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How to Play Sound Across Multiple Slides in PowerPoint


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Adding audio to your presentations here in PowerPoint is yet another way to make them more interesting, and on occasion you'll want to play a clip on a slide, on other occasions you'll want to play a clip across multiple slides, and maybe not the entire presentation, but rather over a range of slides. That's what we're going to explore in this movie, as we continue working with our KE_Company_Info presentation 0108, if you need to get caught up. So we're on slide one and maybe we want some background music to play across slides one through, say, 10.

So that when we get to slide 11, the quiz, we no longer hear that background music, and we can concentrate on the questions that we're going to be adding to our quiz. So we'll go back to slide one and select it over here on the left-hand side. This is where we want to insert our audio clip. So we'll go to the INSERT tab on the ribbon, give that a click, way off to the right is where you'll find the Media section, and there's the Audio drop down. Give it a click, there are two options here to choose from, for inserting existing audio, we have it Online, so if there is a website for example, somewhere online where you have audio that you can access, it can be inserted there.

Maybe you have the file on your PC. It could be a wav file for example, which is embedded in your presentation. It becomes part of the presentation. Or maybe it's something like an mp3 file,which is a much smaller file and is linked to your presentation. Something to keep in mind if you're going to be sharing it, such as emailing your presentation to someone, you'll need to email the audio clip with it. The third option is to record audio here on the fly. So, for example, if you wanted to have your voice kind of explaining what's on the slide and then creating a kiosk-type presentation that people can play at their leisure.

But we're going to get some audio that's on our PC, we'll give that a click. We'll navigate to the exercise files in the Chapter1 folder, that's where you'll find an mp3 file, "Easy For You", it's background music, we'll give it a click and click Insert. Now that inserts this little icon, the speaker icon, with a Play bar below it, so we can move this around on the slide. Now don't worry too much about what you see here, we can make this invisible so people don't even see it, they just automatically start to hear the music in the background.

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