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How to make money in click bank for newbies!


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How to make money in click bank for newbies!

  1. 1. How to Make Money in ClickBank for Newbies!ClickBank is widely used by more than 10,000 internet businesses withgrowing numbers and over a hundred of thousands affiliates to distributeservices and products directly through the internet; among these products,Softwares and Ebooks are the major sellers.Joining as an affiliate in ClickBank is FREE. You just have to find the productsthat you would want to promote and you could earn up to 75% commission ofthe sales. You could make reviews and articles or post ads in your blogs andwebsites and link the product using the ClickBank HopLinks. With each salemade, you will earn a percentage commission. There are also other ways youcan make money online with the site, like referring vendors and other affiliatesto sign up in ClickBank.If you are selling a product and would want to promote it, you could register inClickBank as a Vendor. Opening an account is easy and free. Soon after, ifyou are ready to begin your sales, there would be a $49.95 activation fee.ClickBank will handle the entire ordering process and administer affiliateprograms. Sales commissions for affiliates are automatically paid for eachbuyer that they have linked. For every sale, ClickBank deducts $1 plus 7.5%.In simpler words, ClickBank will bill the customer and would pay thecommissions to Affiliates and Net profit to the Vendors.
  2. 2. It sounds easy to make money on ClickBank, but with many competitions it ispretty hard to promote your ads, drive traffic in your website, rank 1st inGoogle search and make sure your commission would not be stolen.With the rising trend of "making money online", loads of products are beingsold and advertised as an answer to a multi-million profit. Some promises tomake money online fast like thousands of dollars within a day, and such.Many of these will cost you a hundred dollars bill but results in a ZERO profitaccount.Recently, a guy from Holland with his team released a money making programcalled White Hat Copy CatThey claimed it was a real money making systemand the reason for their success in their multi-million internet company. Is itanother scam or not?WhiteHat CopyCat is a plug and play software invented by Tim Brekker andhis team. Like any other internet marketers, they were also starters in theworld of the internet money making system. Their team was able to reachsuccess with the help of Indian Programmers who won at that time in eBayMotors as a #1 IT Company. This team created their desired concept into aneasy working script software that helped them make money online without asweat.This money making script is seemed to be amazingly designed for newbies onthe online marketing industry. The idea is to create a copy website in macroniches, like software downloads which magnets million of peoples because ofits high demand in the internet market. But remember, you do not exactly copythe website, instead you model the website into your own and achieve thesuccess.The White Hat Copy Cat package consists of:  Copycat site Blueprint - a highly proven blueprint that links each component as one with step by step procedures.  Copycat Templates - are professional templates designed with different colors that would be utilized in setting up the Copycat web sites.  Niche Blueprint - tells you the trending niche that you would be targeting for a higher profit.  Product Blueprint - tells you the proven and tested best selling products in the niche that attracts thousands of downloader.
  3. 3.  Site Blueprint - tells you how to set up your desired copycat websites with easy step by step instructions.  Download Page Blueprint - tells you simple step by step instructions on how to set up your download page.  Traffic Blueprint - tells you great easy to follow steps on how to get your copycat site ranked at the top pages of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. They also included a one of a kind linking system that Search engines love and would make your web site present in the 1st page of every search engine.Good aspects:  It is guaranteed to work! True to its words, the money making system will help you earn real money and not just empty promises. Even if you are just new to the internet marketing world and with no experience with such this program will assist you step by step.  CopyCat stands out with its simplicity and achievability. Its all in there. You just have to follow instructions.  The template pages are of great help, especially to newbies. There so many of it which includes the home page, Customer Support, FAQ, Privacy Policy.  What is promised is given. Tim will reveal what he has done to achieve his success. This will save your time and effort in all those researching stuffs and will cut your work into an easy one.  It also gives you streams of multiple incomes because unlike other products that only targets micro niches, WhiteHat CopyCat aims to target macro niches for a bigger success.  You spend less! With this program you wouldnt have to suffer the need to pay for search engine optimizers, pay per click advertising, Pay per view traffic, and other ways of driving traffics to your site.Bad Aspects:  You just cant simply copy everything. Since, it is all about free marketing, making it work needs effort to achieve your success. Dedicating about 3-5 hours per day is needed because search engines dont love replicas of content so you need to rewrite or spin the articles.  Not much details on search engine optimization. So you might have the need to learn on how to maintain your site well ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
  4. 4. If you are looking for an honest and working money making system, WhitehatCopycat is an easy tool for you to achieve it. But you have to bear in mind thateven though with its promises it is just a method to assist you. Dont rely solelyon the product; instead work with it to make your internet marketing businessbloom. FREE Report SHOW you how I made over 500$ Per Day , Check Now!