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Band and artist imagery


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Band and artist imagery

  1. 1. Lydia PlattsBand and artist imagery In this image of Rihanna, low key lighting has been used, the use of low key lighting draws your attention to the protaganist, which in this case is Rihanna. The shadow that is casted on the wall and shadows most of her face makes the picture mysterious once again drawing you into the image. The colour red is dominate throughout this image, the colour red suggests lust and in this image has made Rihanna look quite promisucuous. A binory opposition has been used in this image through the use of props. Rihanna is eating what looks like to be a starwberry lace sweet, these sweets relate the childhood and children however in the environment have been used as a means of seduction. Over all i believe this is a sucsessful image as it protays the genre of Rihannas music and Rihannas personality. This image of Kanye West has been edited so that the image is Black and White, the effect of this edit is that the image stands out and is striking. The Black and White edit emphasises his clothing and we can see that he is stylish and young. This makes the image appeal to Kanyes audience as they are the younger generation and are seen as stylish. It is well known that Kanye West is wealthy and the camera flash that has been reflected on his sunglasses emphasises this even more as it represents that he is ‘flash’. The dynamics of this image of Take That are very unbalanced as the band are not spread out equally, four of them are lined up and one in behind the rest. This could deliberate as when the band rejoined they did so without Robbie, who is the man behind the rest of the band, however Robbie then rejoined the group, therefore emphasising that he is the new member. In some ways this image is very formal as they are wearing quite formal outfits, however they are outside which isn’t a formal setting. This represents the band and itstarget audience as they appeal to more of the older generations and mainly women however bybeing represented as informal they are trying to appeal to the younger generations.
  2. 2. Lydia Platts This image of the Arctic Monkeys is very informal as the band do not look they are on a photo shoot, they look like they are doing everyday things and wearing everyday clothing. Also not one of the members of the band is looking at the camera. The use of informal clothing and setting represents the genre of the band’s music which is indie and also appeals to their target audience which is a quite niche audience and also the younger generation. My Chemical Romance is the band on the image on the left, they are a heavy rock band that target a niche audience. Low key lighting has been used in the image, the low key lighting emphasises there genre as it is dark and mysterious. The picture is well balanced as the lead singer is positioned dominantly in the centre of the image.