Vital C Land Development Corporation


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  • Just Like to know how my wife and I get our investment contractual payout from our 180,000.00 Investment with Vital C Land from 2011 it has been 4 years and five Months and now that Mr J King has Pasted we are still waiting for our money as the family has terminated all contracts so we see this a Breach of Contract and may take Legal action for this and Compensation for all Costs incured for time and Loss of income and Investment with interest and More !!!! People BE CAREFULL
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Vital C Land Development Corporation

  1. 1. cV
  2. 2. The Philippines is home to thousands of networking companiesthat carry products from about almost anything like apparels,cosmetics, lifestyle, and health products.Most people who joined networks know there is good money involved here.
  3. 3. Some made it big and started acquiring material things likeexpensive cars, jewelries, and houses as a reward for their hardearned cash. Lifestyle changed and spending power becomes higher...
  4. 4. Unfortunately, most of these networkcompanies do not last that long. Theyjust vanished and soon they just leavethe members with no income andhuge debts.
  5. 5. cV
  6. 6. Introducing the Vital C Land Development Corporation!Half of this company will be owned by Vital C and half ofthis will be sold as common stock shares to its membersand employees… thus forging a bond between thecompany and its members like no other networkingcompany in the Philippines.Members will now get a chance to enjoy a lifestyle likethey have never experienced before… quality yetaffordable vacations for them and their families. At thesame time, owning a share of the company that isguaranteed to earn them an income and will help themplan their retirement with no worries. All they have todo is continue promoting their healthy lifestyle withVital C products and buy shares from their earnings. Itdoesnt take a financial guru to figure this out…
  7. 7. Vision: VisionOur vision is to unite all members and employees with a commongoal of promoting a good & healthy life through Vital productsand forge a lifetime partnership through its land developmentprojects in premier vacation capitals of the country and aroundAsia wherein the members and employees will be shareholdersof this income generating properties and making Vital C theirretirement company to a good life.
  8. 8. Mission: MissionOur mission is to enrich your quality of life and to provide you – thesales leaders, agents, employees and members – and your family, toenjoy a life filled with vacation breaks in premier vacation capitals ofthe country and around Asia and an opportunity to take part inincome generating investments of the company. Giving one to enjoylife after retirement at the same time promoting a healthy lifestylethrough its health products.
  9. 9. Vital C believes that all its members & employees shouldhave balance life of work & play. One should have notonly a healthy life but also a quality life where onedeserves to enjoy the product of his/her hard work. Its the good life… partners for Life
  10. 10. The company will be developing premier resorts in: Buruanga (Caticlan) Pagudpud (Ilocos)Guimaras (Panay) Bantayan (Cebu) Busuanga (Palawan)
  11. 11. The company will own condotel units nationwide in• Cebu (Ultima Residences Fuente Tower 3)• Boracay (Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center)• Makati• Ortigas Members can use their annual privilege room night• Tagaytay here while waiting for the development of the resorts• Baguio, and etc. Boracay (Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center)Ultima Residences Fuente Tower 3
  12. 12. and also around Asia like in:• Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket)• Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali)• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)• Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi)• Cambodia
  13. 13. No. of Privilege Night Stay per yearThese common stock shares can also be sold as value of the stocks will appreciate with time.When the resort is completed, shareholder will get dividends from income of the resort.
  14. 14. The ResortVital C Land Development initial development will start in Buruanga, Caticlan. It is a municipality inthe province of Aklan, Philippines, to its north is where Malay, Aklan and to its south is wheremunicipality of Libertad, Antique is located while to its west lies Cuyo Sea. Buruangas is known forits beautiful mangroves as well as beautiful rock formations which makes it one of the Off the beatenpath destinations. It can be access via 20-minute car ride from Caticlan or a 20-minute boat ridefrom Boracay Beach. It has more than 1 km beach line with same powdery white sand & crystal bluewater of Boracay. You can also experience the same magnificent Boracay sunset view from this
  15. 15. The companys concept is to develop a resort with a subdivision. Imagine owning a land in an island nature resort where you can build your dream house and just enjoy your retirement. The resort will feature adventure parks, mini zoo & aviary, swimming pool, zip lines, and team building facilities. Room rate in the resort is around US $120 to $150 and as a active Vital C stockholder, youll get to stay in it for only Php 1,800.00/ night using your privilege night stay coupon.The subdivision will be under phase II of the project. It will be sold exclusively to members in a predetermined sizes. Youll own ahome or a family rest house in a paradise island.Other resort destinations soon to follow will be in Bantayan (Cebu), Pagudpud (Ilocos), Busuanga (Palawan), Guimaras (Panay),and etc.The privilege night stay is a privilege given only to active Vital C users and members, if you stop using the product, you becomeonly a stockholder with dividends only once the resort is open. Your privilege night stay will be forfeited. Privilege night stay havea validity of one year from date of issue and is non-cumulative and subject to room availability.
  16. 16. Mechanics:• For every purchase of one (1) Vital C starter pack at Php 6,944 a member is entitled to buy one (1) share at 30% discount (Php 700 / share).• For every Value Pack at P35,000 a member may buy up to a maximum of five (5) shares at Php 700 per share. (5 shares = Php 3,500)• Every repeat sale of P7000, a member may buy one (1) share at Php 700 per share. c• For monthly maintenance of Php 1,100, a member can buy the share at Php 900 per share• Par value of share is at Php 1,000 per share. V Vital C Land Development C o r p o r a t i o n
  17. 17. Sign up for a Gold or Platinum Share before November 15th, 2010 and get to tour Buruanga! Only Php10,000 reservation fee and balance payable within a year On November 15th, Platinum & Gold shareholders will be the first to tour in Buruanga, where the first Vital C Land Development Corp Resort will be developed. The area is 20 minutes away from Caticlan via boat ride where youllexperience the same crystal blue waters & powdery white sands of Boracay. Platinum Shareholder, get free airfare & 2-night accommodation for 2 in Boracay and Gold shareholders get free 2-night accommodation for 2 in Boracay.