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One to one rota Lyn September 2012


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One to one rota Lyn September 2012

  1. 1. Level 3 year 2One to one tutorial slotsALZ – meet Lyn Bradley Date and time Name Aspinall Thomas Friday 15th September – Benson Steven Friday 15th September – 1.15pm Cooke Matthew Friday 15th September – 1.30pm Eccles Nathan Friday 15th September – 1.45pm Hartley Jade Friday 22nd September – Lord Katie Friday 22nd September – 1.15pm Mills Edward Friday 22nd September – 1.30pm White Shane Friday 22nd September – 1.45pm Friday 29th September – Fewster Christopher Friday 29th September – 1.15pm McConachie Joshua Storey Andrew Friday 29th September – 1.30pm Friday 29th September – 1.45pm Taylor James Friday 6th October – 1pm Williams Shane