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Welcome to back to-school night 12


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Back to School Nighr Powerpoint Info.

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Welcome to back to-school night 12

  1. 1. Welcome!• Please feel free to walk around the room and look at all the resources we have to learn with and take note of your child’s work.
  2. 2. Welcome to Back to School Night!et’s Reach For The Stars
  3. 3. The Connors’ Family:Joe, Lynn, Joey, Danny & Tori
  4. 4. The Shining Stars of Our Class!!
  5. 5. Our “Special” Schedule• Monday – Music & Computer Lab• Tuesday – Library & Science Lab• Wednesday – Gym• Thursday – Gym• Friday – ArtAll of our specials are 10:15 – 10:55
  6. 6. Important notes from First Day Letter Please check/sign the Weekly Homework Sheet Daily. If you are requesting HW when your child is absent, please call and request the HW before 11 am. Please send in a note or call the main office whenever your child’s pick up plans have changed. Send your child to school with only 1 healthy snack and 1 drink. We are a peanut free classroom. (Note milk dates quarterly) Birthdays will be celebrated with a snack. Please contact the allergy parents for advice before baking. No invitations or goodie bags can be handed out. If you have given your child an important note for me and/or if they are handing in any money, please remind them to give it to me upon arrival.
  7. 7. Folder Contents District Notices Creative Parenting Letter Attendance Information Code of Conduct ( already sent home) Yes/No slips Scholastic Book Club/ Scholastic News Magazine How to encourage reading Handwriting Information Poems to share FS curriculum guides are online.
  8. 8. English Language Arts Scott Foresman Reading Series Main Components: High-Frequency Words/Word Ring Comprehension Skills Common Core Curriculum Activities Spelling/Phonics Grammar Anthology Leveled Readers/Read and Return Decodable Readers “Family Times” letter/games
  9. 9. Guided ReadingComprehension Accuracy Fluency Expand I can understand what I read I can read the words I can read accurately, with Vocabulary expression, and I know, find, and use understand what I interesting words readGood Readers: Good Readers: Good Readers: Good Readers:•check for •check the picture •reread books •identify an unfamiliarunderstanding •start the word •use punctuation word•go back and reread •stretch it out for expression •use pictures,•use prior knowledge •look for chunks •stop at the period illustrations and•make pictures in their •skip the word, •questions mark diagramsmind (visualizing) then come back •exclamation point •use word parts•make connections •ask, “does it make •make it sound like (prefixes, suffixes,•make and confirm sense?” you are talking etc.)predictions •ask, “does it sound •use voice to show •use context clues•infer or draw right?” the mood of the •connect new words toconclusions •cross check story or known words•retell the story character’s•recognize literacy feelingselements (genre, plot, •scoop groups ofcharacter, setting, words for phrasingproblem/resolution,theme)•summarize•ask questions
  10. 10. Writing Fundamentals Handwriting Formation – Review handouts. Writing – Narrative and Nonficton Inventive Spelling is appropriate and encouraged yet the correct spelling should be shown.Writing Folders – see letter for info.Modeled writing activitiesExtended responses in ELA and Math(Backpack Books – State mandated.)Responses should be in complete sentences.
  11. 11. Houghton-Mifflin “Go Math”• This program emphasizes understanding and explanation.• Whiteboard and manipulatives are used to introduce and reinforce concepts in large and small group instruction.• Topics covered are: – Addition – Subtraction – Number Models through 120. – Comparing numbers – Two-digit addition and subtraction (no regrouping) – Measurement – Graphing – Geometry * Math sacks are a District Requirement
  12. 12. Student Assessments DRA Testing SpellingTests STAR Tests in ELA and Math (These are computer generated.) Math Chapter Assessments Selection/Reading Tests District End of Year Assessments in ELA and Math – Spring 2014
  13. 13. Additional Notes• Report cards are distributed in December, March, and June.• Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, and March 7/March 11.• Our Head Class Parent for this year is Mrs. Spano.• My website is:• Two field trips are scheduled thus far.• Discipline is individual, table and whole class.• Star Student begins in October.• School website has “Helpful Websites”