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Marketing with Twitter


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Over 240 million people worldwide turn to Twitter every day to talk about things that interest them. They might be interacting with a trending topic, such as the launch of a new iPhone,learning about world events, talking about their day-to-day life, or interacting with brands like yours. Being a business on Twitter is about creating and capturing these conversations. You might leverage Twitter to share details on a new product, a behind the scenes look at your process, or helpful tips that in turn can boost your retention. You might even convey your brand's personality by sharing other news from your industry or adding an opinion to an existing topic.

To be successful on Twitter, you'll need to take those core marketing objectives and break them down to what works on Twitter. At a high level, what is it that you're hoping to accomplish and how can you do so in small, short Tweets. A Tweet is basically the message that you share, and you'll have 140 characters to do it, so you've got to be really creative. By understanding your objective, you'll be able to quickly identify whether or not your efforts are panning out. Now Twitter is similar in sorts to Facebook. You'll create an account, design your page, and then you can publish and read Tweets.

The difference is that your Tweets will get 100% deliverability to anyone who follows you. Now that doesn't mean they'll see your Tweet. Right? They have lots of other brands, businesses, and people that they follow on Twitter. So they're going to be getting a stream of ideas all day long. So a good Tweet has to stand out and be timely. So to get set up, you'll visit,and then here in the right-hand corner you can choose the new to Twitter option and then fill out the fields here and go ahead and sign up. Twitter will walk you through the sign-up process, and you'll need to pick a username.

And you wanna make sure that username is short, easy to remember, and free from any characters like an underscore or numbers. Now I'm going to log in with a Twitter account that I've already set up, just to show you the interface. So now that we've logged in, here on the left-hand side we can see who we are. We'll get a sense of our profile photo, we can see our cover photo, we can also look at our business name and our Twitter handle. We'll see how many Tweets we've published, how many people we're following, and how many followers we have.Now this is just a miniature version of our profile page, which I'll show you in just a second.Here in the center of the screen, we can see our newsfeed.

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