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Inspired By Augmented Reality


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adtech New York adtech Inspire talk by Lynne d Johnson on Tuesday Nov. 8 2011. Inspired by Augmented Reality.

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Inspired By Augmented Reality

  1. 1. Inspired By Augmented Reality For MarketingLynne d JohnsonContent + Community Consultant@lynneluvah
  2. 2. Consumers Have TotallyFlipped The Purchase Funnel
  3. 3. Their Shopping Behaviors HaveChanged
  4. 4. The Mobile Phone Is Their Ultimate Shopping ToolSource:
  5. 5. Insert New Marketing Strategies HereSource: Winning The Zero Moment Of Truth, Google
  6. 6. Mobile Strategies =Mobile Advertising +Mobile Ready Sites (And/OrApps)
  7. 7. But One Step Further:Mobile Experiences =SO - SocialLO - LocalMO - Mobile
  8. 8. Whos Winning The SoLoMo Game?Source: Social Commerce Today, Infographics
  9. 9. Augmented Reality EnhancesUsefulness Of SoLoMo
  10. 10. 8 Months Ago... Today... NFC Even More Advanced & More Useful Must Provide Utility Be Easy To Use Create Engaging Experiences
  11. 11. But What About The ROI?
  12. 12. ● Loads of people shared music on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter● More than half of the 14 bands sold out their music in first week● Won Gold Lion in the direct marketing category
  13. 13. "70% of those who went to the site chose to live the experience which isa great conversion rate and of that group 13% then purchased theproject – compared to an industry standard website conversion of around0.5%.” - Myles Peyton, Director of Total Immersion
  14. 14. Tracking their AR online campaign, as well asactivity on AR application affixed to window atSelfridges Tissot saw in-store sales rise 85%
  15. 15. The More Realistic Uses AreEven More Exciting
  16. 16. AR + SoLoMo With GoldRun & H&MSource:
  17. 17. The Future Possibilities NFC + ARImage Source: Augmented Planet
  18. 18. Thank You! Lynne d JohnsonContent + Community Consultant @lynneluvah