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Overview of Twitter Terminology


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Throughout this course, I'll be using terms unique to Twitter. There's a lot of lingo that is commonplace within the Twitter communities, so it would be helpful to take time to become familiar with this terminology. Let's review some terms together. Twitter handle. A handle is also known as a user name. This is how you'll be found on Twitter, and it's a public representation of your company. You'll notice that usernames are preceded with an @ symbol, and this @ symbol identifies the user name as a Twitter profile. And it's also how you'll reference other users when publishing Tweets.

The word Tweet is used interchangeably as a noun or a verb. A Tweet is a short message published by a person or a company. It's associated with a user name. It might contain a photo, video, links, and up to 140 characters of text. Now the act of sending this message is called Tweeting, or sending a Tweet. Timeline.

The timeline refers to a real-time feed of Tweets. You may also hear me reference this as a stream or a feed. Your home stream, for example, is where you'll see all the tweets shared by your friends and other people you follow.
Following someone on twitter is basically subscribing to see that user's updates inyour timeline.

You begin following by clicking the follow button found in various places on Twitter next to a user name. And when you follow someone they'll be notified, and they'll be listed in the following section of your Twitter profile. Follower. A follower is someone who has chosen to receive your updates in their timeline. This is a main focus of businesses on Twitter. Gaining followers is similar to getting likes on Facebook. The difference here is 100% of your Tweets,will be delivered to the timeline of your followers, in chronological order.

You can see how many followers you have from your Twitter profile. Now, the act of tweeting can involve some additional terminology, and there's some interesting nuances I'd like to point out. These are the @Reply, the mention, the direct message, the hashtag and the retweet. @Reply, you join in on an existing conversation by clicking the reply button on a tweet. This @Reply post an update, and references the username you are replying to at the front of the tweet. People only see others @Replies and their home timeline if they follow both the sender and recipient of the message.

Basic Twitter terminology, tips and more:

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