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  1. 1. Lyndsey Lane Arts Administration Master of ArtsSavannah College of Art and Design October 1, 2010 1
  2. 2. ContentsResume 3Grant 4Budget 16Development Plan 18Brochure 27Donor Letters 32Communications Plan 38Exhibition Advertisement 48Direct Mail Marketing 51Blog 54Press Release 56Reflection Paper 58 2
  3. 3. 615.293.4126LyndseyLane@gmail.comObjectiveI wish to obtain a position in the museum or nonpro�it arts �ield to provide cultural education to those who wish toexperience the ful�illment of art and gain an appreciation for the treasured building blocks of a society and civilization.EducationMasters of Arts: Arts Administration, GPA: 3.8Savannah College of Art and Design [Anticipated Graduation: May, 2011]Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design, GPA: 3.4Middle Tennessee State University [Aug. 2002- Dec. 2006]Completed a summer curriculum focused in visual art foundation courses including studio art and art history.New York University [Summer, 2006]InternshipsTeamed with the marketing and development department to create promotional materials including direct mail,Tennessee Performing Arts Center: Design Intern [Nashville, TN 2007]brochures, and outside signage for in-house and touring performances.Allowed to work independently with numerous clients nationwide to concept, design, and print promotional postersHatch Show Print: Print Intern [Nashville, TN 2006]and other letterpress products.Under the direction of Merrill Lynch’s First Vice President in their Global Wealth Management Headquarters,Merrill Lynch: Executive Intern [NYC, NY: 2006]implemented technology changes to improve client relations.ExperiencePlanned and executed designs and products for a wide range of clients including Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, andThe Clever Factory: Graphic Designer [2007-2009]other Fortune 500 companies. Extensively trained in various design processes including concept, illustration,packaging, pre and post production work.Related Skills and ActivitiesComputer Skills: Microsoft Of�ice Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Quark, Apple and Microsoft operating platformsActivities: Americans for the Arts, AIGA, Tennessee Art League, SCAD Graduate Advisory Board 3
  4. 4. GrantAADM 739: Raising Funds for the ArtsThe Discovery MuseumFor this assignment students were instructed to write a grant proposal for an arts institution of their choice. I selected theDiscovery Museum which is located within the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. The grant follows the structureprovided by the project’s guidelines rather than the guidelines of a specific grant application. My grant requests $60,000 fromthe Oregon Community Foundation to allow the Discovery Museum to display Hands Off, an exhibition in conjunction with theNational Archives and Records Service. This exhibit would educate its audience of the dangers of urban sprawl. I developed theexhibition, programs, budget, and evaluation to comply with the Discovery Museum and the World Forestry Center’s missionand vision. 4
  5. 5. GRANT PROPOSAL GRANT PROPOSALTheDiscovery Museum A Branch of the World Forestry CenterWe trace our history back to the Lewis and Clark Centennial American Pacific Expositionand Oriental Fair held in Portland, Oregon in 1905. One of the most popular buildings atthe fair was the Forestry Building. The building was turned over to the state of Oregon andwas a Portland landmark until August 17, 1964, when it burned to the ground. In 1971, theWestern Forestry Center, a non-profit educational institution, was erected out of the ashesof the tragic fire. The Discovery Museum became a reality June 30, 2005 after a $7 million,6-month renovation. The Discovery Museum strives to educate and inform people aboutthe worlds forests and trees, and their importance to all life, in order to promote a balancedand sustainable future.Our vision of educating our community on the intrinsic value of nature has lead us todevelop Hands Off, an exhibition that will allow us to partner with the National Archivesand Records Service to teach our visitors of the dangers of urban sprawl and a deeperunderstanding of their own environmental impact regarding this issue.Although the Discovery Museum has been able to raise $44,000 of the exhibition’sestimated $103,695 expense, it still needs the aid of the Oregon Community Foundation forthe remaining $60,000. Please help us provide this beneficial experience to Portland’sdiverse community. ContentsIntroduction 2 Program Budget 8Problem/Objectives 3 Appendix A 10Strategies/Methods 4 Appendix B 11Evaluation Plan 7 5
  6. 6. I. INTRODUCTION The World Forestry Center (WFC) is a nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon. WFC was founded in 1964 with the mission to educate and inform people about the worlds forests and trees, and their importance to all life, in order to promote a balanced and sustainable future. One program that the WFC adopted to reach this mission was the Discovery Museum. The Discovery Museum The Discovery Museum is a landmark in the Pacific Northwest. The Museum operates under the claim that “It will change the way you look at trees”. The museum rests on 20,000 square feet of land in Portlands beautiful Washington Park. The Museum has made new additions including interactive exhibits, which encourage guests and families to get an up-close experience of the forests of the Pacific Northwest and the world. First Floor 1. Permanent Exhibits: • Forests of the World: Patrons "travel" to different regions and meet people who face many issues of maintaining sustainable forests in their country • Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Explores the ecosystems of this exciting area 2. Forest Store: Museum merchandise, crafts by local artists, toys, games, snacks, and forest related materials Second Floor • Temporary Exhibits: 1. A featured international region’s art, history and culture 2. A featured international forest and its connection to people who share its habitat Past Exhibits and Successes The Discovery Museum hosts many special exhibits throughout the year that showcase art, history, and culture. Past examples include: 1. The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World Wildlife photographer Steven Kazlowski brought to life the endangerment of polar bears as a result of the devastation of the Arctic ecosystem through global warming. 2. Pendleton: Weaving Americas Spirit A celebration of a deep-rooted Oregon company, the exhibit featured: • A wall of Pendleton blankets and a display of Americas National Park Blankets • A graphic timeline collage featuring archival photography and products • Wool examples demonstrating the process "from fleece to fashion” • Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool® interactive trivia game “Portland’s lucky to have the Discovery Museum. My daughter loves the interactive exhibits on the first floor and I love to attend special exhibition opening nights like last year’s World of Chocolate” – Kat Reynolds, WFC MemberThe Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 2
  7. 7. II. PROBLEM/OBJECTIVES Problem Statement Many Americans are not aware of the ways in which urban development impacts their daily lives. The United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) 2006 Research Assessment1 found: • Roads, bridges, buildings and other civil structures comprise 6% of the Continental US in 2003 and is growing 24% annually • Building operations account for 40% of US energy use • Building operations contribute over 38% of US carbon dioxide emissions and over 12% of its water consumption • Demolition, construction, remodeling, create 136 million tons of waste annually (1996) USGBC also found Americans spend an average of 90% of the day indoors. This has a profound impact on human health because: • 30% of new and remodeled buildings may experience acute indoor air quality issues • Indoor air can contain more than 100 times more pollutants than outdoor air • Poor indoor air quality is linked to significant health problems such as cancers and asthma The cost of bringing in Hands Off with combined travel and insurance is high and the Discovery Museum will require further assistance. Current supporters of the Discovery Museum as well as members of the WFC will attest to the effectiveness of this investment. Objectives The Discovery Museum, in collaboration with the National Archives and Records Service, wishes to exhibit Hands Off in an attempt to further its mission to educate and inform people of the world’s forests. Through the display and promotion of Hands Off, the Discovery Museum hopes that our visitors will gain: • A greater understanding of their own environmental impact • Information of the impending dangers of urban sprawl and future industrialization • Knowledge to make informed decisions regarding the future of their environments • The importance of supporting centers like WFC who fight for environmental protection The Discovery Museum hopes Hands Off will provide visitors with: • An increase in Museum patronage by exhibit attendance • Dialogue among the community concerning the planning of their cities • Increased interest and enrollment in Museum membership 1 Research obtained through the United States Environmental Protection Agency <>The Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 3
  8. 8. III. STRATEGIES/METHODS The Discovery Museum, in collaboration with the National Archives and Records Service, plans to exhibit Hands Off in an attempt to further its mission to educate and inform people of the world’s forests. Hands Off will lead the viewer on a historical journey through the urban development of Oregon. It will begin with the earliest documentations (drawings, paintings, topical surveys) of the state and end with the Oregon’s current urban landscape. As the viewer progresses through the exhibit, they will encounter wall mounts describing the dangers of urban development, statements from leading environmental impact experts, and major regulation changes specific to Portland. At the conclusion of the exhibit there will be a temporary kiosk store that will provide reading material from the EPA, The United States Green Building Council, a Hands Off Catalogue, Discovery Museum merchandise and customer satisfaction surveys. Hands Off Structure The Exhibit: • Displays of the earliest visual representations of Oregon • Coast and Geodetic Survey maps from 1850-60 • Arial photographs and future building plans of urban and coastal areas of Oregon • Information on the dangers of urban sprawl • Materials providing information on advocating for this cause • Promotes a hands off approach to undisturbed land in Oregon The driving ambition in providing this exhibit is to focus on education. It is necessary for our audience to not only enjoy the visual display, but to also have the opportunity to expand their learning through experiences outside the exhibition. To this end, the Discovery Museum will provide a lecture series and a catalogue to accompany the exhibit. Lecture Series: • Scheduled for Saturday mornings at 9am • Lyndsey Lane, Discovery Museum Curator (April 9) Lisa P. Jackson, EPA Administrator (April 23) David S. Ferriero, United States Archivist (May 7) • Coffee service provided at the Meet and Greet (8:30am) Catalogue: • Forward by Lyndsey Lane (Discovery Museum Curator) Introduction by David S. Ferriero (United States Archivist) • Images of the exhibit and the included works • Information on the EPA and the USGBC, including the environmental reports and studies highlighted in the exhibit • Discovery Museum and World Forestry Center information Continued Next PageThe Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 4
  9. 9. [CONTINUED] Opening Reception: April 1, 2011 at 7pm • Opening speech and Q&A with Discovery Museum Curator • Catering by Elephants Delicatessen: Uses sustainable practices that reduce waste, conserve energy and support other local businesses [] o Black Bean Cakes with Cabo sauce $9.00 / dozen o House Marinated Mixed Olives $6.50 / bowl o Zucchini & Parmesan Stuffed Mushroom Caps $12.00 / dozen o Teriyaki Chicken Drumettes $15.00 / dozen o Assorted Petite Cookie Platter S $25.00 M $35.00 L $50.00 o Bar Service: Beer/Wine/Coffee/Sparkling Beverages Hands Off Objectives • Support WFC’s mission to provide educational programs for children and families concerning environmental stewardship of local and global forests • Provide the Portland area with a fun, valuable and educational activity • Place the Discovery Museum as Portland’s: 1. Reputable source of essential and current environmental issues 2. Leader in the fight for natural preservation 3. The Center families turn to for fun and educational programming • Provide education concerning the environmental impact of urban sprawl • Encourage viewers to offer further support and advocacy for this problem Hands Off Staff This exhibit will require additional paid staff. Exhibit security will ensure safety of the collection and patrons. Additional sales staff will be needed for the Hands Off gift kiosk. Guides are also needed for reception, group tours and assistance for visitors with special needs 1. Exhibit Security • 2 paid security guards to provide exhibit security • AM guard: 8am-1pm, PM guard: 1pm-6pm • $12 p/h, Monday-Saturday 2. Retail • 2 paid retail clerks to provide kiosk sales • AM clerk: 8am-1pm, PM clerk: 1pm-6pm • $9 p/h, Monday-Saturday 3. Guides • 2 paid guides: reception, guided tours, special needs assistance • AM guide: 8am-1pm, PM guide: 1pm-6pm • $9 p/h, Monday-Saturday Continued Next PageThe Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 5
  10. 10. [CONTINUED] Hands Off Timeline December December January January February February March March April April Collection Sent Assembly Assembly Final Assembly Showtime Gallery Prep Gallery Prep Gallery Prep Final Prep Opening Reception Catalogue Prep Catalogue Prep Catalogue Design Catalogue to press Catalogue Display Develop Promo Approve Promo Promo Design Promo- Display Promo press/distribute Collect Museum Staff Interviews Hire Staff Train Staff Train Staff Surveys and Cards Catering Search Hire Caterer Approve Menus Assemble Kiosk Lecture Series Begins Hands Off is scheduled to run April 1- May 30, 2011. Monthly objectives are outlined in the chart above. Four months should be an adequate amount of time to achieve these goals, but this is a tentative schedule that is subject to change as cause dictates. For the purpose of this schedule, it is assumed that all research and planning has been completed regarding the procurement of items from the National Archives and Records Service. Given that fact, our major tasks in December will be to secure initial preparation for the collection’s arrival. During this time we will see that the gallery is cleaned and prepped according to the installation plan and we will begin searching for additional staff, catering and marketing options. January and February objectives are focused in the hiring and training of new staff as well as planning the food options for the Opening Reception, scheduled April 1, 2011 at 7:30pm. During this time the collection will have arrived from Washington, D.C. and our staff and volunteers will be focused on installing the exhibit. During this time, promotional materials as well as the exhibition catalogue will be in initial design stages. March’s focus is in final preparation. At this time, the majority of the gallery display is expected to be complete apart from the gift kiosk. The exhibition catalogue will be sent to press and marketing materials will be distributed. We have also allowed time to continue staff training. April 1 marks the opening of Hands Off with our planned Reception. Major concerns at this point will be insuring all processes run smoothly according to schedule. The Lecture Series will begin April 9, with Discovery Museum Curator Lyndsey Lane. Beginning in April and continuing through the duration of the exhibit our staff and volunteers will be collecting customer satisfaction survey cards to insure our exhibit is meeting visitor standards.The Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 6
  11. 11. IV. EVALUATION PLAN The Discovery Museum in conjunction with the National Archives and Record Service plans to exhibit Hands Off to provide patrons with an unparalleled educational opportunity to expand their knowledge of the dangers of urban sprawl. Hands Off will include a Discovery Museum exhibit (with opening reception), a lecture series, and an exhibition catalogue. Using these activities, the Discovery Museum hopes to meet their objectives to increase museum patronage, encourage a community dialogue on urban sprawl, and increase museum membership. The Evaluation of this exhibit will be a continual effort to refine and adjust our process as circumstances dictate. Please refer to Appendix B for an example of a Hands Off survey card. Evaluation Methods 1. Attendance To be calculated through the attendance records at the following events: • Opening Reception: Recorded by online RSVP/ticket • Lecture Series: Recorded by ticket sales, membership check-in • Exhibit: Recorded by ticket sales, membership check-in 2. Sales To be calculated by the gross revenue of the following items: • Catalogue • Gift Kiosk • Tickets • New Membership 3. Surveys To be assembled by volunteer team and addressing the following items: • Exhibit success • Possible areas for change/concern • Future interest in an exhibit of this kind Surveys give visitors a way to inform the Museum if the exhibit met their needs. They will be provided at the lecture series and the exhibit. Two weeks following the exhibit, an email survey will be sent to WFC members. Summary Evaluation data will be assembled into a report and shared with our Board of Directors, Marketing Team, the National Archives and Records Service, and to the major contributors. Through this research we can adequately gauge if this exhibit met the Discovery Museum’s mission. Another goal of this research report is to highlight the positive outcomes of our partnership with the National Archives and Records Service in order to foster a fruitful relationship. Their extensive collection could provide valuable aid to many programs and exhibitions at the Discovery Museum as well as the WFC.The Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 7
  12. 12. V. PROGRAM BUDGET The budget for the Hands Off exhibition covers many necessary operational costs for putting on an exhibition of this caliber. To bring in the requested items from the National Archives and Records Service, we will need funds to ship the items from Washington, D.C. to our facilities in Portland, Oregon. We will be using special truck service to insure the best and most cost efficient delivery. Due to the age and expense of these items, the Discovery Museum will require additional insurance for travel and housing at our facility. Hands Off will also require additional paid staff. Exhibit security will ensure safety of the collection and patrons. Additional sales staff will be needed for the gift kiosk. Guides are also needed for reception, group tours and assistance for visitors with special needs. Each position is divided into five-hour shifts occurring 8am-1pm and 1pm-6pm, Monday thru Saturday. We have drafted a marketing plan for this exhibit that includes local radio advertisements, TV commercials, printed materials that include silkscreen posters, direct mail marketing (invitations, member notification letters), and outdoor signage. The Portland Tribune is providing free weekly ad space. Every exhibit featured in our museum is displayed according to a specific installation plan. This requires painting and cleaning the space, posting additional signage, mounting wall displays, arranging lights, and many other processes to provide the best possible installation. The Discovery Museum will host a lecture series to accompany the Hands Off exhibit. The speakers at our three part series have agreed to lecture free of charge. We will however, incur their flight (American Airlines), hotel (2 nights, River Place Hotel), and meal costs. Prior to each lecture there will be a short Meet and Greet to encourage visitors to mingle with our guest of honor, Discovery Center Staff, and other members of the community. This event will include a small breakfast service provided at a discounted rate by Elephants Delicatessen. It is our goal to use our opening reception to honor our partnership with the National Archives and Records Service, the artists involved in the exhibit, our staff, members, guests and the Portland Community. This reception will be catered by Elephants Delicatessen and will be promoted through direct mail invitations (to our members and major contributors), email blasts, and through our website. Following this exhibition, evaluation data will be assembled into a report and shared with our Board of Directors, Marketing Team, the National Archives and Records Service, and to the major contributors. Through this research we can adequately gauge if this exhibit met the Discovery Museum’s mission. In order to obtain this necessary data the Discovery Museum will have customer satisfaction survey cards professionally printed and placed at the lecture series and at the exhibit. Additional funding for Hands Off will be obtained through the Donna Swanson Foundation, Private Donors, and Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council. Financial Breakdown, Next PageThe Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 8
  13. 13. (CONTINUED) Hands Off Budget Estimated Costs Funding Sources Oregon Community Research $450 Foundation $60,000 Donna Swanson Opening Reception $945 Foundation $25,000 Exhibit Travel $5,000 Private Donor 1 $8,000 Added Insurance $10,000 State $6,000 Private Donor 2 $5,000 Lecture Total $104,000 Hotel/Meals $1,300 Speaker Travel $800 Catering $200 Space Rental $0 Lighting Tech $0 Sound Tech $0 Lecture Total $2,300 Staff 2 Security Guards $12 p/h 2 Retail Clerks $9 p/h 2 Exhibit Guides $9 p/h Staff Total $15,000 Marketing Tv/radio $5,000 Outdoor Signage $5,000 Silkscreen Posters $3,000 Direct Mail $2,000 Designer $0 Newspaper $0 Marketing Total $15,000 Catalogue Printing $10,000 Graphic Design $3,000 Photographer $2,000 Catalogue Total $15,000 Exhibition Merchandise $15,000 Utilities $10,000 Administration $8,000 Lighting $5,000 Supplies $2,000 Exhibition Total $40,000 Total $103,695The Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 9
  14. 14. APPENDIX A: BOARD OF DIRECTORS WORLD FORESTRY CENTER 4033 SW Canyon Road P ort la nd Or egon 97221 T el { 503.228.1367 Fax { 503. 228. 4608 ww w.w or ldfor est ry.or g Board of Directors 2008-2009 Kathy Abusow Washington, DC Dennis Neilson Rotorua, New Zealand John Blackwell Portland, OR Larry Nielsen Raleigh, NC Bill Bradley New York, NY Mark Norby Portland, OR Jim Brown Salem, OR Dave Nunes Poulsbo, WA Chip Collins Cambridge, MA Jeff Nuss Portland ,OR Dean DeChaine Portland, OR Claudio Ortolan Curitiba, Brazil Dan Dutton Portland, OR Jim Osterman Portland, OR Red Emmerson Redding, CA Young-Ju Park Seoul, Korea Vince Erasmus Melbourne, Australia Ed Ray Corvallis, OR Fred Fields Portland, OR Hal Salwasser Corvallis, OR Allyn Ford Roseburg, OR Eric Schooler Portland,OR Guillermo Güell Santiago, Chile Jean-Claude Sève Outriaz, France David Hampton Salem, OR John Shelk Prineville, OR Jes Munk Hansen Olathe, KS Dieter Siempelkamp Krefeld, Germany Rich Hanson Federal Way, WA Rick Smith N Easton, MA Mari Harpur Montreal, Canada Jason Spadaro Bingen, WA Gary Hartshorn Portland, OR Barte Starker Corvallis, OR Ned Hayes Portland,OR Mark Stayer Portland, OR Ken Hines Boston, MA Amir Sunarko Jakarta, Indonesia Russ Hoeflich Portland, OR Ed Sweeten Birmingham, AL Gilles Hotelin Casablanca, Morocco Hank Swigert Portland, OR Tom Jackman Canby, OR David Syre Bellingham, WA Scott Jones Boston, MA Billy Van Devender Jackson, MS Tomas Juška Vilnius, Lithuania John Warjone Tumwater, WA Barbara Karmel Wilsonville, OR Court Washburn Boston, MA Tiong Hiew King Sarawak, Malaysia Sam Wheeler Portland, OR Bill Lansing North Bend, OR John Wilkinson Portland, OR Paul McCracken Portland, OR Rick Wollenberg Longview, WA Colin McKenzie West Lebanon, NH Donna Woolley Eugene, OR Joe McKeown Portland, OR Jacquelyn McNutt Atlanta, GA Harry Merlo Portland, OR Honorary Directors Bill Hagenstein Portland,OR Gil Oswald Bellevue, WA Peter Koehler Portland, OR G. Web Ross Little Rock, AR Mario González M. Chihuahua, México Darrell Schroeder Hillsboro, OR Alan Goudy Portland, OR Bill Swindells Portland, OR Thorry Gunnersen AM Melbourne, Australia Barbara F. Walker Portland, OR Carl Newport Black Butte Ranch, ORThe Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 10
  15. 15. APPENDIX B: SAMPLE SURVEY Customer Satisfaction Survey For each of the following statements about Hands Off, please indicate whether you: Strongly Agree (1), Somewhat Agree (2), Neither Agree nor Disagree (3), Somewhat Disagree (4), Strongly Disagree (5), Not Applicable (N/A). 1. Museum Experience The exhibit met my expectations 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Ticket price was adequate 1 2 3 4 5 N/A The staff was helpful 1 2 3 4 5 N/A The exhibit was easy to navigate 1 2 3 4 5 N/A I gained useful information 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Museum was easy to find 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Parking was available 1 2 3 4 5 N/A The Shop had a broad selection 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Catalogue met my expectations 1 2 3 4 5 N/A Exhibit inspired me to visit again 1 2 3 4 5 N/A 2. About You I’m a member of the WFC yes no N/A I attended the opening reception yes no N/A I attended the Lecture Series yes no N/A I made a Shop purchase yes no N/A I have children yes no N/A I live within walking distance of the Museum yes no N/A I’m on the mailing list yes no N/A I visit the Museum more than once a month 1 2 3 4 5 N/A I like to receive communication online 1 2 3 4 5 N/A I regularly visit the website 1 2 3 4 5 N/A 3. Additional SuggestionsThe Discovery Museum 4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland OR, 97221 503.228.1367 11
  16. 16. BudgetAADM 701: Principles of Arts AdministrationFortéThe guidelines for this assignment required students to create an arts organization or program including a company history,marketing strategy, staff, season, and budget. I created Forté, an after school program situated in Nashville, Tennessee thatworks to educate youth about the fundamental value of music and its potential impact on the growth of the individual and thecommunity.This budget outlines Forté’s expenses and revenues in the right column while the left column illustrates the requestedcontributed income from individual, corporate and foundation contributions. 16
  17. 17.   Sample Line Item Grant Budget Line Revenue Program or Project Grant Request 1 Grants 46,000 15,000 2 Contracts 38,000 0 3 United Way 0 0 4 Corporate contributions 20,000 0 5 Membership 0 0 6 Individuals 14,800 0 7 Fees for services 0 0 8 Fundraisers, events, sales 35,000 0 9 Endowment 20,000 0 10 Interest income 0 0 11 Miscellaneous 5,500 0 12 Total $179,300 $15,000 13 In-kind $20,500 0 14 Total Revenue $199,800 $15,000 Line Expenses Program or Project Grant Request 15 Staff salaries and wages 60,000 8,000 16 Fringe benefits 17,500 2,500 17 Occupancy and utilities 8,400 0 18 Equipment 3,000 0 19 Supplies and materials 8,000 2,500 20 Printing and copying 3,500 0 21 Telecommunications 2,700 2,000 22 Travel and meetings 2,200 0 23 Marketing and advertising 2,000 0 24 Staff and volunteer training 500 0 25 Contract services 5,500 0 26 Miscellaneous 500 0 27 Subtotal $113,800 $15,000 28 General operating (indirect) - 8% 11,192 0 29 Total $124,992 $15,000 30 In-kind 31 Travel 11,800 0 32 Trainers (160 hours x $60/hour) 9,600 0 33 Classroom supplies (Kinkos) 6,800 0 34 Total In-kind $28,200 $0 35 Total Expenses $153,192 $15,000 36 Revenue over Expenses $46,608 $0 Nonprofit Works (585) 454-4910 17
  18. 18. Development PlanAADM 739: Raising Funds for the ArtsSeattle Children’s Theatre Development PlanThis development plan is written to the Board of Directors at the Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT). Within the document, SCT isinforming the Board of the funds needed for the 2011/2012 season.The proposal follows a structure based on the highest contributed revenue (individual giving) to the lowest (governmentgiving). Each section is uniformly presented, which allows the reader to quickly gain information on the background, strategies,goals, and estimated budget requirements. The colors and graphics were selected to expand the existing brand created throughtheir current marketing materials. 18
  19. 19. Seattle  Children’s  Theatre   2011-­‐2012  Season     Development  Plan   Contents   Individual  Giving   2     Special  Events     5   Corporate  Giving   3     Government     6   Foundations     4     Action  Calendar   7   It  is  time  to  prepare  for  another  exciting  season  at   Seattle  Children’s  Theatre!     “We  depend  on  the  generosity  of  our  community  to  continue  programming  that  respects  and   cultivates  the  intelligence  of  our  young  audience”-­‐  Sara  Sand,  Interim  Managing  Director    Members  of  the  Board:   talented  staff  have  put  together  a   I  am  confident  that  through  our  combined   fantastic  season.   efforts  to  enrich  current  and  potential  It  is  time  once  again  to  prepare  for  an   donors,  request  and  renew  foundation  exciting  season  here  at  SCT.  In  order  for   The  Secret  Garden   grants,  expand  corporate  giving  and  us  to  continue  to  meet  our  mission  to   The  Jungle  Book   promote  our  special  events,  we  will  be  “provide  children  of  all  ages  access  to   If  You  Give  a  Mouse  a  Cookie   able  to  meet  all  of  our  development  goals   thprofessional  theatre,  with  a  focus  on  new   Miracle  on  34  Street     this  season.  works,  and  theatre  education”  we  must   Peter  Pan  strive  to  cultivate  and  secure  new  forms   Tall  Tales   With  Gratitude,  of  funding.     Thumbelina     Estimated  expense  =  $  4,600,000    Our  theatre  does  a  wonderful  job   Lyndsey  Lane  promoting  the  importance  of  art  and  art   Drama  School   Chief  Executive  Officer,  SCT  education  within  our  community  and  this   Education  Station  season  is  sure  to  exceed  our  expectations.   School  Children  Access  Fund   206.443.0807Our  artistic  director  with  the  help  of  our   Estimated  expense  =  $  700,000   19
  20. 20. Individual  Giving   Remember…   It  is  important  to  keep  our   mission  and  the  needs  of  the   community  in  mind  as  the  next   season  quickly  approaches.   Every  board  member,  staff   member,  volunteer,  or  artist   has  a  vital  part  to  play  in   bringing  SCT’s  stories  to  the   lives  of  our  audience.     We  must  all  strive  to  bring  our   individual  roles  to  even  higher   levels  to  further  grow  our   incomparable  program.     Individual  Giving    Individual  giving  represents  the  largest   Strategies   Goals    portion  of  our  contributed  income.  Last  year  we  secured  $740,000  in  support  of      our  organization  and  this  year  we  plan  to   • Memberships   • Increase  donor  and  membership  exceed  that  total.     1. Renew  current  members   base  20%   2. Cultivate  potential  members   • Strive  for  80%  success  rate  of  As  board  members,  you  play  a  very   membership  renewal   • Newsletters  valuable  role  in  this  effort.  You  currently   1. Quarterly  newsletters     • Increase  individual  giving  to  assist  our  funding  goals  with  your   2. Monthly  email  newsletters   $800,000  personal  contribution,  but  there  are  many   • Inspire  audience  interest  through    other  ways  you  can  aid  SCT  in  meeting  its   2011-­‐2012  season  marketing   Estimated  Gain:  $60,000  individual  giving  goal.  Board  members  can   • Direct  mail  marketing   Estimated  Expense:  $20,000  help  SCT  by     1. Potential  Donor:       • Increasing  our  mailing  list     • Letter  +  brochure     • Soliciting  personal  contacts  for   • Donation  materials   major  contributions   2. Current  Donor   • Making  personal  calls  of  thanks   • Letter  of  thanks  with   to  our  major  donors   contribution  update   • Serving  as  an  example  to  others   • Continued  contribution   by  increasing  your  personal   or  upgrade  request     contribution   • Brochure  of  current  and   upcoming  programs     20
  21. 21. Corporate  Giving   Give  Thanks…   Seattle  Childrens  Theatre   depends  on  contributions  from   our  corporate  and  business   partners  to  help  us  maintain   our  high  quality  Mainstage   productions  and  education   programs.  In  return,  we  are   proud  to  offer  a  wide  array  of   recognition  opportunities  and   marketing  benefits  to  our   sponsors.     Corporate  Giving       Strategies  Corporate  giving  represents  the  second  largest  portion  of  SCT’s  contributed   Goals  income.  Through  their  sponsorship  level,     • Set  up  meetings  through  board    corporate  donors  can  choose  support   • Elicit  15  corporate  matching  packages,  which  include  a  variety  of  plays,   corporate  contacts     systems  similar  to  current  education  programs,  special  events,  and   • Mail  annual  report  and   systems  in  place  at  Starbucks  other  annual  initiatives.  Through   marketing  materials  to  potential   and  US  Bank  corporate  giving  SCT  was  able  to  secure   corporate  sponsors   • Solicit  in-­‐kind  partnerships  $325,000  last  year.     • Enlist  research  support  from   with  Home  Depot,  Kinko’s,   current  volunteers  concerning  Board  members  play  an  important  role  in   and  Joanne’s   the  potential  for  matching  corporate  giving  cultivation.  Focus  your   • SCT  Sundays,  first  Sunday  of   systems  for  their  employers  attention  on   every  month  Starbucks  will   • Increase  support  from  current   donate  10%  of  all  sales  to   • Initiating  meetings  with  potential   corporate  sponsors   SCT.  Continued  matching  of   corporate  sponsors     employee’s  donations   • Attending  meetings  to  aid     • Bring  corporate  sponsorship   development  staff     levels  to  $375,000     • Providing  personal  appreciation     correspondence  with  major   Estimated  Gain:  $50,000   corporate  givers   Estimated  Expense:  $15,000       21
  22. 22. Foundations   Foundations    SCT  relies  heavily  on  the  support  of   Strategies    private  foundations.  Last  year  foundations  support  brought  us  a  generous  $370,000.    These  substantial  gifts  come  from   • Renew  current  foundations  foundations  giving  $5,000  to  over   giving  where  applicable  $500,000.     • Research  potential  local   foundation  opportunities  The  Paul  G.  Allen  Family  Foundation  as   • Follow  up  on  grant  requirements  well  as  the  Kreislsheimer  Foundation   from  the  board’s  potential  represents  the  two  highest  contributing   foundation  recommendations  foundations.  Their  gifts  to  date  are  over  $500,000.  It  is  imperative  to  SCT’s   Goals  financial  and  artistic  future  that  our    efforts  to  elicit  foundation  support   • Increase  foundation  support  to  continue  this  year.     $400,000  In  order  to  achieve  our  development  goals    this  year  we  will  require  board  member   Estimated  Gain:  $30,000  support  in   Estimated  Expense:  $10,000   “I regard the theatre as the greatest of • Researching  potential  foundation     all art forms, the most immediate way opportunities       in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to • Initiating  meetings  with  potential     be a human being.” corporate  sponsors   - Oscar Wilde 22
  23. 23. Special  Events   Special  Events       Events   Goals  The  most  popular  efforts  of  our  development  strategy  are  the  special  events.  It  is  through  these  functions  that      SCT  is  able  to  step  back  from  our   • Go  Bold  (coffee  tasting/art  sale,   • Increase  membership  by  20%  performance  programs  to  recognize   with  Starbucks),  to  educate  and   • Increase  events  revenue  to  current  and  potential  donors.     raise  funds  for  the  SCT   $395,000   endowment,  new  event    Our  Grand  Entrance  gala  last  year  saw  400   • Grand  Entrance  (gala)  visitors  and  raised  more  then  $350,000.   • Family  Backstage     Estimated  Gain:  $20,000  The  Family  Backstage  event  saw  a  sizable   Estimated  Expense:  $10,000  return  of  $12,500  last  year.     Strategies      This  year  we  will  be  introducing  an   • Organize  Go  Bold  with  Starbucks  exciting  new  event  with  our  corporate   to  appeal  to  younger  generations  sponsor  Starbucks,  Go  Bold.  This  event   and  increase  interest  and   education  of  SCT  endowment  will  offer  a  coffee  tasting  featuring  various   • Organize  and  increase  interest  in  Starbucks  blends  along  with  an  art  sale.   Grand  Entrance  with  a  save  the  Board  members  may  help  this  effort  by   date  mailing  and  invitation     • Secure  sponsorships  for  events;   • Securing  sponsors  and  support   i.e.,  catering  and  concessions   • Supporting  promotion  efforts   • Organize  Family  Backstage  event   to  appeal  to  children  and  families   • Generating  ticket  sales     23
  24. 24. Government  Contribution   Government  Contributions     Goals  Summary  Through  our  educational  programming  in   Strategies       Individual:   $60,000  the  city  and  county  school  system,  we   New  Members:   $5,000  have  generated  a  lot  of  positive  feedback     Board:     $10,000  from  state  officials.  We  have  successfully   • Elicit  government  matching   Members:   Major  Donors:     $20,000   $25,000  illustrated  the  benefits  of  our  arts   campaigns  from  county  to  state    programming  through  Drama  School,   • Research  government   Corporate:   $50,000  Education  Station  and  our  School  Children   connections  with  board   Starbucks:   $15,000  Access  Fund.     members,  volunteers,  and  staff   Target:     $15,000   Microsoft:   $20,000   • Organize  informative  packet  Our  efforts  combined  with  our     highlighting  the  success  of   Foundations:   $30,000  organization’s  mission  have  appealed  to   education  programs   Smith  Family:   $15,000  the  aims  of  our  state’s  community   Seattle  Trust:   $5,000   • Schedule  private  meetings  with  expectations.  For  these  reasons,  it  is   Ronald  Trust:   $5,000   state  and  county  officials  necessary  for  SCT  to  pursue  further    government  funding  through  matching   Goals   Special  Events:   $20,000   Go  Bold:     $3,000  contribution  efforts.     Backstage:   $5,000  Board  members  should  assist  SCT  in   • Funding  contracts  and  matching   Gala:     $12,000   for  current  and  future  years      making  valuable  connections  with  our   • Increase  this  year’s  government   Government:   $10,000  state  and  county  representatives.   Education  Fund:   $5,000   contributions  to  $145,000   Chamber:     $5,000   • Cultivate  personal  connections       • Solicit  private  meetings  and   Total  Goal:   $170,000   attend  public  hearings     Estimated  Gain:  $10,000   Estimated  Expense:  $1,000   24
  25. 25. Development  Action  Calendar         • Research  potential   • Research  potential   • Foundations  grant   Foundations   Foundations   writing   • Research  potential   • Research  potential   • Mail  Corporate   corporations  for   corporation  for   marketing  packages   matching  plans   matching  plans   • Design  and  print   • Research  county   • Research  county   government  mailing   and  state  officials   and  state  officials   • Newsletter  (mail)   • Newsletter  (email)   • Newsletter  (email)   • Save  the  date,  Grand   • Send  Invitations   • Contract  gala   Entrance   for  Go  Bold   sponsors   • Website  Update   • Solicit  gala   • Go  Bold   sponsors     • Research  potential   • Research  potential   • Foundations  grant         • Foundations  grant   • Foundations  grant   • Send  grant  proposal     writing   writing   • Solicit  corporate   • Solicit  corporate   • Solicit  corporate   contracts   meetings   meetings   • Newsletter  (email)   • Send  government   • Newsletter  (email)   • Design  Family   mailing   • Grand  Entrance   Backstage  invite   • Newsletter  (email)   • Assemble  current   • Assemble  current   • Send  Invitation,   donor  mailing   donor  mailing   Grand  Entrance   • Mail  potential  donor   • Mail  potential  donor   • Assemble  potential   packages   packages   donor  mailing   • Website  Update     25
  26. 26. Continued         • Send  grant  proposal     • Follow  up  on  sent   • Follow  up  on  sent   • Solicit  corporate   grant  proposals   grant  proposals   contracts   • Solicit  corporate   • Finalize  corporate   • Follow  up  with   contracts   contracts   government  mail   • Newsletter  (email)   • Newsletter  (email)   • Newsletter  (mail)   • Family  Backstage     • Board  Member   • Send  Family   • Follow  up  on   thank  you  calls  to   Backstage  invites   current  donor  mail   high  level  donors   • Mail  current  donor   • Finalize  government   • Government   packages   meetings   meetings   • Follow  up  on   potential  donor  mail   • Follow  up  on  sent   • Letter  of  thanks  to   • Annual  Report   grant  proposals   grant  contributors   • Thank  you   • Newsletter  (email)   • Letter  of  thanks  to   letter/email  to   • Board  Member   corporate  gifts   event  givers   thank  you  calls  to   • Newsletter  (mail)   • Newsletter  (email)   high  level  donors   • Board  Member   • Board  Member   • Government   thank  you  calls  to   thank  you  calls  for   meeting  follow  up   government  givers   government  gifts   • Outline  annual   • Finalize  government     report   contracts   • Website  update   • Begin  annual  report     26
  27. 27. BrochureAADM 739: Raising Funds for the ArtsNewspace Center for PhotographyThe following brochure was created for Newspace Center for Photography. The Center is an existing organization, but forthe purpose of this assignment I created the events and offerings listed within the brochure. The projected audience for thisbrochure would be individuals and families in the Portland area who wish to explore photography and interact with thecommunity’s talented artists. The brochure briefly describes the history, mission, and vision of the organization as well aslisting the course offerings of the facility. The purpose of this piece is to show the Newspace Center as a place wherefamilies, students, retirees, professionals and many other members of the community can find a program of interest to themthrough various workshops and other photography offerings. One panel of the brochure is dedicated to membership levelsoffered at the Center for the reader to select the level that best fits their needs.The colors and fonts were selected for their ability to provide clean lines and an ease of readability. The soft greens werechosen to add interest and through their subtle hue they compliment instead of dominate the selected photographs. Eachimage features an individual for the purpose of instilling the idea that the Newspace Center is a place for the diversecommunity of Portland.* All photographs are the property of Joshua Black Wilkins Photography© 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. Donor LettersAADM 739: Raising Funds for the ArtsNewspace Center for PhotographyThe donor letter assignment required the creation of two donor letters for an arts organization. One letter would be to anexisting donor and one to a potential donor. I selected Newspace Center for Photography for this project to show my ability toproduce effective organizational branding across various funding materials.The first donor letter begins by thanking the donor for their previous contribution. The letter further explains how theircontribution was utilized, showcases future plans, and concludes with a request for continuing support. The second letter iswritten from the perspective of a current Newspace member to a prospective donor. The letter begins by briefly explaining thebackground of the Center and is followed by a personal story, Center offerings and opportunities, an explanation of non-profitorganizations, and ends with a request for support. Both letters include a membership and donation page as well as a returnenvelope.To continue the branding created in the brochure I used the same fonts, colors, and black and white image. I also continued thegreen bars at the top which reference a film strip. Through strong branding an organization can establish a distinctive look thatwill aid them in establishing an effective marketing presence. 32
  33. 33. A nonprofit dedicated to promoting photographic education and appreciation Dear Mr. Glasgow, I would like to begin by thanking you on behalf of the Newspace Center for Photography, for the generous contribution you made towards our development last year. With the support of compassionate people like you, Newspace is able to continue to serve the Portland area through our educational photographic programming. Newspace made some exciting updates last year while continuing to improve our existing programs. Through gracious gifts from supporters like you, we have been able to modernize our facility to keep up with industry standards in the field. • New black and white RC Paper Processor for the darkroom • Updated software for the digital lab • More class offerings • Touring gallery exhibits: Daniel Shea, Natalie Young, and Angela Bacon-Kidwell. • Off site partnership with MyStory: Photography programs for underprivileged children Newspace has effectively met many of our short-term goals this year and we aim to continue our excellent reputation for high quality photographic education. The Center has many action-packed activities planned for the coming year which have been made possible through your continued support. • Snap Day Camp: Photography education for kids aged 9-13 • Carnival: Annual themed exhibit • Artist Lecture Series: Featuring local and national photographers • In the Field: Photography field trips for all ages We hope to count on you again this year for another contribution to assist our efforts. As always, your donation or membership is tax deductible (to the extent allowed by law) and will be used to further Newspace Center’s mission for artistic development and community improvement. Please refer to the enclosed return card or visit our website ( to learn about the many ways you can contribute and please contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you at Newspace Center’s exciting events this year! Sincerely, Lyndsey Lane Chief Executive Officer 503-963-1935 (Ext. 25)1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 33 503.963.1935
  34. 34. A nonprofit dedicated to promoting photographic education and appreciation Dear Neighbor, Newspace Center for Photography opened its doors in 2002 charged with the mission to promote photographic education and appreciation to the public as well providing a space in which the community and photo enthusiasts of Portland, Oregon can learn, create, discuss and exhibit their work. This photography resource center is not solely for photography professionals. Anyone can benefit from this center including those who have little knowledge of photography to industry professionals and even educators. If you are like me, it is becoming much harder to balance all of my daily responsibilities. My kids and I are lacking quality family time and I have been unable to put my to-do list aside long enough to focus on the hobbies I use to enjoy. I had searched for quality activities to enjoy, but high activity costs left few options. Luckily, I can turn to Newspace Center for Photography for affordable arts programming for my family and myself. I have enjoyed and benefited from this organization so much that I have been an active volunteer for five years. Newspace provides many different ways to explore photography and interact with the community’s talented artists. • Workshops for all ages • Private instruction • Darkroom and lighting equipment • Portfolio critique • Gallery Space • Snap Day Camp: Photography education for kids aged 9-13 The Center’s quarterly photography classes and programs are structured to provide guidance for beginning, intermediate and advanced photography enthusiasts and include but are not limited to • Beginning foundations • Studio lighting • Arts marketing • Documentary photography Another priority for The Newspace Center is to showcase the work of its artists by providing a high quality gallery space. The Newspace Gallery mounts an exhibit every month showcasing local and touring amateur and established artists. All exhibits are free! This is a great outlet for artists to meet each other and discuss the amazing and rewarding field of photography. You will also get to know more of your neighbors in the community!1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 34 503.963.1935
  35. 35. A nonprofit dedicated to promoting photographic education and appreciation Our facility is a non-profit arts organization that needs your support to continue to serve the Portland community for years to come. Your donation or membership is tax deductible (to the extent allowed by law) and will be used to further Newspace Center’s mission for artistic development and community improvement. Please refer to the enclosed return card or visit our website ( to learn about the many ways you can contribute and please contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you at Newspace Center’s exciting events this year! Sincerely, Lyndsey Lane Volunteer Coordinator 503-963-1935 (Ext. 25)1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 35 503.963.1935
  36. 36. A nonprofit dedicated to promoting photographic education and appreciation Your tax-deductible Newspace membership is a direct investment in Portland’s creative community. With your support, Newspace will remain a thriving cultural and community hub for Northwest artists, students, and photography enthusiasts for years to come. Pixel Level (for artists/students) $40 • Stylish Newspace T-shirt • Witty Newspace bumper sticker • Entry into our Members’ Showcase, a yearly juried show • Admission for one to members-only events Spy Camera Level (basic) $50 (All of the above plus) • 10% discount on hourly darkroom rates • Admission for two to members-only events Toy Camera Level $125 (All of the above plus) • Discounts with our business sponsors • 10% discount on classes and workshops • 10% discount on digital lab hourly rates • One free entry into our Annual Juried Exhibition Press Camera Level $300 (All of the above plus) • 10% discount on hourly studio rental • One print from the Press Camera Print Collection Panorama Camera Level $500 (All Pixel, Spy, and Toy benefits plus) • Press Camera 10% benefits • One print from the Panorama Collection Mammoth Plate Level $1000 and higher (All Pixel, Spy, and Toy benefits plus) • Press Camera 10% benefits - One print from the Mammoth Collection • OR two prints from the Panorama Print Collection Please return the enclosed contribution card with your gift. For your added convenience, contributions can also be made through our website: [] Thank you in advance for your consideration and donation!1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 36 503.963.1935
  37. 37. Return Card (Size reduced to �it page) Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Phone: Website: Email: I want to receive your newsletter yes no I prefer to be contacted by: When calling please call in the am pm My personal contribution is $ I will make my payment by check credit Please Circle: America Express Master Card Visa Card Number: Exp: Instead of one payment I wish to make multiple payments of $ Per: Quarter Month Week (please circle) If paying by check, please enclose it with this card made payable to Newspace Center of Photography 1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 503.963.1935 PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID PORTLAND, OR PERMIT NO. 123 Attn: Development Department 1632 South East 10th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97214 Thank you for your kindness! 37
  38. 38. Communications PlanAADM 745: Promoting the ArtsThe Frist Center for the Visual ArtsThe Frist Center for the Visual Arts is the leading arts institution in Nashville, Tennessee’s rapidly growing visual art scene. Forthis project I developed a communications plan that targets Nashville residents age 15-25, which the Frist has not effectivelyreached in their previous marketing campaigns. Should the Frist successfully cultivate this market they could increasepatronage, membership and volunteers.Due to the age of the target market, this plan proposes a new media approach that would employ modes of communicationpreferred by this demographic. The success of a marketing plan depends on the quality of its research. The research proposedfor this plan continues before, during and after its implementation. The central media tools proposed are a museum blog,Facebook fan page, and a video cast contest. 38
  39. 39. 2011   The  Frist  Center  for  the  Visual  Arts   Communications  Plan   919  Broadway,  Nashville,  TN       615.244.3340                           39