Building Your Brand Part I


Published on How to make your brand sparkle. Everyone should want to make there brand stand out. You want people to recognize who and what you are both near and far. With so many brands on the market to on the market today who will remember you? Learn to make your brand sparkle so all can see the light.

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Building Your Brand Part I

  1. 1. BuildingYour Brand Part I Make It Sparkle Linda Moses
  2. 2. Write your plan for your brand • • • • • • Who are you? Why would I want to know you? What can you offer me? How will you deliver it? Where will your brand be deliver? Build a relationship with your audience • How are you different from the rest?
  3. 3. Who are you? • Today there are so many products on the market make your brand stand out. • • • • A) B) C) D) Online Physically Advertisement Mobile
  4. 4. What can you do for me? • Know your values • Keep your promises • Target audience (background of product, what is it for, who can use it-old, young children, couples, singles, family etc
  5. 5. How will you market the brand? • • • • • • • Online TV Ads Radio Social Media Flyers Business cards Newspaper
  6. 6. Define your purpose • What is your story? • What is your passion? • What is your brand DNA?
  7. 7. Where will your brand be delivered? • National • International • Locally
  8. 8. Part II • Next week we will break down the points and get a little more in depth about branding your product.
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