Shining Bright, Flaming Out


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talk about burnout at Akademy 2013 in Bilbao

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  • Hey Lydia, That is awesome. I did a talk also about burn-out and failure at the TYPO3 conference in San Francicsco two months back. I had some very good reactions. It is a very personal topics. What I would always like to stress is not to be afraid of failure and how failure can be an awesome foundation for the future. See you soon!!
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Shining Bright, Flaming Out

  1. 1. Shining Bright, Flaming Out The Ambitious FOSS Contributor's Guide to Burnout Lydia Pintscher - @Nightrose Akademy 2013
  2. 2. What We're Going To Talk About ● What is burnout? ● How can you recognize it? ● How can you address burnout?
  3. 3. Why Is This Important For KDE? We want all of you to be happy. A burned out contributor doesn't just make his own life difficult but also that of the people around him.
  4. 4. So, What Is Burnout? Wikipedia says: a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work S. Tracy says: a general wearing out or alienation from the pressures of work
  5. 5. Why Do People Burn Out? ● Taking on too much ● Deriving too much validation from our work ● Feeling like we are the only one who can do $THING ● Living the bus factor ● Caring about our work and community
  6. 6. Discovering Burnout Common Symptoms of Burnout: ● Dreading work they once loved ● Arguing over points that are insignificant ● Overamplifying simple disagreements ● Being unwilling to delegate ● Being the *only* one who ever volunteers
  7. 7. Addressing Burnout What to do when you're burned out ● Talk about your situation with the right folks (good friends, the Community Working Group, ...) ● Ask for help with your tasks early and often ● Do something else for a while ● Mentor others who can help if bus factor is low ● Be willing to walk away ● But do it gracefully
  8. 8. Addressing Burnout What to do when you see your friends burning out ● Keep an eye out for the situation ● Talk about your situation with the right folks (This is your friend first!) ● Grow your community proactively ● Offer to help with tasks or find another resource ● Interventions are sometimes needed
  9. 9. Summary ● Burnout is common ● It's OK to feel burnt out - be honest about your limits ● It's OK to ask folks to step down if they're burnt out and not able to continue effectively ● Stepping away early means you're more likely to have energy to return later!
  10. 10. Questions? Lydia Pintscher @nightrose