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Code Drives the World

Coding isn't just for engineers. Find out how learning a little code can help managers, marketers, creatives, and IT folks.

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Code Drives the World

  1. 1. DRIVES THE WORLD Coding isn'tjust for engineers. Whatever it is you do, learning a little code can help you do it better. loday‘s business manager relies on a variety of databases to run their organization; SQL can help you collect and sort your data in order to make more grounded decisions. Analysts visualize patterns and relationships across huge volumes of big data. R is a great language to transform your business data into actionable insight that can help fine—tune your strategy. MARKETING VISUAL BASIC Strong marketing decisions require an even stronger View of your business data. Visua| Basic can help automate and extend Excel, and give you clearer insight on your data. CSS Publishing happens online today. To format your content for the web, HTl/ lL‘s sidekick CSS is your best friend. A CREATIVE “A""c SASS/ LESS CSS—based designs can get complex and av-. Ikwartly: preprotessing languages like JAVASCRIPT Sass and LESS extend CSS with variables and logic to make cross-browser layouts Today‘s graphic designer easy to maintain. creates much more than static images. JavaScript helps add interactivity to digital projects. and automate tedious processes in common design tools. ENGINEERING APP DEVELOPER SWIFT Swift is the brand new programming language from "E. DEVELOPER Apple that makes code cleaner A"Gu| _ARJs and speeds up development. App developers looking to the JavaScript and the frameworks built lUlUf€ Oi lO5 and O5 X JDD5 upon it like Angu| ar. lS are ”99d look "0 ll”llV‘l'~ increasingly vital for developing modern web applications quickly. "‘“’°°" P ow E R S H E Ll Data scientists automate the process of collecting and managing big Powershell is a popular environment dat3‘a“d Had°°p is 3 m”5t'k“°"" for smpting and configming platform for data wrangling. Windows systems; it can make your organization's IT deployments and updates run more smoothly. WE'VE GOT IT ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. |ynda_COrn httpz. -"i"| ynda. com. i'codedrivestheworld