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Question pie charts


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Question pie charts

  1. 1. Lydia JonesMusic Video Questionnaire ResultsTo gather my information to help with my A2 Media main project I used a questionnaire which asks10 questions to different people. Using my results from my questionnaire that I have made foranyone to take, I have created pie charts which will represent my results that I have gathered. Thepurpose of this market research is how I have gathered together my findings in charts which will givethe clear understanding. This will also help me with production of my main project as it will showwhat different audience’s enjoy and look for in music videos. Age 16-19 20-30 30-40 40+I have asked 10 people who I have found around my college to help take part in my questionnaire,the outcome will be shown to be different and a slight change of target audience from what I will gofor as there was 8 students ages 16-19 taking my questionnaire and only 1 person who was 30-40and 1 who was 40+. The results are off balance but will help work towards my main project anyway. Iwill make sure my main project music video will be aimed towards a target audience age group whowill enjoy the video so I can fulfil the enjoyment that that age group will have towards the video. Occupation Student Part Time Full TimeI then asked the question of the occupation of the person taking the questionnaire, as I didn’tbalance out my audience of older people and younger people equally taking the questionnaire theresults can be seem to be off balance. 8 people who answered were students and two were in fulltime work. This question is used to show what level of interest the audience have to music videos,this can affect the outcome of the music video as they may not have any interest in the video due totheir education/job.
  2. 2. Lydia Jones Gender Female MaleMy results for the gender of the people taking my questionnaire were also out of balance, therewere more females than males who took the questionnaire which can affect the results that I gather.However this is still important for me to focus on, this gives me an insight of who my audience canbe and what they enjoy in music videos. Do you watch music videos? Yes No SometimesThe results I gathered for ‘Do you watch music videos?’ question, shows that there are people whoonly watch music videos sometimes as 3 people answered that to the question. The other 7answered yes they do watch music videos. Having an audience who enjoy watching music videos isimportant for my main project as there is no point in using an audience who do not watch musicvideos to view my own.
  3. 3. Lydia Jones Where do you watch music videos? Music Channels Youtube On DemandThis question is important as technology is changing more and more people have different ways ofviewing their favourite music videos. These answers are only a few options I could think of to quicklysuggest to the audience as they seem the most knowledgeable ways of viewing music videos. Thiscan be shown as the audience may wait for their music video to appear on ‘music channels’. Theymay constantly want to view their favourite music video on ‘Youtube’ or wait till it’s able to view on‘On Demand’ Do you enjoy music videos that have a purpose? (narrative, tell a story) Yes No I Dont KnowWith this question I have asked, the purpose was to find out what type of music videos the audienceenjoys. This helps me to find out if they enjoy a narrative of a music video. Narrative music videoscan include different types of narratives, from linear narrative (Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart ABreak) Or a live music video (Mcfly- Falling InLove) This helps me decide on what is betterfor the audience to enjoy with the type of music video I produce.
  4. 4. Lydia Jones What Genre Do You Like? (more than one choice acceptable) Pop Rock Rap Dance Classic Country MetalThis question is shown to be an important question as the information gathered from this questionwill help me with my own project. The type of genre that interests people is shown to be important;the knowledge of knowing what others enjoy will help my project. It gives me a clear understandingof the type of audience I should aim at, which is the purpose of the question. What type of music artist do you enjoy?(Can select more than one) Artist BandThis question has the purpose of what the audience like to see on screen, the option of ‘the band’ isthe most popular option that people like to see. This can be important as it helps with what theaudience want to witness in the music video and how we can present them.
  5. 5. Lydia Jones How often do you watch music videos? Everyday A few times a week Hardly everThe purpose of this question is to understand how many times the audience watch music videos.Every day was the popular option that people chose; this helps within the way the video has to bewatchable what people will enjoy. This also shows that music videos are popular and that peoplealways will watch them no matter what. Do you like live performance videos? Yes No Sometimes DependsThis question is important as it is for people to say if they like live performance videos, the purposeis to show that the type of music videos differ and people still enjoy watching them. If the videos arelive performances the audience still enjoy them and they are still popular which is shown by the piechart. This can help me decide on what type of music video I will be making as the purpose of thequestion and results are a part of market research to help with my main project. As a part of Blumler& Katz theory performance videos are used as surveillance as they are realistic and are of a livevideo.In conclusion the questions I have asked to 10 different people with their own opinions and likes, Igathered numerous results to help with my research. The purpose of my results are to inspire andhelp me with my music video that I will be later shooting, the results give me a clear insight on whatI can do to succeed. If I was to apply Blumler & Katz’s uses and gratification theory to help with mymusic video my audience may respond to the video in terms of their diversion and surveillance fromreality that can be captured in music videos. For example Using Hall’s theory will encode theperformance in my music video to divert the audience as escapism from reality.