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  1. 1. “An Act Providing forBenefits and Privileges to Solo Parents and their Children, Appropriating Funds therefore and for Other Purposes”
  2. 2. Republic Act No. 8972 (AN ACT PROVIDINGFOR BENEFITS & PRIVILEGES TO SOLOPARENTS & THEIR CHILDREN,APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR ANDFOR OTHER PURPOSES) or known as the “SoloParents Welfare Act of 2000”, this act wasapproved on November 7, 2000.It is the policy of the State to promote the family as thefoundation of the nation, strengthen its solidarity andensure its total development. It shall develop acomprehensive program of services for solo parentsand their children to be carried out by government andnon-government agencies.
  3. 3. SOLO PARENTis any individual who falls under any of thefollowing categories: A woman who gives birth as a result of rape and other crimes against chastity even without a final conviction of the offender. Provided, that the mother keeps and raises the child; Parent left solo or alone with the responsibility of parenthood…. • Due to death of spouse
  4. 4. • while the spouse is detained or is servingsentence for a criminal conviction for at least one(1) year;•due to physical and/or mental incapacity ofspouse as certified by a public medicalpractitioner;•due to legal separation or de facto separationfrom spouse for at least one (1) year, as long ashe/she is entrusted with the custody of thechildren;
  5. 5. • due to declaration of nullity or annulment ofmarriage as decreed by a court or by a church aslong as he/she is entrusted with the custody ofthe children;• due to abandonment of spouse for at least one(1) year;Unmarried mother/father who has preferred to keepand rear her/his child/children instead of havingothers for them or give them up to a welfareinstitution;
  6. 6. Any other person who solely provides parental careand support to a child or children;Any family member who assumes the responsibility ofhead of the family as a result of the death,abandonment, disappearance or prolonged absenceof the parents or solo parent.Children = refer to those living and dependent uponthe solo parent for support who are unmarried,unemployed and below 18 years of age, or even 18years and above but are incapable of self-supportand/or mentally and/or physically challenged.
  7. 7. PARENTAL LEAVE Leave granted to a solo parent employee who has rendered at least 1 year of service Should not be more than 7 working days per year Non - cumulative
  8. 8. Requirements for availment ofParental Leave Rendered at least 1 year of service whether continuous or broken Notified the employer within a reasonable time period Presented a Solo Parent Identification Card to his/her employer (while the ID is in process, any proof may be
  9. 9. Solo Parent Identification Card May be obtained from the Municipal / Social Welfare and Development OfficeParental leave is not convertibleto cash unless specificallyagreed upon previously
  10. 10. Employers are not required to provideparental leave in addition to alreadyexisting similar benefits under acompany policy or CBA, the same shallbe credited as suchIf the similar benefit is greater than whatthe law provides, the greater benefitshall prevail
  11. 11. An emergency or contingency leaveunder a company policy or CBA shallnot be credited as compliance with theparental leave provided under the actHouse Helpers are covered by RA 8972as long as he/she falls under thedefinition of a solo parent and hasrendered service of at least 1 year
  12. 12. A solo parent may avail of parental leave withpay in any of the following circumstances:When a child gets illHe/she needs to attend Parent-TeacherAssociation (PTA) meetings in schoolFor enrollment purposesOther circumstances necessary in the performance ofparental duties and responsibilities where the physicalpresence is required
  13. 13. FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULECompressed Workweek The workweek of 48 hours in 6 days is compressed for 5 days, which is approximately 9.6 hrs/day from Monday to Friday, without payment of overtime pay in exchange for an additional day off in a week, savings on transportation and meal expenses, among other considerations
  14. 14. FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULEGliding Time Schedule The schedule allows an employee to a flexible punch-in time i.e. anytime from 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM and punch out after 8 hours of workOther flexible work arrangements asagreed upon by parties, provided theminimum requirements of the law aremet
  15. 15. FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULEAn employer shall provide for flexible workschedule when requested by a solo parentemployee provided the same shall notaffect individual and company productivityThe employer may seek exemption fromthe DOLE Regional Office havingjurisdiction over the workplace provided itis based on meritorious grounds
  16. 16. WORK DISCRIMINATIONNo employer shall discriminate a soloparent employee with respect to termsand conditions of employment onaccount of his/her being a solo parent
  17. 17. TERMINATION OF BENEFITSA change in the status or circumstanceof the parent claiming the benefits underthe RA 8972 such that he/she is nolonger left alone with the responsibilityof parenthood, shall terminate his/hereligibility for these benefits
  18. 18. ApplicationApplicant submits an application form, submits requirements to the City/Municipal Social Welfareand Development Office having jurisdiction over his/her residence. Interview (1 hour)Social Worker interview applicant to gather preliminary data to establish eligibility based on theinterview set by the Solo Parent’s Welfare act. Assessment (30 days)• Social Worker conduct a homevisit and collateral interview to validate information given by the applicant• Social Worker prepares a social case study Issuance (5 minutes)Upon favorable evaluation of the social worker, a Solo Parent’s Identification will be issuedduly signed by the Social Worker and the City/Municipal Mayor.In case, I.D is not available, a Certificate of Eligibility will be issued provided a thoroughassessment is conducted by the social worker Application for Benefits from Different Agencies
  19. 19. • the Solo Parent shall go to the nearest City/Municipal Social Welfare Office to avail of the services;• the Social Worker at the City/Municipal Social Welfare Office shall conduct an Intake Interview. To support the data from the General Intake Sheet, the social worker may also use other medical data e.g. Certification from the Barangay, records or referral from other municipalities/cities;
  20. 20. • after assessment of the solo parents problem, the social worker will prepare the social case study report and prepare the treatment plan in consultation with the solo parent. The plan will determine what kind of intervention the solo parents most need;• availment of services• referral and accessing of the support services to other agencies; and• follow-up and monitoring
  21. 21. 2” ID No. ( ) Front Side Sex: Specification: Size : 2’ x 3 1/2” Color : WhiteBack Side Paper Type: Board 3 1/2”
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