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Mobile Marketing w/GeoLocation Networks


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Social Media Breakfast of Maine; 9-17-10

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Mobile Marketing w/GeoLocation Networks

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing and building your business
  2. 2. …Rose is a Rose •  Location-based Services (LBS) •  Location-based Social Networks (Lo-So Networks) •  GeoSocial, GeoLocation, Geo-Aware •  Check-in Networks
  3. 3. Social Networks: Interact, share information and connect based on physical coordinates
  4. 4. Play the Game •  Check-in •  Share comments, opinions, tips, photos •  Auto-post to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr •  Rack up, Pick up, Drop off: –  Points –  Credits –  Badges –  Items
  5. 5. The Big Dogs (or Kangaroos) -V-
  6. 6. Creep Factor •  Perception of privacy is changing •  Stated Privacy Policy
  7. 7. Hyper-Local •  Driving local business –  Brick & mortar –  Location independent •  Driving foot traffic •  Rewards driven –  Game-driven –  Discounts and deals •  Mobile ads and promotions
  8. 8. Digital Loyalty Rewards •  Loyalty Royalty: Foursquare ‘Mayor’ gets a free beer and pizza •  Punch card: Every 10 check-ins gets 50 % off •  Coupon: Check-in ‘unlocks’ digital discount coupon – show at register •  Raffle: Every person checking is entered in drawing to win iPad
  9. 9. Analytics Thanks to AJ Bombers (@AJbombers) for allowing us screen grabs of their Foursquare Dashboard view
  10. 10. tasti D-lite
  11. 11. Bay Area Rapid Transit •  Riders checking in at BART stations entered in drawings for $25 BART commuter cards •  Cross-promotion partnerships with area venues •  Tips and recommendations about venues near BART stations Custom BART Foursquare Badge
  12. 12. New York Nets CAMPAIGN: •  Free virtual tickets (500) awarded for check-ins at sports-related spots, like sports bars, parks and gyms •  Virtual tickets exchanged for real tickets &/or t-shirts & other prizes RESULTS: •  Positive Twitter/Facebook stream & photo posts •  Additional concession/merchandise sales •  Fills seats (approx. 80) that would have otherwise been empty Thanks to VaynerMedia (@vaynermedia) and the New York Nets (NOT NewYorkNets on Twitter) for sharing their story.
  13. 13. Today •  4% of U.S. adults online have used location check-ins –  1% checking in once a week or more –  80% male –  70% between the ages of 19 and 35 •  Early Adopters –  Facebook & Twitter
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing It’s still marketing. It’s still business.
  15. 15. Tweet Me Friend Me Link Me Call Me •  @Lynnelle and @BoldBusiness • • • • •  1-207-221-3492 or lbianco on Skype Lynnelle Wilson Bold Vision Consulting, Inc. Integrating New Communications into Traditional Businesses Consulting, Training and Speaking Other Projects by BVC, Inc. BOLDBusiness.TV – highlighting people NOT doing business as usual 15