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  1. 1. Olivia GraysonBy Lydia platsWhere did she come from? How did she become so successful? Well in this world exclusiveinterview Miss Grayson will be grilled and all will be revealed. Everyone is waiting anxiously for thearrival of Olivia, she was meant to be here half an hour ago, will she even arrive? Has she forgotten?Finally after a 45 minute wait the star arrives with an army of people and she is looking stunning.Apologising immensely for her late arrival Olivia takes a seat and the interview begins...Olivia it is such a privilege to meet such a star like yourself..[Laughs] I can’t get used to this I’m nothing special I’m just your average girl from ManchesterYour rise to fame has happened so fast, how did it all begin?Well from a young age I had always had a passion for singing and performing, I always wanted to bethe lead role in every school play, I just loved performing. The older I got the stronger this passionbecame, I was determined to make it in the music industry and no one was going to stop me.Isn’t it true you auditioned for X factor?I did yeah, but I didn’t even make it through the first stages, looking back now though I’m glad Ididn’t get through!Whys that?If I would have even got through or even won you see a lot of bad press about the contestants andits brutal, I don’t think I would have been able to cope with that. I have seen some stuff about myselfin the press but nothing like what the contestants deal withWhat’s the worst thing you seen about yourself in the press?[Laughing] Nothing too major, just pictures of me ‘stumbling’ out of clubs and claiming that I have adrink problem and I’ll assure you I do not, just clever paparazzi.There’s been a lot of speculations about your relationship with drake, what the deal, spill![Blushing] There’s nothing going on, we’ve been on a few coffee dates and spoke about doing somework together, he’s a lovely guy and would make a fabulous boyfriend.So your saying that you wouldn’t mind him being your boyfriend?[Laughing] I’m not saying that at all! I’m just saying he would make a lovely boyfriend that all. I can’twait to tell him about this laterOhh do you talk on the phone a lot?Yeah, I’ve got his number on speed dial we talk all the time and have a little gossipI think you’ve just made a lot of girls jealous there! So what would you say the highlight of yourrise to fame has been?Hmm, it sounds so materialistic but it’s got to be my cars, I love them! I’ve been wanting an Audi A2since I was a teenager so it was one on the first things I bought, I love it, it’s my baby.Do you ever get star struck when meeting other celebs?At first I couldn’t get used to it, I always wanted to ask for pictures and autographs but I had to be
  2. 2. professional. But when I met Jay Z and Beyonce I couldn’t help but be star struck, I was asking for somany pictures I couldn’t believe it, they probably got a bit sick of me after that [Laughing].Are the rumours true about you staring in an upcoming movie?Yes it is, but I can’t talk too much about it as it’s all under wraps at the moment but I never thoughtof acting before but when I got offered the part and read the script it was hard to say no! I can’t waitto be able to talk more about it I’m so excited.You seem like a very busy woman do you never get any you time?I am very busy lately and I do need a lot of me time but I just haven’t got the time at the moment!When it gets too much though I always go visit my mum and the rest of my family, they know how tochill me out. I definitely need to book a holiday with the girls very soon.You deserve it! Your new album is amazing and such a hit, what was your influence behind it?Thank you! It all came from the heart, I’ve had to deal with a lot of heartbreaks and badrelationships and just felt right to let it all out through song and it’s really helped me get overeverything in the past. It’s like a dream, it all happened so fast, I never thought it would becomeanything at all. I still can’t believe it.It’s been such a pleasure to talk with you Olivia, good luck with your upcoming tour and we hopeto see and speak to you soon.Thank you it’s been my pleasure.Article By Lydia PlattsCatch the behind the scenes photo shoot with Olivia @