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  1. 1. My Penguin Powerpoint: Yellow-eyed Penguin Alyssa M.
  2. 2. HABITAT <ul><li>My penguin lives in New Zealand . </li></ul>
  3. 3. HEIGHT 6 inches 12 inches 18 inches 24 inches 30 inches 36 inches 42 inches 48 inches 52 inches 58 inches 64 inches
  4. 4. APPEARANCE <ul><li>My penguin has a golden crown on top of its head and to top the crown off, it has yellow eyes. My penguin has a black back and white chest. </li></ul>My penguin is similar to the Adelie.
  5. 5. DIET <ul><li>My penguin eats fish, krill, and squids. Usually when my seabird eats, he uses the spikes on his tongue to hold onto slippery food. </li></ul>
  6. 6. WHAT I LIKE MOST <ul><li>What I like the most about my penguin is, I had never heard of the Yellow-eyed Penguin. This seabird was cute and interesting to learn about. One fact that I found interesting is that the Yellow-eyed penguin is the rarest of all penguins. </li></ul>