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Augmented Reality for Marketers: Mapping the Future of Consumer Interactions


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Talk from Web 2.0 Expo SF 2011 -- Augmented Reality (AR), is an emerging technology that allows for digital images and information to be overlaid on smartphone screens or computer monitors. While still an emerging technology, many major players in retail and technology are executing successful AR campaigns that move beyond catchy 3-D graphics to deliver ROI by connecting to people’s social networks and providing clear incentives to purchase.

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Augmented Reality for Marketers: Mapping the Future of Consumer Interactions

  1. Augmented Reality ForMarketers:Mapping The Future OfConsumer InteractionsWeb 2.0 SF 2011#ARW2E Lynne d Johnson Social Media Strategist Twitter: @lynneluvah
  2. What IsAugmented Reality?
  3. Is AugmentedReality Ready For Mass Adoption?
  4. Juniper Research Expects Global RevenuesFor AR To Reach $1.5B In 2015 2010 2015 I think what s interesting really is the way in which the market has evolved, said Windsor Holden, principal analyst atJuniper Research, Basingstoke, England. Twelve months or so ago there were only a handful of augmented realityapps around and consumer knowledge was quite limited. The only people who were downloading them were those thatwere technology savvy and technology literate and they were primarily on Android devices and the iPhone, he said. Now there are several hundred across a variety of operating systems."
  5. But, Are We There Yet?
  6. For Consumers: 1.  Provide Utility 2.  Ease of UsePhoto by Adam Jones
  7. For Marketers: 1.  Marketing Awareness Potential 2.  ROI
  8. Beyond the Hype: Moving FromSimple Gimmicky Experiments To Real World Applications
  9. Spectrum of AR Webcam/3D Location- Real-world based POS Applications SMS/QR Codes Simple Unnatural More Useful & Most Advanced, GimmicksExperimentation Behaviors More Natural Natural & Useful
  10. Not Everyone Has A Smartphone
  11. Nike/Hyperfactory T90 AR/SMS/3DCampaign
  12. QR Codes: Simple, Yet Effective...
  13. QR Codes: Zoo Records Hidden Sound RecordsSource:
  14. Webcam/3D:Unnatural AndGimmicky, Yet Beginning toShow Results
  15. Webcam/3D: Dabs Acer Augmented Reality AdSource:
  16. 70% of those who went to the site chose to live the experience which is a great conversion rate and of that group 13% then purchased the project – compared to an industry standardwebsite conversion of around 0.5%. - Myles Peyton, Director of market leading AR authoring company Total Immersion
  17. Tissot Augmented Reality Shopping Campaign Tracking their online AR campaign, as well as activity with an ARapplication affixed to a window at Selfridges department store, Tissot says it saw in-store sales of watches rise 85%
  18. Virtual Vacations ( traffic jumped 26% and bookings soared by 36%, according to marketing exec Vic Walia. Also Hotels.coms loyalty program also saw registration spike by 32%.
  19. Location-based:Driving ConsumerAdoption, But Still An Unnatural Behavior
  20. Location-based apps drivingadoption Le Bar Guide Quiznos Layar Yelp Monacle eBay Classifieds
  21. POS: Utility vs Gimmick
  22. Lego Augmented Reality KioskSource:
  23. Now Were Moving Toward •  Real-world Applications •  That Make Life Easier •  And Will Ultimately Make AR More Acceptable
  24. BMW Augmented Reality
  25. General Motors AR WindshieldSource:
  26. And Remember Those Ski Goggles I Told You About…Source:
  27. AR’s Direct Impact on Sales
  28. Converse Sampler App by R/GA
  29. Virtual Window Shopping With H&Mand Goldrun
  30. Invisible Popup Shop with Airwalkand Goldrun
  31. Seventeen Mataio AR Motion Capture Online ShoppingSource:
  32. Whats Next?
  33. Eye TrackingAugmented Reality ContactsEducation Facial Recognition
  34. Could This Be The Future Of AR?Source:
  35. Future Considerations For AR For Consumers: Occupier 1.  Privacy bought a new TV set last week. This house is empty. Owners are away for two weeks.
  36. Future Considerations For AR For Marketers: 1.  Virtual Air Rights
  37. AR Marketing Success EquationUtility + Ease of Use+ Privacy/Marketing Awareness= Transformation
  38. Thank You! Lynne d Johnson Social Media Strategist Twitter: @lynneluvah