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Kingdom of Songhai


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Kingdom of Songhai

  1. 1.  Sonni Ali’s goal was to conquer Timbuktu but it was taken over by the Tuaregs. In 1428 Sonni Ali conquered Timbuktu together with his cavalry and infantry. The wealthy trading city of Djenne was Sonni Ali’s next target. After conquering Djenne, rulers of Songhai conquered even more territories making it the largest empire.
  2. 2. Askia Mohammad Improved system of government. Strengthened Islam. Encouraged Islamic scholarships.
  3. 3.  After Sonni Ali’s death, his son ruled for a few months but was deposed by Askia Muhammad. Askia Muhammad gave the empire an improved system of government and strengthened Islam. Since the wealth of the empire depended on commerce and trade, fair method of taxation and an efficient system of communications.
  4. 4.  Moroccans was jealous of Songhai and since Askia Muhammad’s successors weren’t able to hold together the empire so it was invaded by the Moroccans. The Moroccans captured Timbuktu and other cities but they weren’t also able to hold the empire together. As the empire collapsed, it’s once thriving cities slowly declined.
  5. 5. TimbuktuGold from the south, salt from the north.
  6. 6. However, Timbuktuthen was taken over by the Tuaregs. Fellow Muslims described Sonni Ali as a tyrant. Timbuktu was attacked and captured by Sonni Ali in 1468.
  7. 7. Djenne This wealthy city became next the target of Sonni Ali. Songhai dominated the trans-Saharan trading routes.