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Contents Page Analysis


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Contents Page Analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page AnalysisNavigation: The page numbers of each article have been placed in the bottom right corner of each picture that correspondswith the article. I like the idea of the because it shortens down the amount of text on the page would could be seen as offputting to a reader also if a reader likes the look of this picture they are given the page number straight away rather thanthem having to search the page to find the text corresponding to the image. This is something I may consider when creatingmy magazine. As well as there being images with the page numbers on, at the bottom of the page there is a list whichcontains the rest of the page articles and numbers, I really like the idea and layout of that particular feature and will considerit when creating my own magazine. Promotion: This is an advertisement to subscribe to the magazine, this has been used to attract and ensure that the reader buys the magazine again. This has been placed cleverly as it follows the Gutternburg Design Principle as it has been placed in one of the optical areas, in fact the last optical area. By placing it here means that it more than likely to be seen by the reader. However to make sure that the advertisement gets seen it doesn’t follow the house style and stands out hugely on this page as the advertisement it inside a bright red box, where as other information on the page has been placed in plain white boxes.
  2. 2. Contents Page AnalysisHouse styles: In Text: The font styles used are quite formal, this is due to the target audience of this particularsome ways I believe magazine as this magazine targets mainly ages 20-35 therefore it is appropriate to use formal text.that there is a When creating my own magazine I will take into consideration whether to use a formal or informalcertain house style font type. The use of bold and italics have been used for the article titles, these font styles havein relation to the been used to attract and grab the attention of the reader and encourage them to read thisfont style however particular article. The article titles are either pull quotes from the full article, or the columnistsnot in colours, this view, these quotes could be said to be quite extreme as some of language used could be offensiveis because the to some people. However the use of the language does attract peoples attentions and thereforecolours used on the meeting the aim of its purpose. I will not personally use this language in my magazine as I do notfront cover of the see it as necessary however I will use pull quotes from the article to attract the reader attention.magazine have notbeen used on thecontents page.However the sameformal text hasbeen used which isfound on the frontcover. Also thefront cover star isFlorence fromFlorence and themachine becauseshe is the frontcover star youwould expect themain image on thecontents page toalso be Florencehowever it is not, ithas been placed ina corner of themagazine. This issomething I will notconsider using inmy magazine as Iwish to follow acertain house styleas it gives themagazineconsistency.
  3. 3. Contents Page AnalysisNavigation: Unlike the NME magazine, the MixMag magazine contents page only contains oneimage which has the page number in the bottom corner and then the rest of the magazinescontents are listed down the right hand side of the page. By having only one image on the contentspage it indicates that this is the main article in the magazine, whereas in the NME magazine it isnot clear which is the main article. I like the layout of this page as it isn’t over crowded making itlook contemporary and modern which is appropriate to my target audience as the youngergeneration are modern and like modern things. This navigation layout is really appealing to meand I will consider this layout when creating my own website.
  4. 4. Contents Page Analysis Text: The use of informal text has been used on the contents page, the reasons that informal text has been used is because of the magazines targetHouse Styles: The audience, which is fromMixmag magazine ages 16-25, thereforehas followed the using and informal texthouse styles from would be appropriate.the front cover As my target audienceunlike the NME is similar to the targetmagazine as the audience of Mixmagsame colours of magazine usingblack, yellow and informal text would bewhite that were on appropriate for mythe front cover have magazine as well.been used on the Similar to the NMEcontents page. magazine the use ofSimilar to the NME, different font stylesMixmag have also such as bold and italicsused the same font have been used tostyle that is found on make information standthe front cover, on out, and in relation tothe contents page, the use of font styles infollowing the house this magazine, bold hasstyles of the been used to indicatemagazine, this gives each article.the magazine Underneath the initialconsistency. As I article title the use ofwant my magazine pull quotes have beento have consistency I used to attract andwill too like the draw the reader in. As IMixmag magazine have seen the use ofwill follow a certain bold and italics used inhouse style within both magazines this ismy magazine. something I too will incorporate into my magazine, my reason being is that I believe they are successful in the job that they do. I will also incorporate pull quotes benefit the article title as these too have been used in both magazines and are
  5. 5. Contents Page AnalysisPromotion: This is a promotion offering the reader of the magazine a free CD, this advertisementhas been used to attract the reader and also to gain a rapport with the reader so that theypurchase the magazine again. In comparison the NME magazine this promotion has been places inthe bottom left corner and is the same colour and style of the rest of text on the page. Whenfollowing the Gutternburgh Design Principle the bottom left corner is seen as a dead cornermeaning that the promotion may not be seen and also because the colours and fonts used for thispromotion are the same as everything else the promotion may not also be seen. If I was to add thisfeature to my website I would follow the style used in the NME magazine and make sure it standsout and is in a place where it can be seen.