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New african civilization


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New african civilization

  1. 1. It is the second largest continent.Africa has huge rivers which are: The Nile River The Zaire The Zambezi The Niger Rivers
  2. 2. North – SaharaEast – Indian OceanWest – Atlantic OceanSouth – South Africa
  3. 3. RainforestLocated along the equator where the heaviest rainfall occurs.About 8% of Africa is covered by Africa.The ample moisture of the area supports plant growth including dense forests.
  4. 4. SavannaStretches across Africa on north and south of the rainforests.Savanna or grassland dotted with trees about half of the continent.Rainfall can be unreliable in the savanna climate zone.
  5. 5. DesertCovers 40% of Africa.Grasses and shrubs hardly grow in many African deserts.On the north in the giant Sahara Desert.
  6. 6. MediterraneanLies at the northern and southern ups of Africa.
  7. 7.  Converted himself and his people to Christianity.
  8. 8. The kingdom of Ghana developed in West Africa at 400 BCE.Ghana was an empire based on trade and agriculture.Had a central government.
  9. 9. The people in Ghana was able totrade with others using gold dust.
  10. 10. TimbuktuGold from the south, salt from the north.
  11. 11. However, Timbuktuthen was taken over by the Tuaregs. Fellow Muslims described Sonni Ali as a tyrant. Timbuktu was attacked and captured by Sonni Ali in 1468.
  12. 12. Djenne This wealthy city became next the target of Sonni Ali. Songhai dominated the trans-Saharan trading routes.
  13. 13. Askia Mohammad Improved system of government. Strengthened Islam. Encouraged Islamic scholarships.