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Discover How Strongbrook's Power Team Can Build Your Wealth and Turbo-Charge Your Retirement Cash-Flow Through Real Estate!

Your Personalized Game Plan Will:
• Develop a custom 5 to 10 year plan to true financial freedom
. Develop a custom 6 to 12 month immediate cash flow
• Reveal how easily you can create positive cash-flow for life
• Uncover 'Hidden Assets' you may not know you already have
• Accurately predict whether your money will outlast you or not
• Offer 3 actionable 'right-now' options to secure your retirement

Schedule your FREE game plan today! There is absolutely no commitment. Nobody will come to your home, the Game Plan interview is done 100% over the telephone, and at a time that is convenient for you.*

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Heardmo Investment Real Estate Investment Company

  1. 1. Heardmo Investment 1
  2. 2. We Buy Houses Fix It Up Manage Property ALL FOR YOU Buy A National Real Estate Brand Franchise 1
  3. 3. Turn-Key Real Estate Company Exclusive Listings 1
  4. 4. Free Affiliate Program Referral Program 1
  5. 5. Partner with 1
  7. 7. STRONG i,OOK n ..LJ )
  8. 8. I I
  9. 9. ..... I . .,. I I = - FREEDOM BUII.Vl 'tOr.,. '-) J ' FREEQ,Q (1 qYP ""' I I
  10. 10. Stronabroolc Su pport Services: 801-691.()375 or _, "'""'< > <llrecr Weekly Colis: Notionot Team Col I Mon -Ftf;&ooom loS MST. . Oiol712·-132-oo7s occeu COde lS82o.l1 Mondayol 7om PT 18om MT 19om . cr lO om a. Co M o/mentumP.,.fl.ioalls ore ovotobleonr,.r., the "lJbrory•roo ol YOCX lBO Bockofflce. Olot 712·432-()075. OCees.s COde 3582041. lue/Thu 6pm PT/ 7prn.MT 18prn CT /9prn ET Weekly Announcements Emou WeeJcJy onnou,eements. UPdates and lips to. bu.lcf r>gYour Slrongbfook buslnes.s. . Game Pion Report Request Olol sot-679-4n6 or go to "'"'""""' ,,,, "'!rbr. · omt 'heo ._ ones hrrn In OIIVOUr P<Ospecfleocls <>nee '""r hove heoid the "PPorn..vty. You- P' <><Pec:Jt Wit receive o Game Plan RePOrl ones WI b e SObb ysCn>boctk to Yo Ufto b e enrrOlllonos o n rso. ol> rOspe.,fs fhol or.,"Clrldlcloles to.111e PS"WI " '''* ld e e <t rJ>o ole and he c O<n riued s . .nf IO Y oU. r ..--.-...-.--. ,...,_, . ._""'·- . . ....... .... . . _ ............ . . -"-··--- ...--. IBD BocJcoftice " ' '"""··COm· log -, onesg to"8octoi1Jc:e• la ce .,.'equi-es U5mo & J. o e me Olllions. ones the euw,.,.,c,,.,_ Websites t>ro . """ Vlogo, ones go to "My W b lt.,•coc esseq ;,.,use ome & o es c r u m PQuwordt: 1}1.(Jrr¥Jnltt.strongbrook._com Vl(!•rKinlO.)trongbroo c.comr,c Uk!rtone lhonobfook.convgCWt n vso''tarne.lrongbtoot.cOtnlschodVfo ""''norno.,,,ongllrook.comtslart I I I
  11. 11. Strongbrook Wealth Academy is your premier education resource to learn how to partner in real estate. 31
  12. 12. Strongbrook Wealth Academy is the Education Arm of the PSA. • First class training on the best real estate investment strategy today. • Learn how to build financial partnerships. • Hundreds of courses that traditionally sell for thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.
  13. 13. All Strongbrook Wealth Academy members receive free premium benefits to save money for their future investments. Legal Care Direct Safe Identity Financial Helpline Tax Helpline Roadside Assistance Travel Assistance Pharmacy TELADOC Aetna Dental Care Chiropractic Vision Lab and Imaging Hearing Long-term Elder Care
  14. 14. •For most people, the $39.95 is a business write-off and tax deductible (check with your accountant). •Your tuition is100% credited towards your PSA. •Free benefits save money for the whole family. save potentially hundreds of dollars on similar services
  15. 15. I EARN RESIDUAL Commissions Every Month '-' You Earn
  16. 16. flfBitB Save,rearn &Earn
  17. 17. With a Strongbrook education through the Wealth Academy you can leverage our Power Team to create financial partnerships. •Experience & Knowledge •Proven System •Proof of Success •Strongbrook's Hot Deals •Management System •Money •Credit 30
  18. 18. Heardmo Investment To Find out more about Heardmo Investment Strongbrook go to www.FreeGamePlan.Co and fill in Your email and / telephone # and someone from Headquarters will give you a call. Thank you for Viewing Presentation
  19. 19. 21