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  • Proof of her hardened personality  Sansa watches a knight die in battle and is indifferent to his gruesome death pg. 260ish
  • Rob acts like a man in Bran’s room  shows his maturity
  • What happens when Bildungsroman is not in the story? ..Twilight, Zeus Bildungsromain in the case of adults  BOROMIR
  • Bildungsroman sample

    1. 1. Sorcerers of Writing Andy Choi Crystal Liu Anthony Vu Whitley Zetina
    2. 2. Defining BildungsromanConventions/Purpose/Types of BildungsromanExamples in works of literatureExamples in LoTRExamples in GoTDiscussion: GoT PassageQuestions?Sources
    3. 3.  Genre of literature that focuses on the psychological, emotional, and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood  Simply put: Coming of age story"Bildungsroman." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 8 Oct. 2012. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.<>.
    4. 4.  Protagonist is forced away from home on a journey  Undergoes psychological/moral growth  Goal is maturity  Self-discovery  Conflict with society  Themes of grand struggle"Bildungsroman." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 8 Oct. 2012. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.<>.“The Victorian Bildungsroman.” Web. 12 Oct. 2012. <>.
    5. 5.  Portrays hero’s maturation process  Forces character to undergo changes  Defines expectations of society  Fosters growth of reader  Builds a greater understanding of the characterEverett, Kristian.”The Bildungsroman in Fantasy Fiction.” Web. 15 Oct. 2012.<>.
    6. 6. Gradual: Frodo slowly grows throughout the course of his journey (LoTR) Forced: Robb is forced to grow up when Bran falls into a coma (GoT)
    7. 7. Ex. The Hunger GamesKatniss/Primrose Everdeen  “I volunteer”
    8. 8. The Harry Potter Series
    9. 9. Ender’s Game  Ender/Bean
    10. 10. Artemis Fowl
    11. 11. Throughout the course of his journey, Frodo grows up as he carries the task of destroying the ring on his shoulders
    12. 12. Samwise Gamgee also embarks on the quest to destroy the ring, accompanying Frodo and growing up alongside him
    13. 13.  Robb grows up when he is expected to assume leadership of Winterfell after Ned leaves to King’s Landing to become King Robert’s Hand
    14. 14.  Jon Snow comes of age when he chooses to join the Night’s Watch and is faced with the harsh realities of life on the Wall
    15. 15.  Bran Stark wakes up from his coma and slowly matures as he tries to piece together the horrifying events leading up to his fall
    16. 16. After the death of her beloved direwolf, Sansa’s personality hardens and she becomes mentally stronger
    17. 17.  Dany undergoes a character transformation as she becomes stronger and more resilient towards her brother after marrying Khal Drogo
    18. 18. “[Maester Luwin] bowed his head. “Yes, my lady, but the appointments-”“I’ll make the appointments,” Robb said. Catelyn had not heard himenter, but there he stood in the doorway, looking at her. […] MaesterLuwin looked from Catelyn to her son. “I have prepared a list of those wemight wish to consider for the vacant offices,” he said, offering Robb apaper plucked from his sleeve. Her son glanced at the names. He hadcome from outside, Catelyn saw; his cheeks were red from the cold, hishair shaggy and windblown. “Good men,” he said. “We’ll talk about themtomorrow.” He handed back the list of names. “Very good, my lord.” Thepaper vanished into his sleeve. “Leave us now,” Robb said. MaesterLuwin bowed and departed. Robb closed the door behind him andturned to her. He was wearing a sword, she saw. “Mother, what are youdoing?” Catelyn had always thought Robb looked like her; like Bran andRickon and Sansa, he had the Tully coloring, the auburn hair, the blueeyes. Yet now for the first time she saw something of Eddard Stark in hisface, something as stern and hard as the north” (Martin 129-130). Martin, George R.R. A Game of Thrones. NY: Bantam Books, 1996. Print.
    19. 19.  What are some characters in other literary works who experience coming of age? Do you think we, as people, also undergo some sort of coming of age?  If so, is it as drastic as in works of literature? Do all high fantasy novels fall under the Bildungsroman genre? How does the absence of a coming-of-age story affect the novel? Is it necessary? Why does Bildungsroman only apply to young characters? Do you think it applies to adults as well?
    20. 20.  "Bildungsroman." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 8 Oct. 2012. Web. 12 Oct. 2012. <>. “Characters: Game of Thrones House Stark.” TV Tropes. Web. 14 Oct. 2012. < tark>. Everett, Kristian.”The Bildungsroman in Fantasy Fiction.” Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>. Hader, Suzanne. “The Bildungsroman Genre.” The Victorian Web. 21 Feb. 2005. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>. Martin, George R.R. A Game of Thrones. NY: Bantam Books, 1996. Print. “The Victorian Bildungsroman.” Web. 12 Oct. 2012. <>. Villabourani, Adrian. “What Exactly is an Example of Bildungsroman?” WordPress. 17 Mar. 2010. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. < of-bildungsroman/>. “What Is Coming of Age Fantasy?” Web. 13 Oct. 2012. <>.