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Social Media For Social Good: Tips & Rules Of Engagement


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Lynne d Johnson presentation Social Media For Social Good: Tips & Rules Of Engagement at the UN Social Media Bootcamp presented by Huge at Barnard November 3, 2011

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Social Media For Social Good: Tips & Rules Of Engagement

  1. 1. Social Media For Social Good Tips & Rules of Engagement #UNSOCIALMEDIA November 3, 2011
  2. 2. Hi, Im Lynne Lynne d Johnson ● Content + Community Consultant ● Adjunct Professor SUNY Empire + MCNY ● ● Twitter: @lynneluvah ● Slideshare: lynneluvah
  3. 3. Im Not From NGOs Nonprofits Photo Credit: Flickr User kreytyn
  4. 4. Im From B2C B2B Photo Credit: Flickr User beatrixrose
  5. 5. And We Have Causes Too...
  6. 6. Giorgio Armani - Acqua for LifeOne fragrance = 100 liters of drinking water for childrenworldwideHow Did They Do It? ● Hired digital agency R/GA to develop the strategy/digital campaign (No, I didnt work on this campaign) ● Developed "Drops For Life" site ● Each visitor to Facebook who "Liked" Armani donates $1 to UNICEF clean water Tap Project ● Each drop of water on site contained the contributors name ● Contributor posted customized message on their own Facebook wall ● Developed "Carry A Drop" app ● Each time the game was played or "Liked" another $1 donated ● For every bottle of Acqu Di Gio for men or women sold for one month $1 donated
  7. 7. But, There Are No Magic Tricks Photo Credit: Flickr User Paskura76
  8. 8. There Are Business Goals AndStrategies That Lead To Tactics
  9. 9. Brand Awareness Customer Service Source: SocialCastBrand Reputation Provide Education
  10. 10. Source: SocialCast
  11. 11. The Problem Is Most People Just StartWith The Tactics
  12. 12. The Case For Social Media● 800m+ Active ● 800m+ Monthly ● 175m+ Users Unique Visitors Registered Users● 130+ Friends For ● 3b+ Videos Viewed ● 1b+ Tweets Sent Avg. User Each Day Per Week● 80 Community ● 98 Of AdAges Top ● 3X More Likely To Pages, Groups 100 Advertisers Share Content Events (Avg. Have Campaigns ● 13% Online User Connected) ● 100m+ Take Action Adults Use● 500m+ Use App On Video Each Twitter or Experience Week FB Platform On Other Sites
  13. 13. The Case For Social Media ● 20m+ Individual ● 49m+ Sites ● 120m+ Blogs ● 289m+ Monthly Members ● 10b+ Total Posts Visitors To WP ● 2b People ● 72m+ Monthly Sites/Pages Monthly Searches 2010 Visitors ● 2.5b Pageviews Per ● 2m+ Company ● 6.5b Pageviews Month Pages Per Month ● 870,612 Groups As Of March 2011
  14. 14. But Without The End Goal In Mind, YouWont Know Which Tool To Use, Why,Or Even How
  15. 15. Begin With Listening To The PeopleYou Want To Engage
  16. 16. "In my experience, its listening thatseparates the social media experts fromsocial media theorists." - Brian Solis,Engage
  17. 17. Tips For Listening1. Set up a Google Alert or other search action (Boardreader, socialmention, icerocket, BlogPulse) to find out where and when people are talking about you and what types of content they respond to most2. Set up a simple dashboard (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, coTweet) to monitor searches, conversations, and your accounts3. Take note of what your competitors are doing to see what works and what doesnt4. Use a free influencer service like Klout or Peer Index to find out who is influential about your topic or brand and study their rules of engagement and enlist them in your efforts
  18. 18. Take The Insights You Learn FromListening And Apply To Your Goals ToDevelop Your Strategy
  19. 19. Set Goals Listen Develop StrategyDevelop Tactics and Choose Channels Engage
  20. 20. Brand AwarenessBrand Awareness Real-time + Influencer EngagementHigh-Level Engagement Customer Service(Apps/Contests/Photos/Games) Traffic GenerationTraffic Generation Word Of MouthWord Of Mouth (ReTweets/Links)(Shares + Likes) Monitoring Brand ReputationLive Events #Hashtag Live ChatsBuild Advocacy Build Advocacy Develop Tactics and Choose ChannelsBrand Awareness Brand AwarenessHigh-Level Engagement Visual Storytelling(Watching + Commenting + Sharing) High-Level EngagementVisual Storytelling (Images + Re-posting)Education (How-To)Live Events
  21. 21. Brand AwarenessThought LeadershipEducationTraffic GenerationSearch Engine OptimizationEncourage TrustQuick News UpdatesBuild Advocacy Develop Tactics and Choose Channels Thought Leadership Build Interest-based Community SEO - Traffic Generation E-mail Marketing Built In Lead Generation
  22. 22. You Dont Have To Reinvent The Wheel
  23. 23. Tools Of The Trade
  24. 24. 21 Rules of Engagement From BrianSolis1. Discover all relevant communities of interest and observethe choices, challenges, impressions, and wants of thepeople within each network.2. Don’t just participate solely in your own domains(Facebook Fan Page, Twitter conversations related to your Engagebrand, etc.). Participate where your presence isadvantageous and mandatory.3. Determine the identity, character, and personality of thebrand and match it to the persona of the individualsrepresenting it online.4. Establish a point of contact who is ultimately responsiblefor identifying, trafficking, or responding to all things thatcan affect brand perception.5. As in customer service, representatives require trainingto learn how to proactively and reactively respond acrossmultiple scenarios. Don’t just put the person familiar withsocial networking in front of the brand.
  25. 25. 21 Rules of Engagement From BrianSolis6. Embody the attributes you wish to portray and instill.Operate by a code of conduct.7. Observe the behavioral cultures within each networkand adjust your outreach accordingly.8. Assess pain points, frustrations, and also those of Engagecontentment in order to establish meaningfulconnections.9. Become a true participant in each community you wishto activate. Move beyond marketing and sales.10. Don’t speak at audiences through canned messages.Introduce value, insight and direction with eachengagement.11. Empower your representatives to offer rewards andresolutions in times of need.12. Don’t just listen and placate — act. Do something.
  26. 26. 21 Rules of Engagement From BrianSolis13. Ensure that any external activities are supported by acomprehensive infrastructure to address situations andadapt to market conditions and demands.14. Learn from each engagement and provide a pathwithin the company to adapt and improve products and Engageservices.15. Consistently create, contribute, and reinforce serviceand value.16. Earn connections through collaboration and empoweradvocacy.17. Don’t get lost in translation. Ensure yourcommunication and intent is clear and that yourinvolvement maps to objectives created for the social web.18. Establish and nurture beneficial relationships onlineand in the real world as long as doing so is important toyour business.
  27. 27. 21 Rules of Engagement From BrianSolis19. “Un-campaign” and create ongoing programs that keepyou connected to day-to-day engagement.20. “Un-market” by becoming a resource to yourcommunities.21. Give back, reciprocate, and recognize notable Engagecontributions from participants in your communities.
  28. 28. Thank You!