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A PDF on electric heating systems


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A PDF on the benefits and costs of electric radiators

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A PDF on electric heating systems

  1. 1. How to Install Energy Efficient Radiators Energy efficient electric radiators are revolutionising home heating. Whether you require whole house heating, are replacing storage heaters or just want to warm an awkward cold spot.
  2. 2. Advantages of Haverland Electric Radiators Better energy efficiency than gas central heating or storage heaters Low running costs
  3. 3. Easy installation with no pipework or plumbing involved… Modern and attractive design…
  4. 4. A complete heating system that combats cold spots
  5. 5. Very Low Maintenance Costs 10 year radiator block seal guarantee/ Lifetime on RCWave
  6. 6. Installation Every Haverland electric radiator comes with a template which you place on the wall with a guide telling you where to drill the holes needed to fit the supplied mounting bracket. Step 1 - Mark the wall Step 2 – Drill 4 holes
  7. 7. From there all you need to do is screw your bracket to the wall and slot your electric radiator onto the bracket - it really is that simple! There are no pipes or plumbing to worry about as all our radiators come with a 13 amp plug - just plug it into the mains and you have instant heat. Step 3 – Fix Mounting Brackets Step 4 – Hang the radiator Step 5 – Screw into brackets Step 6 – Plug into 13 amp socket
  8. 8. Contact Eco Stores Direct Ltd Head Office | Conyngham Hall Bond End | Harrogate | HG5 9AY Tel - 0330 333 2262 (local call rate from BT landline)