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Olympic Dreams That Make Sport of Physics


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Dr. Eric Goff, professor of Physics at Lynchburg College, discusses the physics of athletics in his presentation entitled "Olympic Dreams That Make Sport of Physics," a keynote address at the 2012 International Sports Engineering Conference July 9-13 at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Inn and Conference Center. Featuring presentations by global sports science experts, the conference took place in the United States for only the second time in its16-year history.

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Olympic Dreams That Make Sport of Physics

  1. 12 July 2012
  2. Second-Grade Science _ _ _o_o t h sm __marbles
  3. Men’s 100-m DashBold Prediction: Winner is Jamaican with an “a”in his first name and an “l” in his last name. Usain Bolt Asafa Powell Yohan Blake (1.96 m 6 5 ) (1.91 m 6 3 ) (1.80 m 5 11 ) 9.58 s (WR)
  4. Women’s 100-m Dash • Started training with John Smith at age 29. • Ralph Mann’s video analysis Carmelita Jeter work at CompuSport. USA The Washington Post10.64 s (personal best) Sunday, 12 February 201210.49 s (WR – FloJo)
  5. Table TennisWang Hao China vi 20 m/s (45 mph) vf 14 m/s (32 mph) vT 8.8 m/s (20 mph)
  6. Table Tennis Backhand: Butterfly Sriver topsheet on a Bryce Speed sponge Less “spongy” and less tackier to give more control.Wang Hao China Forehand: DHS Skyline III Blue Sponge More “spongy” and more tackier to give lots of spin.
  7. New team entry???
  8. Field HockeyAustraliaArgentina
  9. Field Hockey SticksMark McHutchon PhD thesis (University of Sheffield)
  10. Men’s +105-kg Weightlifting (Snatch) Behdad Salimi m = 214 kg (472 lbs) Iran h 2.1 m (7 ft) t 3s Eout 4.5 kJ 1 Calorie Eint 4 Calories ( 25% efficient) Pout 1.5 kW 2 hp
  11. Men’s Archery • 72 arrows shot during ranking roundBrady Ellison USA • Recurve Bow 85% efficient • Each shot stores 60 J of energy • 72 shots @ 25% body efficiency requires 17.3 kJ athlete energy 4 Calories
  12. Ongoing Archery Research Images courtesy of Robert Donahoe.
  13. Cycling – Women’s Sprint Flying 200-m time trialVictoria Pendleton 10.963 s (Olympic Record) United Kingdom <v> 18.24 m/s 40.81 mph Pout 0.77 kW 1 hp ½ PSalimi Eint 8 Calories
  14. Women’s High Jump Blanka Vlašić Personal Best: Croatia(1.93 m 6 4 tall) 2.08 m (6 10 ) World Record: • ½% increase in gravitational potential energy 2.09 m (6 10 ) • ½% increase in vertical launch speed Stefka Kostadinova (1987)
  15. Men’s High Jump Jesse Williams Personal Best: USA 2.37 m (7 9¼ )(1.84 m 6 ½ tall)• Greater acceleration makes up for smaller height. World Record:• 3%-12% faster on approach than his competitors. 2.45 m (8 00 )• Slightly less lean upon jumping. Javier Sotomayor• See current issue of Outside! (1983)
  16. Non-Human Projectiles: Footballs 14.1 m/s 31.5 mph “Power and spin in the beautiful game,” John Eric Goff, Physics Today, July 2010
  17. The Albert by Adidas • Tango 12 Series by Adidas • 32 Thermally-Bonded Triangles • Grip Texture • Woven Carcass and New Bladder to Better Hold Air and Keep Out Water My Picks: Men Women
  18. Women’s 200-m BackstrokeMissy Franklin Personal Best: USA 2:05.10(17 years old!) (2011) World Record: Kirsty Coventry (Zimbabwe) – 2:04.81
  19. Women’s 200-m Backstroke TALL! – 6 1.5 (1.87 m) Big wingspan! – 6 4 (same as height for “normal” people!) Big hands and feet (size 13)! The Washington Post Sunday, 21 March 2012
  20. The Beauty of Angular Momentum
  21. Men’s Long JumpMitchell Watt Australia Arms and legs move to conserve angular momentum! 1 m (3 ft) added!Personal Best: 8.44 m (27 8¼ ) CORBIS Beamonesque effort needed!
  22. Women’s 10-m Platform Chen Ruolin China Throwing arms and bending at waist allow for twists keep angular mom. conserved!FINA Rule: D 8.4.6 In dives with twist, the twisting shall not be manifestly donefrom the springboard or platform. If the twisting is manifestly done from thespringboard or platform, each judge shall deduct ½ to 2 points, according to his opinion. Ilayout 4.3 Ituck 2.3 Ituck 13.6 Itwist
  23. More Neat Diving Physics• Archimedes helps out with a 5-m (16.4-ft) deep pool!• Don’t expect the movie to run backwards (2nd law of thermodynamics)!
  24. Women’s Gymnastics – Uneven Bars Viktoria Komova Russia
  25. Women’s 50-m Rifle Three PositionsSonja Pfeilschifter Germany • 0.22-caliber (5.6 mm) small-bore, single-loader rifle • Rifling Stability via angular momentum conservation!
  26. How good is an “accurate” shooter? 10.4 mm (0.409 ) vi 331 m/s (740 mph) vf 302 m/s (676 mph) t 0.16 s Smashed Ping-Pong Ball Across Table! 154.4 mm (6.08 )
  27. Men’s Discus ThrowRobert Harting Personal Best: Germany 69.43 m (227.8 ft) World Record: 74.08 m (243.0 ft) Jürgen Schult (1986) – longest-standing mens world record!
  28. Men’s Discus Throw Ch. 8v0 = 25 m/s ( 56 mph)
  29. Who are the best scientists?
  30. Scientific Literacy Science and the Educated American: A Core Component of Liberal Education (AAAS)Miller: “… able to read the Science section in the Tuesday New York Times.”
  31. Elementary School ScienceSCIENCE AND ENGINEERING INDICATORS 2012
  32. Summary of AAPT Sponsored Discussion GroupResponse to Achieve on the Next GenerationScience Standards First DraftMay 31, 2012:Even teachers with excellent content knowledge willneed professional development activities to assistthem in implementing the science and engineeringpractices both in student learning and in studentperformance assessments.
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  34. Photo Credits the-women-sprint 014%2C_J%C3%BCrgen_Schult.jpg speed/2012/02/15/gIQAtHT7RS_story.html %E2%80%98the-albert%E2%80%99/ oria+Komova
  35. Thanks So Much!More from me: Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports Questions and/or comments???