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    	                The	  New	  YouTube	  ONE	  Channel	                                               	   	   	   	   	 ...
Make	  Sure	  Your	  Graphics	  	                 Show	  Your	  Brand’s	  Personality	                                    ...
YouTube	  Gives	  You	  Templates:	                              Use	  Them!!	     YouTube	  makes	  sure	  your	  site	  ...
YouTube	  Gives	  You	  Templates:	                                 Use	  Them!!	  	                                      ...
Your	  Trailer	  Video:	  	                         Your	  Chance	  to	  Show	  Who	  You	  Are	  Slick	  and	  polished	 ...
Your	  Trailer	  Video:	  	                                   This	  is	  YOUR	  Ad.	  Make	  it	  Count.	  	             ...
Use	  Your	  Shelves	  to	  	  Make	  it	  Easy	  For	  Viewers	                               	  	  	  	  	  You	  select...
Your	  Channel	  Icon	  Represents	  You	                                            Throughout	  YouTube	  	             ...
Social	  Media	  Links,	  Custom	  Tabs,	                                Tracking	  and	  More	                           ...
Visit	  YouTube	  for	  	                                        step-­‐by-­‐step	  direc?ons	   We’ve	  focused	  on	  C...
Are	  YOU	  a	  Social	  Media	                               SuperCharger?	  Carly Alyssa Thorne                         ...
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Supercharge YOUR You Tube Channel


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The Social Media SuperChargers show you how to use the new YouTube One Channel build YOUR brand. Short and sweet overview of branding, content, and calls to action. Be sure to LIKE

Are YOU a Social Media SuperCharger? If you're using social media to promote your business, your cause, your consulting services, or organization, the answer is YES. Members range from people just starting their first Facebook page all the way up to Social Media experts. This collaborative community works together to share content, build Edgerank, and get the right message to the right people (your best prospects) at the right time.

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Published in: Technology

Supercharge YOUR You Tube Channel

  1. 1. SuperCharge          Your         Channel   Join  us:   Join  us:  
  2. 2.     The  New  YouTube  ONE  Channel                 Gives  You  the  Tools  to  S  uperCharge!               Header Graphics Up to 4 Clickable Links to Your Other Sites YOU  control  your  brand  iden?ty.  YouTube  has  given  you  the   tools  you  need  to  present  your  brand  your  way.  Teaser video Choice of layoutsintroduces you New sections (shelves)to non- allow you to sort yoursubscribers videos, your way Select channels to feature Join  us:  
  3. 3. Make  Sure  Your  Graphics     Show  Your  Brand’s  Personality   Your page conveys PERSONALITY. Make sure that fits your videos.Your page shows your TOPICS.Don’t leave viewers guessing. Join  us:  
  4. 4. YouTube  Gives  You  Templates:   Use  Them!!   YouTube  makes  sure  your  site  works  on  mobile,  tablet,  desktop,  and  computer  –  as  long  as  you  follow  their  template.   Thanks to SuperCharger Brian Hawkins of for the image! Join  us:  
  5. 5. YouTube  Gives  You  Templates:   Use  Them!!     hKp://?  The  YouTube  template  is  set  up  to  ensure  your  art  works  on   mobile,  tablets,  desktop,  TV         Remember:  Only  visuals   INSIDE  the  red  box  are  seen   on  all  plaRorms   Join  us:  
  6. 6. Your  Trailer  Video:     Your  Chance  to  Show  Who  You  Are  Slick  and  polished  videos?     Casual  fun  Google+  Hangouts?    Make  your  intro  slick.     Show  your  personality.   Here,  SuperCharger  Brian  Hawkins  of    Want  subscribers?  Comments?  ASK!       Hot  Blog  Tips  introduces  their  fun  hangouts.   Give  viewers  a  sense  of  what  to  expect.     Join  us:  
  7. 7. Your  Trailer  Video:     This  is  YOUR  Ad.  Make  it  Count.     Keep  it  short.     30-­‐60  seconds  is  plenty  of  Bme.     Don’t  run  ads  on  your  trailer.   This  is  YOUR  ad.  Give  us  the  highlights  What  do  you  cover?    What  will  we  see?    ANSWER THIS QUESTION: WHY SHOULD I WATCH? What’s  in  it  for  me?     Join  us:  
  8. 8. Use  Your  Shelves  to    Make  it  Easy  For  Viewers            You  select  your  layout.  If   you  select  horizontal   “shelves”,  you  decide  what   goes  on  each  shelf.              Use  tags  to  group  related   content  –  a  product  line,  a   type  of  video,  or  key  topics   Join  us:  
  9. 9. Your  Channel  Icon  Represents  You   Throughout  YouTube              Your  channel  icon   (previously  called  avatar)   shows  on  your  watch  page,     and  over  your  channel  page   branding.                  Plus,  it  is  used  when  your   video  is  listed  as  a  featured   video  or  a  related  video.   MAKE  SURE  YOUR  ICON   CLEARLY  CONVEYS  YOUR   BRAND  NAME  OR  MESSAGE.              Automa?cally  add  your  channel  icon   to  every  video.  Choose  your  posi?on   and  decide  whether  to  use  as  a   watermark  throughout  video  or   display  just  at  a  certain  point.           hKp://?       Join  us:              Use  tags  to  
  10. 10. Social  Media  Links,  Custom  Tabs,   Tracking  and  More   You can now customize all your tabs and even add a custom tab.Go to your channel and click oneach tab to see what is pre-loaded The custom tab allows you to addNotice you can add descriptions widgets for promotions and other branded content in an i-frame.Spend time exploring the new functionsunder your About tab. You can now add a Gadgets are not AUTOMATIC anddescription PLUS up to 10 links to require extra time, cost, andverified sites. coordination with Google. Join  us:  
  11. 11. Visit  YouTube  for     step-­‐by-­‐step  direc?ons   We’ve  focused  on  CONTENT     Visit  YouTube  for  template  and   and  BRANDING,  not  step-­‐ step-­‐by-­‐step  direc?ons.                         hKp://?       by-­‐step  guidelines.     Having  trouble  with  a  step?  It’s    Be  sure  to  learn  about  new  tracking   YouTube!  Search  for  a  how-­‐to   op?ons.  hKp://?     video   Join  us:  
  12. 12. Are  YOU  a  Social  Media   SuperCharger?  Carly Alyssa Thorne Lynn O’Connell@carlyathorne @omdirect Discover  the  Social  Media  SuperChargers  Community!   hKp://?   Just  50  cents  a  day  for  your  first  two  months!     From business owners to bloggers to social media consultants, SuperChargers gain support, training, and immediate access to webinars and our growing knowledgebase of resources. Join  us:  You’ll  find  us  at