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IT Skills That Employers Are Looking For In 2014


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Find out which IT skills are most in demand by employers. has curated training playlists for the top four IT skills the job market is demanding, to give you the edge you need as an IT Professional. Learn them and get a jump on your career in 2014.

#4: Project Management
Learn Project Management:

#3: Mobile Applications and Devices
Learn to program for mobile devices:

#2: Business Intelligence and Analytics
Learn Business Intelligence/Analytics:

#1: Program and Application Development:
Learn Programming:

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  • Above all else, I feel communication is the number one skill. In my particular 'expertise' I need to convey creative and functional ideas to the PM and the Dev Teams. Pseudo code, working code, flow charts, use case charts, narratives, mockups, etc. You need to be able to concisely communicate with other members of your project.
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IT Skills That Employers Are Looking For In 2014

  1. IT Skills: In Demand
  2. Which skills make IT professionals most hirable in 2014?
  3. We’ve identified the top four IT skills that the job market is demanding, to help you get a jump on your career in 2014.* * Source: Computerworld Forecast Survey, June 2013
  4. #4: Project Management The modern IT professional needs to know how to balance technical know-how with strong project management expertise—to be capable of planning, organizing, motivating, and marshaling resources to achieve goals and see projects through to completion. Find out how with these courses.
  5. #3: Mobile Applications & Devices As more business activity migrates from desktop and laptop computers to phones, tablets, and connected devices, there’s a real need in today’s IT workforce to both build functional mobile applications and manage the broad variety of hardware on which they’re deployed. Watch these video courses to find out.
  6. #2 Business Intelligence/Analytics From big data to Google Analytics, understanding the key metrics behind your business and making smart choices based on your data are critical skills for all aspects of the business world. Strong analysis of user behavior and effective campaigns can make your difficult business decisions easy. Learn how from these videos.
  7. #1: Programming & Application Development With mobile device usage skyrocketing and computers nearly ubiquitous in our homes, schools, and businesses, engineers who can adapt to new platforms, hardware, and challenges while building robust apps and digital experiences will always be in demand. Find out how with these video tutorials.