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  1. 1. The CD cover flatters the audience and makes The image is the largest, most eye catching them feel special as the ‘real’ fan will deconstruct part. The star is the unique selling point and the image, colours, lettering and initials and one of the reasons fans will buy this CD. The realise who the artist is. It excludes people who horns give a clue as to the nature of the aren’t fans: they aren’t part of the exclusive club! stars perceived image: Rebellious, satanic, This refers to the ‘uses and gratifications theory’: evil etc. the fans like to see themselves in people use the media to make sense of the world this way too and like to feel that they ‘belong’ Gothic font: this gives a clue about the genre Religious imagery: of the music. the devil. Suggests Not the artist’s rebellion? full name: the fan will recognise the image and the initials Abstract images: the There’s Archaic, religious artist likes to defy language, linking in with convention and Goth rock imagery. Font exclude an air of isn’t neatly done either: mystery seems jagged or slashed… Use of colour black forThe star has pale face, dark eyes and lips. border: this also gives The left eye is clearly seen. In clues to the musicHe isn’t smiling; this gives a ghoulish, ‘un- Manson’s videos and pictures he genredead’ feel to the picture. It would go against wears a contact lens to make himthe stars image to smile! The picture isn’t look unusual: he again defiesstereotypical in terms of sex appeal or convention and his fans willattractiveness! Parental advisory sticker: recognise this as part of his image. industry regulates itself. This The make-up (big dark lips) is also gives a warning to whoever part of this challenge to buys this CD that there may convention. be language and content that could cause offence. This is always seen in the bottom right hand corner, on the front of a CD cover.
  2. 2. The spine has the name of the album and the artist’s name: practical reasons for when it is on a shelf. The clenched fist logo is a universal symbol of power and protest which reflects the band and the albumThe font style isblock capitalsand looks a bit Image: a magnifyingjumbled to glass perhapsreflect the punk suggesting the band isgenre: non- looking closely atconformist? issues, or is socially aware? Parental advisory sticker: the industryBands logo: not complex, part of the bands regulates itself. This gives a warning touse of red and black. Looks like a warning whoever buys this CD that there may besign. Fans can decode the ‘danger’ element. language and content that could causeThis fits with the bands rebellious protest or offencepolitical edge. The production details: in small print as this isn’t soThe use of colour is very basic: black, white important to the fans. It contains the necessary detailsand red. This suggests that it isn’t a pop and legal information such as copyright, productionalbum! The colours are reflected in the team, and record labels etc. the bands web address isbands clothing too and are part of the slightly larger and uses red font as fans may want toimage. The lack of polished, glossy designs access this: another part of the way bands can befits with the rebel or punk idea that the marketed today.band are trying to put across.
  3. 3. Image: dressed in a pale pink which Genre: The bright is an overly feminine colour. The Star border: Britney surrounded by multiple colours link to the fabric is net & chiffon, materials stars. Ties in with the circus theme but also genre of music she often associated with ballerinas sends a message to the audience that represents which is subsequently linking Britney to Britney is still a ‘star’. And the colour blue is ‘Pop’. Britney vulnerable & sweet little girls. Her a cold colour though perhaps suggests that herself is a hair is blonde & wavy, mermaid- Britney’s stardom has gone cold recently. representation of esque again linking her to the Thick border makes her look trapped. Pop itself; you feminine. Connoting her celebrity life which is crazy wouldn’t expect and ‘circus’ like her to be doing any other genre. Body composure: makes her look like she’s begging for a second chance to show the world she’s not as crazy as they think she is. Her true fans will still see her as the innocent Britney and look past herTitle: set out like an actual meltdown.circus title. Connoting thatshe’s the star and she’s readyfor her curtain call. The waythe title goes up and downcould connote the ups anddowns of her life such as thepublic breakdown The word ‘Circus’ suggest to the audience that this album will be entertaining, lively & fun. However, the word also has connotations of “freak shows” & perhaps is to indicate that Britney feels the public have looked Red border & font: the font is upon her like a clown reminiscent of old circus at a circus or at a posters, tying in with the freak show whole theme. The bold red font could symbolise her strength to carry on after her whirlwind career and the little yellow outline could symbolise the little bit of happiness she has left in side. Could link to her facial expression? She has a half smile, not too happy and not too sad…
  4. 4. Image: She’s behind the piano keys connoting that she only lets the good side show & she uses the piano to help her through the bad time. Also the Sticker: this gives the buyer a glimpse of two lighting on her body & face is of the songs that will feature on the album. bright and her skin looks It also reminds the fans what they came to flawless almost like an angel. buy the CD for in the first place which was for the hit single. And in turn they’ll be rewarded with more songs on the album. Title of the album on the front coverFront cover: only is a typicalhas info of her and convention of a CDwhat her fans cover along with anknow her by. This image of the artistallows her fans and name of artistand wider even though it’s inaudience to see the title.her head on whenthey see thealbum on the shelfin the shopThe piano represents the genreof music the album belongs Audience: people (her fans) will buytoo. She’s an RnB, Soul artists this album if they want to have a calmtherefore her music will be day to their selves (escapism) etc. Andmellow and soothing Facial expression looks like because the album is called ‘the diary she’s scared. Her mouth is of Alicia keys’ its definitely going to open slightly, connoting that have slow songs on it because people she’s finding it hard to speak go through hard times in their lives, so she decided to put it into a celebrities don’t have it easy diary of songs, hence the title.
  5. 5. Image: a piano that looks good on one side and broken on the other side. Ties in with the front cover image of the good and theThe typical conventions of a CD back cover bad side of Alicia keysare present on this album such as the tracknames, order of tracks etc. The layout of the track list is like how you would write in a diary or any book. It goes from left to right. Everything is linking in with the title. The production details: in small print as this isn’t so Lettering/font: like the front cover, all the important to the fans. It contains the necessary details font size of the track list is in lower case and and legal information such as copyright, production not in bold or anything fancy. Could mean team, and record labels etc. Alicia keys’ web address is that she’s stripping her celebrity image and in small print as fans may want to access this: another telling it like it is. No gimmicks just plain part of the way bands can be marketed today. truth. The colours are basic: dull colours like brown, grey, and white
  6. 6. The spine has the name of the album andthe artist’s name: practical reasons for whenit is on a shelf. Also has the record label on itaswell. These can be seen on both spines This is the back of the booklet that’s inside the Album; the front cover of it is the face of the album. The image is the back of a book (diary) which also has the production details embedded on to it.
  7. 7. Few of the inside pages of thebooklet, featuring a fewpictures of the artist. Thebrown, grey, white and bluecolour theme is consistentthroughout the album. The print has handwritten parts symbolising a diary.
  8. 8. Title: bubble writing symbolises fun, the red font can symbolise the heart which links to Mise-en-scene: the pink cotton candy cloud love, anger, passion etc. basically strong signifies youth and young love. Young love emotions. It also represents the pop genre makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9 and because the writing has that balloon (teenage dream). This attracts a young look to it, it makes you think of fun times audience of teenage girls which is who her like going to a theme park etc along with the fans are. Blue skies signify a perfect day. cotton candy. Image: feet are up like she’s in love. Cloud in the sky connote she’s on cloud 9 above it all. She has a sexual face expression which as mentioned before could be exploring her sexuality. Or she could Title: ‘teenage dream’ is also be trying to attract coloured in candy cane a male audience. style. It’s dripping which connotes that the teenage dream isn’t all that it seems.Image: Full body shot of Katy Perry Parental advisory sticker: theshowing that she’s the unique selling Title of the album industry regulates itself. This gives apoint. Teens are at the stage where on the front cover warning to whoever buys this CDthey explore their sexuality etc. she is a typical that there may be language andnaked with just a piece of cotton convention of a CD content that could cause offence.candy covering her private parts cover along with an Also explicit content is not what youprotecting her innocence (saving image of the artist would expect to hear or see in aherself for ‘the one’). and name of artist. typical pop album or video. There are eye catching colours.
  9. 9. Typical conventions of a back CD cover. Track names, image, colour and amount of tracks on the CD.The spine has the name ofthe album and the artist’sname: practical reasons forwhen it is on a shelf. Alsohas the record label on itaswell. These can be seenon both spines. Spine font:bold red letters alsorepresenting the pop genre. The production details: in small print as this isn’t so important to the fans. It contains the necessary details and legal information such as copyright, production team, and record labels etc. the artist web address is slightly larger and uses red font as fans may want to access this: another part of the way bands can be marketed today.
  10. 10. One look at how theinside of the bookletlooks like. The song lyricsare present so the buyercan sing along to thesong and learn the lyricsso they feel special. Back page of the inside booklet. There’s an image of her in a handmade sweet costume in a black background. This could signify the good and bad things.