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Do's and Don'ts in Serving Food


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a group report of iii-j '12

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Do's and Don'ts in Serving Food

  1. 1. • Never refuse a guest request . Have a warm manner , but not overly friendly. Great service is a subtle art form. • When the guest arrive , immediately offer something to drink (after they’ve discarded coats , etc.) • Make sure glasses are clean, always inspect them before placing them on the table to be sparkling.
  2. 2. • Never use the same glass if the guest was drinking water out of it and now wants wine . Replace it . As an alternative to water or wine, offer a classic spritzer of juices (juice with sparkling water added to it). • If a guest is unhappy with a dish , apologize with “so sorry” for this inconvenience , Let me bring you something else to try”.
  3. 3. • • • If it is a sit-down events, tables should be level without anyone asking. Fix them before guest are seated. Recite food and drinks details is an interested manner, not dramatically, and not as if you’re reading a list. Ask if the guests wants to pour their own red wine or prefer you to pour. Leave the bottle with them if the guest ask you to do.
  4. 4. • Never serve anything that looks wrong or runny. Confer with the chef /cook/caterer to inquire. Better safe than sorry. • If someone likes a wine and ask for the name, steam off the label (use a tea kettle) and give it to them at the end of the meal. It has the name , year, vintner, importer, and will make a wonderful impression.
  5. 5. • Never mention what your favorite dessert is when offering a tray of sweets, offer to replace it if they don’t like it. If a guest takes two portions leaving someone short of dessert, there is usually a guest who prefers a dish of lovely mixed berries with fresh whipped cream should be on hard too.
  6. 6. • • Handle wine glasses by their stems, silverware by their handles. When offering utensils to anyone , always point it with the handle toward them. Some people like dishes removed immediately when empty, others prefer plates removed when all guest are done. Ask what your employer wishes , and above all, never rush anyone
  7. 7. REPORT OF III-J Member:s: Ang, Lourd Vincent G. Apilado, Wilson B. De Leon, Christian P. Sancho, Ivhan Tonilon, Ryan carl Teves,Genesis Sulpico, Renz Philip L. Moreno, Joshua Elicano, Jan Guiller Magayon, Kim jeracis Bombais, Charles michael Castillo, Jerson GROUP 1 BOYS