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How to Create a Custom Animation in PowerPoint


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One of the best way to add some visual excitement to your presentations is to use animation and we can animate objects in many ways, for example, on our Top Selling Product slide we earlier animated these objects to zoom in from the center of the slide, but did you know you can create custom paths for your objects if you want them to move around the slide? For example, in the previous movie we created this custom shape and if we wanted to, we can have it start off the slide and bounce in and around the objects that are on the slide and fall into this position using a custom path, that's exactly what we're going to do.

Let's start by going to the View tab and zooming out. I'm gonna click the Zoom button here in the zoom section and go back out to about 50 percent and click okay. That allows me to see the outside of the slide because we can start our object, our arrow, off the slide and have it follow a custom path onto the slide and fall into the position where we want it to finish. By moving it off the slide here, we can start with it invisible in the presentation and appear.

Next, we'll go up to animations by clicking the animations tab, you can see there is an animations section here with a drop down and different categories, Eentrance, Emphasis, Exit.As you use the scroll bar to scroll down, there is another category, Motion Paths, and there are some preset motion paths to choose from, even more of them down below. This is the one we want here, Custom Path. We'll give it a click, now you're mouse is a crosshair and ready to start creating the path. We're gonna start from the center of our object here.

We'll click and drag, let's drag up towards the top of the slide here and release. Now click and drag down to around the middle of the shower head and then click and drag up and you can see we're creating a path that's going to make it appear as though our object is bouncing around off the borders of the slide and the images on our slide. I'm going to click and drag, releasing along the way. Bounce down here and then into position right around there.

To end our custom path, we double click and what you're going to see is a quick preview of what's about to happen. We fine tune this, we can move to the end points or the beginning points, for example, and move them around. If you want to preview this at any time, click the Preview button and you'll see the change including other animations that appear on the slide.Okay, that's cool. It's kind of quick though and if we go over to the right here, on the ribbon with our Animations tab selected. You can see there is a Timing section and it will start on a click, I think it should start automatically, right after the last animation.

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