display and any networksituations that may occur.Custom Content ManagementWith the Display and Mobile Management feature, employee’s on-location canpost instant messages to the screen from their PC. Taking note of live in-storeactivities, an employee could instantly post a message such as “Happy Hourstarts an hour early today!”, or “Free chocolate chip cookie samples in thebakery". These updates can drive consumer purchasing and increase theamount of time consumers spend in your business.
  8. 8. Custom Designed Interfaces and AppsBlue Apricots Social Display’s also has the capabilities to partner with clients forcustomised content and digital signage to target their specific audience. Thesystem is supported by experienced staff with decades of marketing andadvertising knowledge that ensures both message and brand get deliveredeffectively. Blue Apricots Social’s designers create dynamic and engaging userinterfaces that instantly draw customer attention.Social Media Content Aggregation and FilteringDuring a sporting or other live event, Twitter and other social networking sitesoffer an incredibly unique “stream of consciousness” style of commentary. Theselive observations from around the world provide a kind of “colour commentary”during a game or event. Unfortunately, sometimes these messages could easilybe found rude, offensive, or obscene to patrons in a bar or restaurant watchingthe event.Blue Apricots partners, Insteo, supply Social Display’s proprietary filteringtechnology which goes far beyond removing the ‘seven dirty words’. It looks forphonetic matches, deliberate misspellings, “txt” and hacker abbreviations,foreign languages, and any poorly written content and compares the messageagainst a massive database. Insteo’s Social Display’s Message Quality™ Scoreranks each message not just for dirty words, but also for quality content thatmakes sense on a Digital Sign.The result is a User Generated Content stream that is both interesting andrelevant to the live event, while maintaining the standards of business. InsteoSocial Display also allows subscribers to add their own words to the filter. Forexample, a retail store might not want their competitor’s name to appear onscreen. Simply adding their name to the filter ensures messages praising (orpanning) their competitors will never appear in their location.
  9. 9. Where can it be used?Bars, Restaurants & NightclubsDigital Signage is the perfect way to engage your customers, while updatingthem with current specials – all done in Real Time! Stop throwing away moneywith traditional printing and effortlessly inform patrons about specials, events,and more!  Join the Social Media Revolution and engage customers with Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr & Facebook  Communicate in real time to both employees and customers  Promote specials, discounts & events  Promote new products  Create additional revenue by selling ad space to local businesses  Gain access to up-to-date sports scores and player statsRetail StoresDigital signs can enhance retail sales by presenting specials, upcoming products,shopping contests, and more. Additionally, keep customers captivated bydisplaying news headlines, horoscopes & weather.  Product Information Screens  Way Finding  Sale Offers & Promotions  Promote Store Services Internal Communications & Human ResourcesBlue Apricot Social Displays makes it easy to communicate happeningsthroughout your company; including industry news, facility hours, companyannouncements, holiday information and more!  Inform Employees of Important Dates  Display Motivational Messages and Company Accolades  Display Important Company Information
  10. 10. Live EventsBlue Apricots Social Display digital signage brings new life to your live events byallowing you to target and inform audiences. You can update locations,directions, performer information, event times, sponsor adverts, and even images-- updating them all in real-time from a web browser. Plus, engage audienceswith the most current and relevant User Generated Content available. InsteoSocial Display offers Apps with live streaming feeds of sites such as Twitter andFlickr, for interaction not seen with any other signage software.  Way Finding  Update event happenings in Real Time  Encourage event interaction from attendeesCompany Lobbies & HotelsBlue Apricots Social Displays offers a sleek and custom way to greet visitors,inform about company policies, display photos, and communicate directions inhotels and business lobbies.  Way Finding  Display custom messages in an instant  Control advertisementsSchools and UniversitiesBlue Apricots Social Displays can dynamically communicate information tostudents and staff. Digital signage makes it easy to display school information,lunch/dinner menus, holiday information, student accolades, and sportingevents.  Highlight Important School News & Policies  Increase Morale by displaying Student Accolades  Announce School Sports & Club Schedules
  11. 11. ContentBlue Apricots Display system comes pre-programmed with the hottest and mostinformative content available. Your screen is configured right from the start witha series of “channels” – which you can be changed on a pre-set scheduleSocial Essentials Photos – One of our most popular Apps: run a gallery of your own images or invite your patrons to share their own using Blue Apricot Social Display’s interactive, touch based photo gallery. Your customers can instantly send images to the screen from a smart phone - with your moderation if you choose. Twitter/Facebook – Grow Traffic with your Tweets and Posts both online and in-store by connecting Blue Apricots Social Displays to your Twitter and Facebook. With Social’s patent pending Filtering technology which removes negative or dirty comments, you can allow customers to tweet as well. Watch your social networks grow with Social Display! Digital Marketing – Show YOUR adverts, promotions and specials! It’s your location, why would you show another companys adverts? Ad based Digital Signage may seem cheap at the start, until competitor adverts are taking over your screen. You choose what adverts are shown to your customers. Control your message at the point of sale and instantly update adverts, without the cost or delay of printing Facebook – Grow Traffic with your Posts both online and in-store by connecting Blue Apricots Displays to your Facebook. The system automatically posts your most recent status and photo update to the screen, making it easy to quickly announce specials, discounts and upcoming events. Plus drive traffic to your social networking pages by offering discounts for "Liking" a Post!
  12. 12. Social Plus Foursquare – Location based Social Networks are growing rapidly. Customers love to ‘shout out’ where they are, and companies love to reward them for their loyalty. Use Blue Apricots Social Display’s Foursquare App to encourage people to check-in to your establishment, telling their friends to come join in. An instant traffic booster! Texting – Our Twitter/Facebook App also doubles as a text messaging platform, allowing customers to text right to the screen with a unique keyword. Blue Apricot Social Displays immediately responds back with a text message, which can include an instant loyalty reward or other promotion. That customer has now opted-in to your mobile marketing solution, allowing you to connect with them in the future. Flirt App – Break the Ice! This App makes it easy for customers in your club or bar to approach that beautiful girl or hot guy standing in the corner. By texting or tweeting to the screen, customers can let their feelings be known by everyone there. This App will capture the attention of your customers, and keep them engaged in your content. Celebrity Tweets – Everyone enjoys hearing about the lives of the rich and famous! With this App, customers and clients can hear about the most intimate moments of beloved celebrities. From Ashton Kutcher to Barack Obama, this App is sure to keep customers entertained!
  13. 13. Information Essentials News and Weather – Blue Apricots Social Display shows top breaking news, and top current and forecast weather from around the country. History, Birthdays, Did You Know? Quotes of the Day – Light hearted and fun content to keep people focused on the screen. Official Blue Apricot Social Display content updated and maintained by a Historian with a PhD, with everything from thought provoking quotes to celebrity birthdays. Trivia – Blue Apricots Social Displays offer a massive database of unique, social owned content, so it’s not the same old, boring trivia. Topics range from history to sports to entertainment and more. Video Roundup – Keep your customers entertained with a variety of funny and light-hearted video channels. Preselected by Social, these videos are suitable for all ages, and work well either with or without sound. InfoGrid – When you have a lot of information to show, such as Beer and Wine Pairings, the Blue Apricot Social Display Info Grid makes sense of it all. Horoscopes – Provide up-to-date horoscopes for your customers, sourced from leading Astrologists.
  14. 14. Sporting Events GameDay Tweets – Blue Apricots Social Displays automatically determines top live sporting events and streams live Twitter and Facebook posts about those events. In your sports bar or restaurant, our GameTweet™ service runs like "colour commentary" - with timely and entertaining comments about players, coaches and fans. Scores – Live Streaming Scores from the top leagues around the world. Choose to show the football scores. Keep your customers up to date with their teamsTypical design layouts and templates:
  15. 15. What’s required?Blue Apricot Social Displays can be installed on an existing digital signagesystem depending on your hardware alternatively the full system can besupplied  Screens are mains powered and access the internet via WI-FI or LAN  Quick installation and setup  Technical backup support via email and telephone  A content management is available on request giving you freedom to create and manage your own content
  16. 16. Other Interactive Social Media Ideas? Blue Apricots Social Display Software can be in conjunction with many of our other products and services. The Social Display feeds, can be displayed on large projections, whether it is on a wall or on a window We can include Facebook ‘Like’ buttons on interactive projections, whereby the user goes up the touchscreen window, hits the ‘like’ button and it asks them to log in, adding the user as a fan and putting the company detail on the user’s Facebook feed. The user is then automatically logged our ready for the next person. Contact us for more information and ideasUK Main Office IRELAND Main Office8/8A Brinwell Business Centre 21B Dundrum RoadBrinwell Road Newcastle BT33 0BG 4QU +44 (0) 28 4372 3737 (0) 161 4080 458 +353 (0) 1 443 4163