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Flip Your Management Training: Inspire Employees with Blended Learning. Explore manager training options, the benefits and results of blended learning, and the role of online instruction. Presented by Dr. Britt Andreatta

You can find more of Britt's training on lynda.com, here are some of her courses:

The Neuroscience of Learning:

Management Fundamentals:

Leading Change

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Having Difficult Conversations

Leadership Fundamentals

Delegating Tasks to Your Team

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    This is a full session and I will be sharing with you the blueprint for how to do it based on best practices and an award winning program
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    6 courses and more coming
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    A simple grid can help you map the issues. I would create a grid for managers as a group, etc.
    And then design learning that moves people up the grid.
    Knowledge = models, theories, data (change management)
    Skills = how to apply the concept in a specific context (like designing change or communicating it effectively)
    Behaviors = smaller words and actions that makeup the skill (seeking input of those affected by the change)
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    NOT classroom + computer
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  • Story here
  • Playlist http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/510f70ada13341e6a30bf5c5008925be
  • Playlist http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/2bda3ce03fd44ba097d7f4425b63c839
  • Playlist http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/a4f4eab0e7b54d15b60fdd9614d51087
  • Productivity http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/5168a713856a46829a0949c21b3b0b67

    Communication http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/33bf1fc89ba04294897e2a1aae04e500

    Prep for Mgmt http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/87b5e99a6d4c4413b155cd46cb2db5cb
  • Playlist http://www.lynda.com/SharedPlaylist/dbefe689b3a743c2b79ad4775813aa55
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  • Flip Your Management Training

    1. 1
    2. 2 Flip Your Management Training lynda.com Welcome & Introduction March 18, 2015
    3. 3 A Robust Online Training Library Content in Business Leadership, Management, Productivity, Communication, Software, Career Development, etc. 3,300+ courses Avg. 20 courses released per week 10,000+ hours of learning Avg. 5 hours released per day 138,000+ videos Avg. 750 released per week lynda.com Enterprise Learning Solutions
    4. 4 Agenda The Power of Managers Cultivating Potential Flipped Management Training Blended Learning Overview of our L+D program at lynda.com, Inc. Q+A Session Flip Your Management Training
    5. 5 Intended Audience Anyone who is implementing or revising training and development. Flip Your Management Training
    6. 6 Britt Andreatta Leadership consultant since 1998 Professor and Dean at UC Santa Barbara and Antioch University, teaching leadership and success skills PhD in Education, Leadership and Organizations lynda.com Member > Author > Director of Learning + Development Flip Your Management Training
    7. 7 The Power of Managers Flip Your Management Training Heather’s story People leave a boss, not a job Managers control all of the big drivers of engagement
    8. 8 Managers Drive Engagement Flip Your Management Training
    9. 9 Cultivating Potential Flip Your Management Training Having the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. Unrealized ability.
    10. 10 Mapping Potential Flip Your Management Training Level Knowledge Skills Behaviors Highest Next Current
    11. 11 Flip Your Management Training CONTENT Traditional Training During: Lecture After: Homework
    12. 12 Flip Your Management Training CONTENT Flipped Training Before: Learn During: Application + Discussion After: Extend Learning
    13. 13 Blended Learning The use of a range of effective training solutions, applied in a purposeful and coordinated manner, to achieve learning objectives that meet the organization’s strategic goals. Flip Your Management Training
    14. 14 Individual Collaborative Instructor/ExpertOnline • Take elearning course • Research online • Create a wiki or Google doc • Discussion forum • Review other’s work remotely • Create report/prezo remotely • Webinar • Interpret assessment • Case study with feedback Offline • Read article/book • Self-reflective notes or journaling • Group project • Dyad discussions • Case study • Field trip • In-person class • Coaching • Advise on project Flip Your Management Training
    15. 15 Menu of Options Management Skills Training Program Supervisory Skills Series Leadership Skills Training Program Curated Playlists Lunch + Learn Series Professional Excellence Series Flip Your Management Training
    16. 16 Flip Your Management Training CONTENT Before: Watch lynda.com course During: Application activities + peer discussions specific to our culture and context After: Practice + deeper dive with readings, links, etc. Management Skills Training Program
    17. 17 Management Skills Training Program 25 total hours = 6 lynda.com courses + 12-15 hrs. of in-person 2-week, 3-month, or 6-month Segments < 15 minutes Assessments, readings, practice Open to all global managers Management styles Engaging employees Emotional intelligence Coaching employees Time management Delegation Organizational acumen Facilitating change Cultivating teams Flip Your Management Training
    18. 18 Flip Your Management Training
    19. 19 Sample: Organizational Acumen Flip Your Management Training Watch lynda.com course Leading with Emotional Intelligence 3 concepts: Types of Power, Power+Influence Matrix, Peak Communication 3 activities: matrix, influence map, create comm plan Post event learning with readings and links
    20. 20 Flip Your Management Training CONTENT Before: Watch lynda.com course During: Application activities + peer discussions specific to our culture and context After: Practice + deeper dive with readings, links, etc. Leadership Skills Training Program
    21. 21 Leadership Skills Training Program 25 total hours = 6 lynda.com courses + 12-15 hrs. of in-person 2-week or 3-month Segments < 15 minutes Assessments, readings, practice Open to all MSTP1 completers Leadership styles Driving execution Courageous conversations Catalyzing innovation Enhancing productivity Building cohesive teams Cultural competence Flip Your Management Training
    22. 22 Sample: Courageous Conversations Flip Your Management Training Watch lynda.com course Having Difficult Conversations 3 concepts: Matrix of Difficulty, Ladder of Inference, Mirrors 3 activities: self assessment and dyad discussion of matrix, ladder, and mirrors Post event learning with readings and links
    23. 23 Flip Your Management Training
    24. 24 Supervisory Skills Series HR-related issues (laws, regs, best-practices, company policies) Live + video recording Interactive sessions + practice Required of all US supervisors Assign related lynda.com course Flip Your Management Training
    25. 25 Flip Your Management Training
    26. 26 Curated Playlists For all global employees Several relevant topics Updated quarterly Also see great lists at lynda.com/PlaylistCenter Flip Your Management Training
    27. 27 Lunch + Learn Series All global employees Monthly Live + video recording General skill and “Knowing the Business” series tracked to strategic goals Flip Your Management Training
    28. 28 Sample: Thriving Through Change Watch lynda.com course Embracing Change 3 concepts: Change Style, Greiner Curve, Change Curve 3 activities: self assessment, application, dyad discussion Post event learning with readings and links Flip Your Management Training
    29. 29 Professional Excellence Series Coming soon… Open to all global employees Similar topics as managers Menu of choices to be determined by employee with supervisor Emotional intelligence Time management Productivity Embracing change Effective communication Collaboration Courageous conversations Cultural competence Flip Your Management Training
    30. 30 Flip Your Management Training
    31. 31 “Super helpful. I’ve learned parts of this training in other ‘management training’ sessions before at Adobe, Macromedia, MetaTools, and other employers, but Britt’s job of pulling it all together into a very comprehensive program really gave the broader context I’d been looking for in those previous sessions. Kudos!” From Evaluations “I absolutely loved Britt’s delivery and the entire training! Immensely helpful and extremely comprehensive. It’s already helping in both my person and professional life. Thank you so much!” “I just had a situation where two members of my team had difficulties communicating. This workshop gave me exactly the tools I needed to resolve the issue.” “I actually used the model that afternoon. It gave me courage to discuss difficult issues with my co-workers and boss in a positive way.” Flip Your Management Training
    32. 32 Learn more at lynda.com Instructional Design Essentials Series: ❯ The Neuroscience of Learning with Britt Andreatta ❯ Flipping the Classroom with Aaron Quigley ❯ Models of Instructional Design with Shea Hanson ❯ Needs Analysis with Jeff Toister LMS Systems (various systems/models) Creating elearning (e.g. Captivate Projects series) Flip Your Management Training
    33. 33 Questions + Answers Flip Your Management Training
    34. 34 Follow us. BrittAndreatta.comlynda.com