Spes program (5 23-08)


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  • Thanks to SPES even though i am not qualified for the program because i am over age to avail such blessings. But still thankful for the benefits that my working student friends are enjoying. May God bless you with abudant blessings as you continue to share your blessings to the poor .......
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Spes program (5 23-08)

  1. 1. Special Program forEmployment of Students Mandate Vision Mission Objectives Program Thrusts Recent DevelopmentDiscover Issues and Concerns AccomplishmentProgram
  2. 2. MandateMandated under Republic Act. No. 7323 enacted on February 6, 1992 otherwise known as“An Act to Help Poor But Deserving Students Pursue Their Education By Encouraging Their Employment During Summer And/or Christmas Vacations, Through Incentives Granted to Employers, Allowing Them to Pay Only Sixty Percentum of Their Salaries or Wages and the Forty Percentum Through Education Voucher to Be Paid by the Government, Prohibiting and Penalizing the Filing of Fraudulent or Fictitious Claims, and For Other Purposes.”
  3. 3. VisionA more educated and highly competitive youth sector.
  4. 4. MissionTo assist poor but deserving students finish their education by facilitating their employment during Summer and Christmas Vacations.
  5. 5. Objectives of the SPESGeneral – To develop the intellectual capacities of children of poor families – Harness their potentials for the country, geared towards industrialization for the Philippines 2000.Specific – To help poor but deserving students pursue their education by encouraging their employment during summer and/or Christmas vacations and providing income to finance/augment subsidize their studies.
  6. 6. Program Thrusts Targeting the poorest of the poor as main beneficiaries of the program. Providing more substantial employment geared towards the development of highly competitive SPES youth. Soliciting more support from private sector as employers. Implementing the “Adopt a SPES Baby” Project. Monitoring closely SPES graduates.
  7. 7. Penalties for Fraudulent andfictitious claims under theSPES Law Any person or entity who shall make any fraudulent or fictitious claim regardless of whether payment has been made, shall upon conviction be punished with imprisonment of not less than six (6) months and not more than one (1) year and a fine of not less than Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000.00), without prejudice to their prosecution and punishment for any other prosecution punishable under the Revised Code or any other penal statute.
  8. 8. Recent DevelopmentProposed Amendments to R.A. 7323 – Increase in family income qualifications for SPES Program (from combined income of P36,000 after tax to the annual regional poverty threshold level as determined by NEDA) – Lessening the coverage of employment size of establishment - (from 50 to more than 10) – Non-Diminution and automatic annual increase of 20% – Making the program a year-round activity for students enrolled in tertiary, vocational or technological education; while those enrolled in secondary level shall only be employed during summer and/or Christmas vacations
  9. 9. - Period of employment – a minimum of 20 days to a maximum of 52 days- Employment in SPES may be counted as part of a probationary period should the student apply for work in the same company after graduation;- Automatic equivalency – if the work of the student is related to his/her course, he/she may earn academic credits to be determined by the appropriate government agencies- Mode of payment – voucher, automated check or cash thru ATM and cash card
  10. 10. SupportProgram