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Digital 2.0


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Information on Digital 2.0

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Digital 2.0

  1. 1. Reinventing Learning Through Digital Play Prepared by Digital 2.0 August 2009
  2. 2. What does it mean to reinvent learning through digital play? “Digital play is to play online games. At Digital 2.0 we use computer game technology to develop games for primarily non-entertainment purposes” Jude Ower, Managing Director
  3. 3. Who we are Digital 2.0 are the UK‟s leading serious games company providing learning solutions through digital play. Our objective is to enhance peoples capabilities and awareness through using innovative gaming technology. Digital 2.0 provides learning solutions for any number of objectives such as training, education, awareness, communications and marketing. These can cover a range of topics such as implementing new internal processes, general business, soft skills, world issues, personal development and diversity and inclusiveness. We want to bring the power of games to your company and by using our services we will ensure that management teams are selecting the right training solutions for their people or you are getting an engaging and effective message out to the masses.
  4. 4. What we do Our end-to-end service aims to create the most successful game to suit your needs and requirements. This includes the following: • Research and due diligence • Game design and concept validation • Game architecture • Focus groups and testing • Competitive analysis landscaping • Cost and technology analysis • Pre-production activities • Project management • Deployment and integration
  5. 5. Why digital play? We believe that digital play empowers users providing them with an engaging, immersive and interactive experience which enhances their learning. • 80% claim they feel „more focussed‟ • 76% of players improve productivity • 72% believe playing games reduces job stress • 66% of respondents play for 30 mins (approx) • Casual gaming at work increases productivity (BBC) • Digital play is good for you! *(Worldwinner , a US-based internet company, surveyed 500 members, cited in ITP Technology, 27th May 2007 )
  6. 6. Why digital play? – Cont. Games provide an easy, accessible and adaptable approach to traditional learning approaches • Computer games captivate the audience – the industry is worth over £4.03 billion in the UK (2008) and the global games market was worth £54 billion (2008)* • Gamers are motivated to reach the next level and win • Experiences which involve degrees of emotion and engage the player • Anytime anywhere learning – accessible learning *NPD Group Sources
  7. 7. Why now? As we move forward with technology enhancements it‟s becoming more apparent the need for more innovative approaches in both communications and training. • E-learning has an 80% non-completion rate • Less tolerance in the workplace for passive situations (lectures, corporate classrooms, even traditional meetings) • Younger gaming generation moving into management positions • Replace old ways with chat, postings, surfing and interactive learning • Need to “Design for Doing”
  8. 8. Did you know that… • Today's average graduate spends less than 5000 hours of their lives reading - But, they spend around 10,000 hours playing games • By 2011, 80% of the world‟s internet using population will have a virtual avatar* • By 2011, one in five global fortune 500 companies will be using games for training** *Gartner, 2007 ** The Apply Group, 2007
  9. 9. Game characters and screen shots
  10. 10. What to do now? As part of our services we offer a free no obligation demo workshop. This workshop will include the following: • Introduction to digital play • How games can benefit your company and industry • A chance to play and create your own game • Facilitated ideas and game concept generation • Personalised next steps plan For more information or to get in touch please email: Thank you for taking the time to read our presentation