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Pre-Practice – “What can I do with my Defensemen?”


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Pre-Practice – “What can I do with my Defensemen?”

  1. 1. Pre-Practice – “What can I do with my Defensemen?” Presented by: Chris Perzinski Max Silberlicht Lynchburg College Lacrosse
  2. 2. Platform for Discussion• Drills are focused on Footwork, Stickwork, and Communication• Competition / Game Like Scenarios• Maximize time / Variety• Non-Traditional Areas of the Field
  3. 3. Thank You’s• US Lacrosse, Lynchburg College, Steve Koudelka, Pat McAdams, Carl Runk, Steve Turnbaugh, Matt Pearce.• My Family• Players at Lynchburg College
  4. 4. 3 Line FW / SW• Focus on smallest aspects of the game• Everyone has a ball• Use as dynamic Warm Up• Seamless Transition into Catching/Throwing
  5. 5. All Areas• FW – Shuffle / Karaoke• GB• GB / Split• GB / Breakdown / Dodge• GB Breakdown / Big Turn• Goose / GB• DB Drill - Hips / Positioning + Communication off GB
  6. 6. In Tight SW – Seamless Transition from FW Lines• GB• Transition GB• In Tight Passing• Bounce• In Tight Flips• GB, Big Turn, to Over Pass
  7. 7. 5 Man Sideline SW• GB’s Away, Big Turn, OTS Catch, Clear to Middie• Off Ball Communication a Must• Hidden Conditioner
  8. 8. Star Drill• Slide / Recovery• Quickness to Recover• Breakdown• Communication• Hidden Conditioner
  9. 9. The Football Pad• New element of Competition• Different / Spice it Up• Highlights Footwork – “Play with your feet, have fun with your stick.”
  10. 10. Above the Line Clearing• Competitive Stickwork• Day Before a Game• Variety• Communication• Left, Right, Up, Down, Big One, High & Away, Low & Away, Goalie
  11. 11. Use the Restraining Line to Mid Field Box Defense Defense Defense Goalie Defense Goalies Getting Warmed Up
  12. 12. Bump and Big One• Incorporates all SW / Clearing Drills• Brings in fundamental Team D Concepts• Kids love the Football Pad• Communication• Stress the SW
  13. 13. Tires / Creative Drilling• $ Friendly• Non-Traditional FW Drills• Sense of Ownership / Pride
  14. 14. Questions•• Thank you!