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Website annotations

  1. 1. Lydia Platts Task 6Website annotations1. LogoI made my logo by both Microsoft Word and Fireworks, using Microsoft Ifound the image of headphones. I then copied and pasted this image intoFireworks; once I had the image into Fireworks I enlarged the image andbegan to add text. I wanted the text on the logo to stand out from the rest of the website so instead of having it century gothic, which will be the general text font, I chose white, size 66, freestyle text font. My reason for choosing white as the text colour was so the text stands out from the background colours, with the logo being seen it means that people will be able to recognise it when they next see it. The logo will be placed in the top left hand corner of every page on the website.2. Navigation BarThe navigation bar was made using Fireworks. To create the bar Iused the rounded rectangle shape tool and made four identicalshapes and placed them next to each other. I then filled theshapes in black, once I had done this I added text. Using the texttool I added text onto every shape with the appropriate pagename, the text was white, size 70 and Freestyle text font. My reason for choosing black and whitefor the colour scheme was because I wanted the navigation to be made clear to the viewer againstthe background. The navigation bar will be positioned at the top of every page on the website.Navigation bar hotspots The navigation bar was saved as an image and then inserted on the website on Dreamweaver, as I wanted the navigation bar to link to the website pages I added hotspots to the image which links you to the appropria te page. Iadded the hotspots by selecting the image,and then the hotspot tool, dragging thehotspot across the area I wanted, the hotspot tool then gave me options at the bottom of the pageto where I wanted to hotspot to link, so I selected the appropriate page.3. Still images I have added images to my website throughout, my reasons for adding images onto the website was to make it look more appealing and inviting as if the website was just text it could possibly put people off visiting. I added images by going to‘insert’ and then ‘image’, this then brought a dialog box up with a selecting of pictures and from this
  2. 2. Lydia Platts Task 6selection I chose the appropriate picture and positioned it where I wanted it on the website.4. Background To add a background to my website I right clicked the mouse, when I did this a list of options came down, one being ‘page properties’. When I selected this, a dialog box appeared with options for the page, it gave me the option to have one consistent colour for a back ground, or an image. I decided in the planning that I wanted my back ground to be an image, so I browsed my pictures to find the one that was appropriate. Once I foundthe image I wanted I selected it and pressed ‘apply’ I then repeated this for every page on thewebsite so it has consistency.5. Slide show To create a slide show for my website I went to insert, media and then image viewer. Once I did this is brought up a blank flash box on my website, Iselected the box and on the right hand side of Dreamweaver a menuappeared, this menu gave me a number of options including which images Iwanted to include on the slideshow, slide show timing and if I wanted it on aloop. I then set the option to what I thought was appropriate and suitable forits purpose and then my slide show was ready for my website. The options Ichose were on a loop, no controls, a slide delay of 4, auto play and 3 images.6. Roll over images To make my roll over images I went to Insert, Image objects and the Rollover Image, when I selected this, a dialog box came up giving me the option to browse for the two images I wanted to use for my rollover image. I browsed through my pictures and found the ones I wantedto use. I then pressed OK and the image was on my webpage, I then positioned it where I wantedand my rollover image was complete andworking.
  3. 3. Lydia Platts Task 67. Videos Before I could add the videos onto my webpage’s I had to find the appropriatevideos on YouTube. I successfully found videos that related to the subject matter so once I foundthem I began to add them to my webpage. To do this I copied the ‘embed’ code from YouTube, Ithen went on the Dreamweaver, added layers and positioned them where I wanted my videos. AfterI had my layers where I wanted I selected the ‘code’ option on Dreamweaver and pasted the codefrom YouTube, this then added the video to my website. I repeated this process again for my nextvideo.8. Webpage footer To make webpage footer I added a layer and added images and text. To add a layer I went to Insert, Layer Objects and the Layer, I then placed the layer where I wanted the footer to go. Once I had the layer where I wanted I went to Insert and then Image, I selected the images I wanted and the inserted onto the layer, Iresized the images and then began to add text. The text I added was size ??? and font style ???.9. Hyperlinks I wanted to add both internal and external hyperlinksto my website, to do this I wrote a word, phrase or sentence that would be appropriate and suitableto add a hyperlink to. Once I had the text I wanted I began to add the hyperlinks, to add thehyperlink I selected the whole phrase, word or sentence and went to the tool bar at the bottom ofDreamweaver. Along the tool bar was the option ‘link’ and to add an internal link I pressed the foldericon near the ‘link’ option, this brought up a dialog box which let me browse and chose a certain filein my documents I wanted to link the text to. I selected the file I wanted and pressed okay, this thenadded a link to the text. To add an external link I selected the text I wanted to link and then went tothe ‘Link’ option and typed the web address into the text field, I then pressed enter and the link wasadded.10. General TextThe font theme throughout the website,apart from the logo and navigation bar, iscentury gothic. Throughout the websitedepending where the text is or what it issaying the size and colour may be different,for example on page two there is some redtext which is larger than the rest. The reason being for this text being red and large is that it is statingsomething important. Therefore depending on what is being stated and where the text is the size
  4. 4. Lydia Platts Task 6and colour may change. To edit the text size and font I highlighted the text and at the bottom of thescreen options were displayed.11. Table To insert a table I went to ‘Insert’ and then ‘Table’ this brought up a dialog box which had the options of how many rows and columns I wanted,when I changed the options to the appropriate numbers Ithen selected ‘Ok’ and the table was on my website. Onceit was on my website I resized the table and edited it .12. HTML button13. Text box imageThe text box image I made was an image with text on top of the image, to add the image I wanted toadd text onto I went to ‘Insert’ then ‘Image’ once I did that a dialog box appeared giving me theoption to browse my documents and find the image I wanted to use. I found the image and theninserted it onto my website, I positioned it where I wanted and began to add text. To add the textonto the image I went to ‘Insert’ ‘Layer Objects’ and then ‘Layer’, I placed the layer on top of theimage and began to add text, the text was size ??? and font style ???14. Buttons
  5. 5. Lydia Platts Task 615. Drop down menu To make the drop down options I went to ‘insert’ ‘form’ then ‘menu/list’. Once I had done this I had a blank list, to add the answers I needed to add the answers so I went to ‘list values’ on the bottom properties bar and a dialog box came up which gave me the options to add answers that were appropriate to the question once I added the selection of answers I selected ‘Ok’ and then the drop down menu was complete.16. Radio groups As I wanted to include more than one set of radio buttons I had to insert radio groups so that the buttons would work, otherwise even though the buttons would be in different cells they would still be seen as one group and only option as an answer would be possible. To make the radio groups so it was possible for multiple questions andanswers, I went to ‘Insert’ ‘Form’ and then‘Radio groups’, this then brought up a dialog giving me the options of what text I wanted after eachbutton. The text after the button is size 14, white and Century Gothic and was appropriate to thequestion.17. Check boxes To add a check box I went to ‘insert’ ‘form’ then ‘checkbox’. When I did this a dialog box came up with the options of where I wanted the text that went along with the answer to go, when I selected one and pressed ok I then edited the text so that it was white, size 14 and century gothic. 18. Text area To add a text area I went to ‘insert’ ‘form’ then ‘text area’ when I
  6. 6. Lydia Platts Task 6did this is brought the text area up on my webpage for the user to give feedback.