Superintendent's Report to BOE 8.19.2013


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Presentation slides which accompanied Superintendent's Report to the Orange Board of Education on August 19, 2013.

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Superintendent's Report to BOE 8.19.2013

  1. 1. Superintendent’s Report August 19, 2013
  2. 2. Very successful LEGO League Camp here at MLT in July. Held three 1-week sessions with 10 or so students in each session. Kids built and programmed robots to perform various tasks, and even worked on face recognition.
  3. 3. Mr. Jim, one of the traveling teachers from the Maritime Aquarium in Very successful pre-school and summer school program here at MLT, also. Norwalk, visited with the Preschool Touch Tank.
  4. 4. • Summer Bond projects Action Timeline March 20th Bond Passed June 17th Turkey Hill Review w/ CT Inspectors July 8th Race Brook Review w/ CT Inspectors Factors: • Projects approved in July… HOWEVER • Roofs are hot tar & hot stone application – difficult odor to endure for kids and teachers. • Boilers need abatement, which involves sealing the area; no persons under 18 can be on the premises. Thus, abatement needs to take place in the summer • After contract is awarded, the boilers could take 10 – 12 weeks to come in… if we took the old boilers out in August, would the new ones be in by October?
  5. 5. New playground edging and bark mulch at Turkey Hill. Manufactured edging is safer and more durable than landscaping timbers.
  6. 6. New white tile entrance at Peck Place; lighter and brighter; new carpet installed in the library, beyond the new ‘classroom’ area.
  7. 7. New drainage site-work at Peck Place was professionally done.
  8. 8. Rebuilt the sumps; installed 6” drainage lines.
  9. 9. New drainage at Peck Place – building to side-yard; from sideyard to parking lot.
  10. 10. ALL SCHOOLS: ID Badge Reader – opens the door for employees with badges; enables us to lock exterior doors at all times.
  11. 11. ALL SCHOOLS: High-quality camera enables office to ask an unknown visitor to hold up ID for the camera – 100% readable!
  12. 12. Professional Development: This group of 13 teachers is preparing to pilot the PowerSchool grade book!
  13. 13. Additionally: • AA’s and Central Office trained in PowerSchool! • The Admins spent 5 days on the Teacher Evaluation Plan! • Admins will spend another day in TalentEd! • I spent 3 days in Admin evaluation at CAS (CT Assoc. of Schools)! • Security Monitors training coming up! • Teachers will spend a full-day with their Principals – reviewing the rubrics for effective teaching.