Jack and me 3 months(:


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My boyfriend >>>>> yours I love you Jack happy 3 month tommarow<33 (: wish i was in plainfield our you were here! Cant believe its been 3 already(: Well it doesnt ecplain everything but most(: I love youu!!!

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Jack and me 3 months(:

  1. 1. Lynn and Jack<36-13-12 to Forever(:
  2. 2. This is the place where it all started where wemet, where my life changed.
  3. 3. We started of as best friends , you werealways there to catch me when I falled , when I was down , when I didn’t feel good enough.
  4. 4. Since the day I met you, I knew therewas something special about you, and it turned out to be everything. Then we started dating<3 6-13-12(:
  5. 5. Just texting, calling, seeing, and being with you made me smile all the time non stop.
  6. 6. Having someone like you in my lifegave me this feeling, that I never felt before.
  7. 7. I love being together, we have thegreatest times and memories that make me laugh and smile .
  8. 8. For example Lynn + Jack = Lack(; Remember that?<3
  9. 9. Or how you’re my wittle alligator<3
  10. 10. We oovoo all the time(:
  11. 11. Usually every night all night(:
  12. 12. Your such a sweet boyfriend, you would always let me wear yoursnapback or even make me where it(:
  13. 13. Another picture of me wearing your snapback Miami heat! Blehhh(;<3
  14. 14. You always be silly around me and let me be normal and weird and afreak around you. I can be myself around you just like you are with me(:
  15. 15. Your the best boyfriend a girl could ever have or ask for.! your sosweet,caring,funny,nice,amazing,awesome,outstanding,spectacula r,wonderful,helpful,polite,superior,considerate,breathtaking,shocking,stunning,smart,intelligent,bold,cute,patient,athleti c,amusing,happy,joyful,sporty,great,positive,coplementing, and the BEST boyfriend ever! Your so sweet and cute and I cant get over it.
  16. 16. You tell me its Crazy how much you love me? It’s insane how much I love you! andhow amazing you are and how I got so lucky for someone like you to come into my lifeand be my cloud and catch me when I fell.(:
  17. 17. You’re the kind of boyfriend that wants tohang all the time, that drives his bike far tobe together, who wants to talk and see me , who wants to be with me.<3
  18. 18. You do the weirdest, goofiest thingsthat make me laugh and smile(: You make me so happy :D
  19. 19. We do fight sometimes but I alwayslove you, and we get through it, causereal relationships go through crap and get through it<3
  20. 20. We have so much fun together(: You always tell me that you love me(:
  21. 21. Jack you don’t know how much I love you, honestly, and sometimes Imight be mean, and yell but it’s only cause I care. And being with youmakes me feel so happy. And moving and stuff may be a big change, butI’m deffinently not giving up on you.
  22. 22. Happy 3 months I love ya(:<3