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Modern Browser as a Programming Editor


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notes for online programming editor thinking

Published in: Technology
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Modern Browser as a Programming Editor

  1. 1. StrongSoft Lab. Yan-hong Linlyhcode at
  2. 2. StrongSoft Lab.
  3. 3. StrongSoft Lab. Browser + CodeMirror (on-line) ◦ Benefits: write everywhere ◦ Disadvantages: feature limitation Web Start + jEdit (off-line) Standalone jEdit (off-line) Any Editors (off-line) ◦ Integrated with file-system management
  4. 4. StrongSoft Lab. Browser + remote TestAgent Browser + embedded TestAgent ◦ Applet …not work ( many browsers) ◦ Web Start (.jnlp) …works Browser + local TestAgent ◦ A daemon with COMET data source reader jEdit + CompilerRunner (current PLWeb)
  5. 5. StrongSoft Lab. Capture stdout/stderr outputs Caputre program output/exit value Using Junit(-like) test reports
  6. 6. StrongSoft Lab. Report services (web services) ◦ a callback API implementation with session auth Upload to FTP(-like) network storages Send with E-mail
  7. 7. StrongSoft Lab. Simple plain texts Structured XML formats Customization HTML Other formats like .PDF, .XLS, … ◦ provide download links or … ◦ browse online with Google Docs Viewer(-like) services
  8. 8. StrongSoft Lab. Browser + report page ◦ with client-pull / server-push Local TestAgent embedded report features ◦ also save a copy to server
  9. 9. StrongSoft Lab.