What Can SkyDrive Do For You?


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Went through the updated (thru Sep. 2012), SkyDrive features and described scenarios where it would be beneficial for
*photo sharing
*document sharing
*document collaboration
*secure cloud backup

I show how the app gives you access to your files on your local drive, how to add files and folders.

It's a pretty comprehensive look at SkyDrive and how to get it.

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What Can SkyDrive Do For You?

  1. 1. Lynn Dye, Edmond, OK Hilton Head Island Computer Club September 24, 2012Virtual AssistantSkyDrive Ambassadorlynn@extremevirtualsupport.comhttp://about.me/lynndyeSkyDrive Ambassador link:http://windowsteamblog.com/skydrive/b/skydrive/p/ambassadors.aspx
  2. 2. What will SkyDrive do• YOUR STUFF ANYWHERE Store your files and photos securely on your computer and be able to access them from your PC, your Mac, your phone or your iPad
  3. 3. • Away from your office or home but still need a document? If you can get to an internet-connected computer, you can get to your document by signing into your Microsoft account and going to SkyDrive
  4. 4.  Just got back from vacation and you’ve downloaded your photos into your SkyDrive folder and now you want to share with your relatives? Don’t attach them in an email – instead send a unique link and your family can view your photos as a slideshow right from the web!
  5. 5.  Working on a presentation with your group? Instead of passing it around for everyone to look at and wondering where the latest version is – use SkyDrive!
  6. 6.  SkyDrive can be used as a true (cloud) backup of your documents. You need to have a backup off-site. If you have an external or thumb drive backup and your house is destroyed, you really didn’t have a backup.
  7. 7.  Look at your folders in different views – this one is is tile view – you’ll see your folders come to life with rotating pictures. Tell at a glance how many photos/documents are in each folder
  8. 8.  This is detail view – use this view to see the date, size and if the folder is shared or not
  9. 9.  Instant search is a new feature. Type in some key words and SkyDrive will locate your files. Here’s a search I did for ‘garden’ and the results.
  10. 10.  Look at your document icons and instantly know what type you’re looking at. Upload pdfs, mp3s, executable files, movies, just about any kind of document.
  11. 11.  New feature for sorting your documents Easily rearrange your photos and documents
  12. 12. Comparing SkyDrive to Apple iCloud, Google Docs and Dropbox
  13. 13. SkyDrive Apple iCloud Google Dropbox
  14. 14. Now that you know some of the benefits –how do you get SkyDrive?If you have a Microsoft account, then you’ll just need to downloadand install the free apphttps://apps.live.com/skydrive
  15. 15. Or, sign up for a Microsoft account
  16. 16. Now that we’ve seen some of thethings SkyDrive can do to make lifeeasier and sharing easier, let’s login and take a tour
  17. 17. Thanks so much for coming – you can access mypresentation at my Slideshareaccount…http://www.slideshare.net/lynndye Wes Taylor, HHI Computer Club Lynn Dye, VA & SkyDrive Ambassador Jolyn Bowler, HHI Computer Club