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Top 10 Programming Languages to Know in 2014

Stay ahead of the curve and get up to speed with the most in demand programming languages. Stay competitive in 2014, but learning or brushing up on these skills, with curated training playlists on

#10: ASP.NET

#9: Objective-C

#8: Python

#7: C#

#6: PHP

#5: Javascript

#4: SQL

#3: C++

#2: C

#1: Java

UPDATE: There are no changes to the ranking, however the presentation more clearly articulates methodology and omits mention of Java’s relationship to JavaScript.

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Top 10 Programming Languages to Know in 2014

  2. Staying ahead of the curve is one of the greatest challenges any software engineer faces. Which programming languages are most in demand?
  3. We sourced LinkedIn,,, Stack Overflow, Jobs Tracker and the TIOBE Index to determine a top 10 ranking of the most sought-after programming languages for available jobs going into 2014.
  4. 10 ASP.NET Although not a true programming language, ASP.NET is a server-side web application framework for building dynamic web apps and pages— and it’s very much in demand.
  5. 9 Objective-C A general-purpose, object-oriented programming language derived from C. It’s broadly used today as the primary language in developing applications for Apple’s OS X and iOS operating systems.
  6. 8 Python Designed with an emphasis on readability and compact syntax, Python is a dynamic, highly flexible language commonly used for both scripting and developing applications.
  7. 7 C# Originally developed by Microsoft for the .NET initiative, C# is a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language used to develop software components for deployment in distributed environments.
  8. 6 PHP An open-source server-side scripting environment designed for web development, the PHP language is now a mainstay with most modern web-hosting services and it powers popular web applications like WordPress, Moodle, Facebook, and MediaWiki.
  9. 5 JavaScript An interpreted language conceived to provide interactive functionality to web browsers, JavaScript has also become popular in recent years for broader uses such as server-side programming, game development, and desktop applications.
  10. 4 SQL SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a special-purpose language designed for managing data held in relational database management systems, and a cornerstone of nearly all data-driven engineering projects.
  11. 3 C++ Beginning as enhancements to the core C language, C++ gained popularity for its object-oriented approach to programming, and is now a mainstay in systems software, applications, device drivers, and video game engineering.
  12. 2 C Available on almost all platforms, C is one of the most widely used programming languages. It’s enjoyed a long life due to its broad usage and role as a precursor to many later languages including C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, and Python.
  13. 1 Java A highly flexible object-oriented language designed to run on a broad variety of platforms, Java is the core language for enterprise client-server applications and the Android mobile operating system.