Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe - Excerpt


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Sheri-D Wilson's Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe transports you into the “now” of metaphysical possibility, to fly between solitude and wild abandon, from Buddha blink to cosmic flare.

At once organic, spiritual and technical, Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe uses QR codes to send readers outside the book to new vantage points. Wilson says, “QR codes bridge the gap between pencil and tech where poetry is high paced, high energy and the perspective is technology.” In performance Sheri-D moves outside the book; QR is outside the book. The experience of poetry is lifted off the written page and transported to a totally new platform.

Pervading the book is Wilson’s belief in an upsurge of feminine divine energy that will quell the madness of our times.

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Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe - Excerpt

  1. 1.  
  2. 2. It was as though The lifeline on her palm Had fallen between the cracksOf the impossible and the arbitrary
  3. 3. Also by Sheri-D Wilson:Books:Autopsy of a Turvy World (2008)Re:Zoom (2005)Between Lovers (2002)The Sweet Taste of Lightning (1998)Girl’s Guide to Giving Head (1996)Swerve (1993)Bulls Whip & Lambs Wool (1989)CDs:Re:Cord (2006)the sweet taste of lightning (2001)Edited Works:The Spoken Word Workbook: inspiration from poets who teach (2011)
  4. 4. GODDESSGone Fishing for a Map of the Universe The Poems Sheri-D Wilson Calgary AB
  5. 5. Copyright © 2012 by Sheri-D WilsonAll rights reserved, including moral rights. No part of this publication may be reproducedor transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical includingphotocopying, recording, or any information storage retrieval system without permissionin writing from the author or publisher, or ACCESS copyright, except by a reviewer oracademic who may quote brief passages in a review or critical study.Book design: Neil Petrunia/Epix DesignCover Image and design: Peter Moller/Egg PressAuthor photo: Mike RobertsLibrary and Archives Canada Cataloguing in PublicationWilson, Sheri-D. Goddess gone fishing for a map of the universe : thepoems / Sheri-D Wilson.Issued also in an electronic format.ISBN 978-1-897181-60-7 I. Title.PS8595.I5865G64 2012 C811’.54 C2012-900256-9Frontenac House Media gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council forthe Arts for our publishing program. We would also like to thank the Government ofAlberta Multimedia Development Fund for their support of our publishing program.Printed and bound in CanadaPublished by Frontenac House Media Ltd.Building B1, Suite 136, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW,Calgary, Alberta, T3P 1G9, CanadaTel: 403-245-2491 Fax: 403-245-2380editor@frontenachouse.com www.frontenachouse.com
  6. 6. ContentsHyperlink: The Cartographer 11Ode to my Microscopic Life 17 Part I – Preamble: 17 Part II – Ode to my Microscopic Life: 18 Part III – Self Portrait: 20Dancing Off the Side of an Urn 24Monterey Bay 27 Passageway I 27 Passageway II 29 Passageway III 30Primordial Women Riff 31 Euphonic Sketch I – Saturn 31 Euphonic Sketch II – Jupiter 31 Euphonic Sketch III – Mercury 32 Euphonic Sketch IV – Mars 32 Euphonic Sketch V – Venus 32 Euphonic Sketch VI – Moon 33 Euphonic Sketch VII – Earth 33She was a Water Sign 35Goddess of New York City 37Gypsy Madonna from Florence On the Opening Night of Lorca 41Ubiquitous Google Goddess 45Three Dick Pix 48 Part I – Phallus Photos 48 Part II – Mixing Cocktails with Ego-testicles 49 Part III – Tele-dildonics 50Geek Love & Skin Diving 51Fish Tale 53Aphrodite’s Aphrodisiac 55Why Calliope Loves Poetry 58Plotting a Plot 60Ffraid’s Cadarnhad – Cyn She Siarad 63Thrown Out 65Speaking Fans 67The Barcelona Bakery of no Return 71
  7. 7. Heart 76 Telling Hearts – Apart: 76 Hearts are Body Parts: 77 Follow your Heart: 77 Wild @ Heart: 77 Hearts for Sale or Rent: 78 Heart Failure: 78 Heart of Lost Letters: 78 Ghosting Heart: 79 Heart of a Poet: 80 Disguising your Heart Throb: 80 How to Test the Heart: 80 Heart of Sticky Notes – The Real Test: 81 Love High Tech Hearts: 81 Robot Heart: 81 Hearts in Space: 82 Reflections at Heart: 82Incredibly Realistic Gypsy 84In Search of a Metaphysical Rock Star 87Sister Mary 91Baubo Exposed 93Accident Prone Goddess 96When the Goddess Isn’t Looking 100Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Shakti! Shakti! News Flash! 102The Hair Piece 105Dance of the Sparrow 108Why Goddess? 109
  8. 8. HYPERLINK: THE CARTOGRAPHERIf the Universe is a womanand the woman is a cartographerand the cartographer creates a mapand the map is of herselfthen she, the Universe, couldrecreate herself, by imaginingherself as she might imagine herselfto be, therefore designing or divininga new way to be seen.And as she reinvents herself, to markher transformation from MissUniverse to MissMulti-verse, she rebootsto set her new default name asMama Mappa Mundi.And when she laughs, stars explodefrom her stellar mind, ten billion lightyears of knowing atoms, water-based lifewhat happens after death, and if there is a Godflash in her every breath.She thinks: I’m expanding exponentiallymaybe I should go on a dietmore exercise. Then again I like beingquasar-esque, painters plead to paint meand what could be betterthan that?A macrocosm in a tear, yes. 11
  9. 9. She charts a hemispherewhere dreams reside, so to interpretherself from the other side, flipside. Plots a new discourse, tongue & groovefresh attitude, new angle on ancient territories,hidden stories—she’s on the move, weavingnew cloth out of old voids.Opus to the impossible. 1.2.3: Ahau 5.6.7: CumbuAbracadabra. She thinks itand it appears, duende—she finds a map buried somewhere in a lostshop, in some forgotten alleyoff an unknown street; and this cloakedshop is a virtual galaxy brimmingwith curiosities, like collectable skeleton keysto nowhere; jails that no longer have bars;and Miss Multi-verse returns from afarto earth—tablet in hand, no words to describethe lost and forgotten land. No mental mapcould include, exclude, conclude or precludewhere she thinks she may have beento discover it.A microcosm in a breath.How does her map depict— Island Place of the rising sun? Island The sun is hidden and nothing can be seen? Island Beyond the flight of birds?12
  10. 10. It is a map of every possibilityevery pinpoint, every landmarknamed and unnamed, and it is blank—terra nullius.And when our cartographerunfolds this mapshe’ll never have to refold itfor it will unfold and fold itselfmemorizing its own creases,an automatic mapwhich knows its own limitationsembodies its own contradictions.The way the elements of the landscapefold into one another.It indicates patterns of birdsand animals and clouds and spheresand sand in the rocks between tidescounting extremophiles, the flow of reptilesand groves of trees of life, orchards and canopiesforests, ocean winds and seasand all movements of water.It indicates every essence of every beingwhoever passed throughits waypoints, and all storiesall sounds—time simultaneousand all history, all fanciful fripperysub-atomic to cosmic mysterypractical and impracticalD-mercantilizationD-nationalisationall at the same timeat the same distanceas if circumnavigating light. 13
  11. 11. With infra-red telescopic eyes Miss Multi-versepeers deep into her own space. Some wouldcall her a navel-gazer, an omphaloskepticBut Miss M-verse knows she’s just a multi-coreworry wart so she continues to muse: fillingomnipotent shoes, the terraformingof Mars with a multi-infinity intensitythe parallel multi-verse, divinitysubterranean habitation, the Copernicus revelationunplugged into twelve-dimensional hyper-spacebeing bugged, Genesis as Utopia, exoplanetsand what will LISA’s baby picturestell her about the instantof her own creation?She retweets a self-proclaimedmathematician’s joke: The Universeis a hologram projected bya microscopic disco ball.She thinks: Yeah, and I’m a mapper rapper!And she tweets: Off to do some vacuuming.Then,she signals for her Hippogriff, Oceanusand she disappears.Dust.14
  12. 12. To read her directions—one must first learnto read the mind of the makerof the map, Einstein. What datadid she include, omit? One thing’s for sure,her map won’t colonize or control,for the spirit of one small Universeamong so many Universesmust be free to explorethe whole.It’s all in the spectro-scopic eye.If something’s forgottenin the asteroseismology of starsdoes it continue to exist? Andhow does the creator depict:The flight of birds.The extinction list.If the cartographer sees a depictionof wind, will there be windso trees might grow, if she seesSun, will there be SunMoon, MoonLightLight?Musica Humana. A microcosm in a scale.<<<<<<<<<A fish scale>>>>>>>>>If you put a fishinto a Zen garden pool,will it become Zen? 15
  13. 13. <<<<<<<<< Biospherium>>>>>>>>>Trust the Multi-versea virgin dimension, matrixwith no border-linesatlas of endless possibilityetheric—her-meticwith all routes in, through, aroundand aboutbreath.<<<<<<<<<Gills>>>>>>>>>They say poetry allows us to seewhat is too large for our vision:If I look through a magnifying glassshe thinks, there is nothing too smallfor my mind.Orbis musicae theatri et cathedrascircuirent circuitudonec requiemcum in orationibus divinis feminine.And so on—till the cows come home.16
  14. 14. WHY GODDESS?Fishing for a dream—a bumper sticker stuck on the fenderof a carbonless car reads: Isis Isis Ra Ra Rathe Earth chants, the trees talkand the sea singsevery poet brings newmeaning to duende,the statue of the Vierge Noire was not createdby human hands, she’s found in trees, groveslakes, streams and natural springs—if you try to take the Goddess awayor remove her, the place will no longer existthe tail of a cometand fire, the fire withinexpression of fire-linesleading to the caveover a lifetime and againgo fish!the feminine divine teachesall humankind how to wishfor the first time, explainswhat it means to come truea small dog named Violetwith an ultra big heartwho loves beyond reason 109
  15. 15. with abalone eyessees into the bluesreds and greens and white and black and brownand yellow of gold—and coloursunseen—keyhole to meditationand worship—where supernatural powersof the statue are kept—indestructibleshe always returns to the templethe gypsy lament to the moonand her retrograde visionand the swing sister sweetresonant chariot, fanciful feetin whimsical power bootsmagic lingering and quirkyand kooky space suitsfinding restful places to tie a flymother and witch and virgin and whoreall opening doors and holding them openlong enough for everyone to come into drum for the womb, past a dualities tombdissolving like sugar and spell-binding the roominto one, at one with naturelook under a stoneGoddess, isa basket of sweet wild berriesfresh picked among spidersleft at the door with a bellringing onceand languages, allways of seeing and tellingwith the intention to blessand therefore be blessed,110
  16. 16. midwife of all Marystransformation past the hunger of timewith eglantine and ivyomnipresent, into invisible textsevaporated by knowingGoddessof dreams, or astronomy, or comedyor idyllic poetry, Goddess of sacredor choral music and dance or romance, epic poetryor history—one Goddess by all namesfor we are all one, poetry and flute and lyreone body—all rare—Vitruvian Womanflower petal to the metal up the fault lineof no regrets, ancient trees, dancing naked in the rainas a blue bird, shakes tail feathers freeas goldfish memory evokes of all thosewho came before and sangtill the feathers at our feetflyGoddess is Goddessand that is that,and that is whythe magic number is oneand none, aleatorica Goddesscreates great beauty, as mindsopen books, and heartslet the tongue be free in sanctuaryGoddess is praiseof the Goddessand the map is never finished 111
  17. 17. Sheri-D WilsonPoetwww.sheridwilson.comArtistic DirectorCalgary Spoken Word Festivalwww.calgaryspokenwordfestival.comDirectorSpoken Word ProgramThe Banff Centrewww.spokenwordworkbook.comTwitter @SheriD WilsonFacebook